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Thursday, 13 August 2009

First of all a big THANK YOU to all those bloggers who have so kindly left such supportive comments on my blogs. It means such a lot to me to get your comments especially as I am so new to this lark - it is 2 weeks now since my first blog. I am learning all the time though not fast enough for me as there are so many things I want to do with the blog but don't yet know how to!

I am not sure which direction this blog is going to take me as I find there are so many topics I want to blog about so it will continue to be a bit of a lucky dip I think.
Now on to the business in hand which is today's post and is a further installment in my French Idyll story. I have been trying nearly all day - in between going to the supermarket, getting some lunch, eating said lunch etc etc - we women are nothing if not multi-taskers eh? to get the photos of our time in France to be suitable to upload to Blogger. I hope that I have finally succeeded. If not you may have to do with a text only blog as if it doesn't work this time I might just throw the computer through the window!
If you remember from my last post we were just about to set off on our adventure. Looking back I think we must have been either very brave and daring or extremely foolhardy, and I suspect the latter, to embark on such a project. To travel half way down France in November to a place we had never been to live in a house we had never seen for 5 months .... well it all sounds absolutely batty to me now!
Anyway we arrived safely eventually and found that we were to be living in a pretty cottage adjoining a converted barn wherein lived our landlady plus her 2 dogs, 4 cats and 2 horses. Well of course the horses didn't live in the house but they did roam the garden occasionally!

The cottage was in a tiny hamlet of about 6 or 8 houses and at the end of a no through road. The area, we later discovered, was popular with "hippies" and not far aqay in the woods there was a cmap of mainly British drop outs all living in tents, and caravans etc. Not that that was a problem in any way and we never had anything other than cordial relations with those that we happened upon.
The above picture shows the hamlet. I cannot point out the actual cottage as the photo is not clear enough for that but it's in there somewhere!

Luckily we got on well with our landlady and indeed we are still in touch with her on a regular basis. I say luckily because the cottage was at right angles to the barn so there was no privacy for either of us as every time one or other of us went out we were in full view of the other! Lucky too that we didn't bring the cats as landlady had been living in the cottage whilst her barn conversion was being done so the cats all wandered in and out as if they owned the place - as indeed they did! Our two townie softies would have been completely intimidated by them and the dogs not to mention the horses!!

Although it was November when we arrived it was far enough south to be quite warm on the days that the sun put in an appearance and I remember eating lunch in the garden one day in our short sleeves! We spent the first few weeks exploring the area and took many walks in the beautiful scenery of the Haute Vienne shown in the photos below.

Our evenings we spent in front of the woodburner in our (luckily!) cosy home watching UK TV or reading, knitting (well that was only me) or just idling the long dark evenings away.

We soon got to know the area and for a holiday it was great but to actually live there permanently - well I don't think so. We realised what townies we are at heart and being a 20 minute drive from anything we we would find a problem.

Our landlady suggested that we might like to go with her to a French class the first week we were there and as we obviously had no prior engagements we went along. I am not sure how much French I learned but I did meet up with a French lady who remained friends with us and eventually introduced me to my best friend when we moved to France permanently.

By now I dare say you are yawning so I will stop here and leave the rest for another time.

Hopefully the next post will not take me all day to do as I now know how to do it! I have my sister-in-law arriving this evening so my posts will be short and sweet over the weekend I suspect. Better go and make sure the slow cooker is indeed slow and not burning the dinner and get an apple crumble made.

I hope you too have had the same lovely sunshine that we have been enjoying here?

Till next time.



  1. Hi Jane,
    I've just found your blog and have been reading your past posts, your time in France sounds lovely and so peaceful! I could just see myself sat there doing some crochet and drinking tea!! fliss xx

  2. Looks absolutely fantastic, I wish I could get man person to do something as adventurous as that! Dev x

  3. Thank you Jane for the latest instalment of French Idyll - it certainly looks very appealing under the blue November sky after all the dismal rain we have had in our supposedly BBQ summer! We have had many memorable holidays in the beautiful Languedoc region and also the Dordogne, with dreams of buying a little house and living the good life ... look forward to the next instalment!


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