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Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I am not at all inspired to post at the moment - I have been in one of my "under a grey blanket" moods lately - take no notice of me it will pass as always but just at present although I know I have so much to be glad about and how lucky I am I don't feel that in my heart. So for today a brief post only in case it is contagious!
I finished off the orange flower last night with a couple of leaves and a pin on the back. I also made a blue one - see above - and a tweedy one which didn't come out on the photos.
This morning I walked into town and noticed not for the first time how beautiful buddleia flowers are - see each tiny floret has a fabulous orange centre. No wonder the butterflies love them!
I had a lucky find this morning when I went into M&S and found a white T-shirt exactly like the one I managed to get tomato sauce on when wearing it for the first time at the weekend! As they were only £4 I felt I could afford to buy another to replace it. Imagine my feelings then when the lady at the cash desk told me it was in the sale and priced at £2 now and of course with the reduction in VAT that meant I only paid £1.96!!

This afternoon I went to the yarn shop and bought these cotton yarns in the sale - I have an idea to use them to make some tiny flowers and to make a ...? Ha you must wait and see.
Hope to be feeling in the pink next time I post. Thank you for all you comments too.


  1. I hope you are back to your cheerful self soon Jane - the little orange flowers are so sweet.

  2. Your flowers are very sweet! And the buddleia is a bit of a treat with the orange hidden in the center, I first saw it when chasing around for all the butterflies! Lovely yarn, always a nice feeling with new yarn.

    Anna x

  3. Hello Jane

    What beautiful flowers you have made! I have recently started to crochet and love it!
    Isabelle x

  4. 'hi just been on isabelles blog, wand noticed your comment so i thought 'id take a look at what youve been doing . lovely flowers! I love making them too! I seem to have put them all on my t cosies so I,d better get some more done.

  5. More lovely flowers! I wish mine would turn out so nice. What a steal on the t-shirt! I think I would have bought a couple at that price - you can never have too many white t-shirts I say! Can't wait to see what you have planned for the yarn.....

  6. I love your button'ee' choice it goes lovely with the orange.

    take care,

    Nina x

  7. Love the new yarn. Just found you over on Attic 24. Love Lucy's blog so much I'm trying one. I have been over on Flickr and FB for quite a while.

    Those flowers should cheer you up.

  8. Hello! :)

    I just found your blog today - how lovely it is too!! What excellent flowers you have been making, I do like the blue one alot! I was also looking at the bags in a previous post which are beautiful, you are one clever lady!!

    Nice to meet you!
    Julia xxx

  9. Feeling blue is useful sometimes. When you eventually come out of it you want to 'seize the day'. Carpe Diem Jane!Seize the day! Life's too short.


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