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Sunday, 16 August 2009

This and that

My sister-in-law went home yesterday afternoon having brought me a bag of odds and ends of wool and other yarns so I sat down last night and had a go at making some crochet flowers. I must have been tired - indeed I did sleep for 9 hours last night!) but I just couldn't get my head round some of the patterns. Not helped by the fact that some were American and some English!! Anyway I did finally managae this little orange gem which I am quite pleased with.

Not sure whether to add some leaves and whether or not to put something in the centre. Probably depends on whether I intend to use it as a corsage or to make more and decorate something with them (another bag perhaps?!)

Amongst the yarns in my bag I found this lovely pink mohair so had a go at the same pattern in that. I did think I might felt it but now I think I would probably end up with just a felted blob!

Decided that this one might be improved with a button centre so got out my button box and found these beauties.

The small plain brass one perhaps?

Or the black woven silk one?

Or maybe this fancy metal one? What do you think?

Whilst searching for the button box I came across a couple of bags which had been missed in my bag lady post recently and thought you might like to see these too.
This one is made using some felt I had a go at making some time ago.

Here it is in close up.
This one was done as part of my City and Guilds Creative Textile course donkey's years ago. The bag was woven on a piece of soft board and the flowers on the loom whilst the strap is made of tablet weaving. The whole thing was woven from Wilton Carpet wool which you used to be able to buy at the factory in Wilton - sadly now it seems to be a factory outlet centre!

Here is a close up of the flowers and leaves etc.

And another!
Enough of all that - I must stop now and go and enjoy the sunshine. My washing should be dry now too!
Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.


  1. So many nice things and I love the orange flower!

    Anna x

  2. Such an array of beautiful bags and you've done a jolly good job with the crochet flowers - far better than mine!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  3. I really like your creations. My son was present when I looked here, & he remarked at how creative bloggers seem to be!
    I love your flowers!!

  4. You creative types are sooo clever - it would take me forever to make something as intricate as these beauties! I think the black silk button on the pink mohair flower would look lovely.

  5. Wow! You are so creative! I love your collection of bags!

  6. I love you little crochet flowers!!! They are beautiful and I like to make them too as they come together quickly, but I am never quite sure what to do with them. Putting them on a bag sounds like a brilliant idea!

  7. I prefer the third button :D

    Wow I'm in love with your flowery bag! It's magnificent!!!!!!!


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