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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Simple things

Hello there - firstly thank you all so much for your lovely comments - I cannot believe that I have been blogging for just 2 weeks and have already so many wonderful supportive friends out there. Isn't modern technology wonderful?!!
I am glad to say that my grey blanket has lifted somewhat and although this morning we woke to rain yet again and to find that the badgers had paid us a visit and churned up the lawn I am feeling more cheerful!
My little friend here - gold medalist in relaxation - certainly knows all about the peaceful life and he could teach me a thing or two about acceptance, taking life as it comes, being happy etc and I am sure his motto is "Don't worry!" He is so good for me.

Don't worry about the specks of mud I have brought in on my wet paws...

.... I love you too but please let a chap get a bit of shut-eye won't you?!!

The other day - when I was down in the dumps - I went to a charity shop and discovered a pile of old Country Living magazines for sale at 20p each so I bought 5 of them (all last year's when I was living in France so didn't have access to British magazines that often). Brought them home and later that day I sat down with them, cup of tea to hand and having given myself a good talking to I resolved to enjoy my five mineute peace and quiet. I dare say many of you will be familiar with these pictures already but I just love the photography in CL magazines s don't you?

Autumn - not far away now I feel and aren't these rosehips just so beautiful and evocative of country walks well wrapped up in wooly scarves and jumpers?

Indeed it is the simple things that mean so much and this picture says it all doesn't it? Just a simple sprig of flowers in an odd teacup - who needs exotic flowers flown in from foreign climes arranged in magnificent cut glass vases?

I could almost smell the perfume of these lilac blooms. By the time I had finished my tea and browsed my way through a couple of my new/old magazines my world was already looking brighter.

Along with the magazines I also picked up this pretty tablecloth which I hope to do something with - cushion covers, bags, coat hanger covers - any ideas?

I wonder who embroidered it - what stories of tea times long past it might tell.

I am off to my patchwork lesson this afternoon - this is the result of the last session. I think I will make it into a cushion cover rather than make sufficient blocks for a full quilt - I am rapidly coming to think that this isn't really my metier!!

All for now.



  1. CL at 25p! What a steal! And that's one magazine that is never 'out of fashion' simply because it has nothing to do with modern design...That's how I fight the blues, too. Coffee or tea and home-related magazines.
    Glad you're feeling better.

  2. CL bargains!

    Cute kitty!xxx

  3. Cats sure do make their presence felt but on their terms. We have an orange cat named Mars that loves to sleep on the highest pile of linens or clothing she can find.
    Your pillow is wonderful- I wonder if your cat will be like many others in blogland and want to help you quilt?
    My mom used to do beautiful embroidery for people on pillowcases. She would make a pair and give pillows as a wedding present. She has arthritis and can no longer do much hand work unfortunately.
    There is something really beautiful about hand embroidery- your cloths are particularly pretty.
    Welcome to blogland-
    you can find my blog at if you would like to see what I have been up to.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  4. So glad to hear that you are back to your cheerful self, Jane - cats have a lovely therapeutic effect on us, don't they!

    I think the tablecloth would make very pretty coat-hangers, amongst other things.

    Have a great evening


  5. I forgot all about Country Living mag... I'll have to subscribe again. Thanks for the reminder

  6. I just looked through my old magazines and found the same CL copy! They are always a great inspiration! Love your sweet cat!

    Anna x

  7. I was just thinking today how many rosehips are full to burst already -- autumn on its way for sure :-)

  8. Love your sweet cat, they can be such characters! The tablecloth find is amazing, wish we had good Op Shops here....I wouldn't do anything with it but use it as a table cloth, but probably just because I would be too chicken to cut it up!!!
    Congrats on two weeks in bloggerville, I look forward to my daily visit to your blog :-)

  9. We are just coming into Spring here downunder! It does seem odd to think of the opposites, but I love reading of cold weather when it gets hot over here.
    I love thrift shops, & it seems there are many bloggers who find the same delight, in bargains, & old treasures.
    Please feel better. I love reading your delightful blog. Have you visited Kim at Ragged Roses, she has a lovely blog. She is on my side bar.
    hugs to your lovely feline friend tooXX

  10. Oh now that little cat is a serious threat to my number one relaxator: my dog!
    They are so sweeettttt when they just stretch out, not caring about... well... anything!

    The blocks cushion looks really fun!

    I have to finish reading my swedish country mags, there are lovely pictures too... gotta get cracking with my blog soon :-)



  11. Country Living - fab. I have an loft full of all the old copies!!

    Nina x

  12. What a cute lazy cat you have!
    I'm sorry I have no suggestion about the vintage tablecloth, I'd leave it as it is now - I feel guilty recycling/altering other people's stuff! lol.


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