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Sunday, 23 August 2009


Just a quick post today as I intend to do another of my French Idyll postings later but for those of you who are not interested in France here are a few pictures of our day out yesterday.
We decided to take advantage of the special offer during August again and went to London once more. This time we went to the Museum of Brands and Packaging - which I had read about on one of the blogs I follow. It was most interesting and is housed in a little mews building in Notting Hill. We did enjoy it but how scary it is these days that so much of what we see in museums we can remember using! I have no pictures of the museum as there was a notice forbidding taking of photos without special permission which I didn't seek!
After our time in the museum we wandered back to the station at Notting Hill Gate wondering what it might be like to live in some of the lovely homes along the way. Lunch in a good Italian restaurant with a window seat watching people passing by and then to Oxford Street and tea and scone in John Lewis.
On our way back to the station I remembered my camera! Here are some pictures taken as we crossed the bridge to Waterloo.

This view always amazes me and I am reminded of a poem I once read
London Bridge
This is London Bridge
the river subdued
by stone.
Gaining Hungerford Bridge
from Victoria Embankment
And here's the bridge;
the black, endemoned road below
has given way to sky
and firm embanked
and deep and steady in its course
the curvilinear Thames flows to the gaze.
Take in this long horizon
let noise and pollution ebb
for the free-form, water world of boats
orderly as they give or gather way
or go about to land precise as toys.
A train rolls in,
its passengers breathe 'London'.
To the east, financial towers,
Canary Wharf, St Paul's,
stand, as do the living,
shrouded in traffic fog.

Or of the quote by Samuel in which he says that "when a man is tired of London he is tired of life". How could one get tired of London with all its variety? The London Eye shown here gives another dimension to the view - we didn't go on it yesterday but I have done so and the views are amazing!
This lady was "painting" a pavement masterpiece. Can you imagine all that effort to be washed away in the next shower of rain?!

And so to Waterloo - which is full of memories for me and I love it. I remember it in the days of steam trains when it was a dirty bustling place but now it is clean and light and still bustling with throngs of people of every nationality speaking in so many languages. It is what London is all about really - coming and going, mixed races all together, poverty and wealth, a real melting pot and its all MINE - that was one of the things I missed in France and the fact that I was an immigrant and none of it belonged to me!!

Have just had breakfast in our conservatory and even though I loved some of the lovely houses we saw in Notting Hill and even though I enjoyed the hussle and bussle of London with all the things there are to do - we could never see it all however long we lived - I know that I would miss this view each morning! I am so lucky that I can have it both aren't I?!!
Hope you are having a good weekend


  1. Oh London! I made such good memories when I went there. I was 16 but I'll never forget that trip.
    You're lucky indeed, Jane.

  2. Gosh, I still can't believe how beautiful your house in France was and I love to read the stories of your adventurous move there. The photos of London are lovely too, I hope that one day I can travel across the pond again for a visit - my last trip was courtesy of work and I was lucky to reunite with my Uncle (who I had not seen in 27 years) and he took me for a very short tour of London and my Mum's & Dad's childhood home town of Ipswich.

  3. I love london :-) Have been there 2 times only... my favourite place? no hesitation: Covent Garden. :-)

    I'll read your French idyll when more time :-)


  4. Hello Jane

    It was good to see your photos of London. I was born and brought up in London, so a city girl through my teens, 20s and 30s, but now we live in the country, I love that too. I now enjoy visiting London as a tourist and to visit family and friends, and appreciate the different pace of life.

    A really enjoyable read Jane, thank you!



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