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Friday, 21 August 2009

Wooly thoughts


The postman arrived today with this sack addressed to me. He said "You've got the sack! LOL!
What was inside? I hear you ask - well it was some merino tops for spinning. You see since I have been blogging I have become more motivated to do the crafts I love and my poor spinning wheel has been sitting idle for years so I thought I would bring it out of retirement and have a go.
How lovely and soft the wool is I can already see it ready for knitting up into a scarf.
Don't you just love the colours in this autumn selection?
And in the blue/green mix?
Will I still remember how to do it? Will I end up with a skein of kharki string where I have mixed the yarns together? Or spun it too tightly? Or might I just have a skein of something lovely, soft and rainbow coloured? Only time will tell. More on this later.
A couple of other pictures for you:
My patchwork effort from yesterday. Another cushion cover I think and not a design I will be repeating as it was long winded to cut out and I have to say not worth the effort to produce - this was 4 hours labour!
And another cat - I know you love cats from your comments.
Here is a photo of the "silver medalist" in the boys' relaxation class - a neighbour's cat who often visits our garden and seems to enjoy taking his nap on our garden chairs - maybe he knows how well his ginger coat goes with the blue paintwork? I must say I think Thomas (gold medalist) knows a thing or two about comfort as this hard slatted seat doesn't look that comfortable to me but Ginger seemed to think it was OK. Maybe he is a youngster and doesn't need the softness our pampered pair demand?
Have a good weekend


  1. Ginger sleeps just like our Mars cat- Mars is now nearly 11 so I don't think she would like the slated chair either- she finds the highest pile of laundry, blankets or quilts to sleep in..
    Ahh to have the life of the pets...
    Have a nice weekend,

  2. I can't wait to see what you are going to make with this yummy wool. I just love home spun yarn. I feel a fabulous new project coming on. Thanks for following my blog. It's nice to see some comments. Each day it's getting a little easier. I'll give your suggestions a try. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Hello, Just dropped in...what gorgeous colours...will be popping back to see what becomes of them! Happy spinning! Rebecca x

  4. Your patchwork is really lovely, wish I had the patience to make something that complicated! Can't wait to see the lovely wool after is has been spun - the colours are really nice.

  5. Oh, do you spin? You're the crafty gold medalist, owner of the relax gold medalist. I'm so envious! ;-)
    I love the wool you've received, the autumn colours make me smile. I'm sure you'll remember how to spin it and the results will be wonderful. I'll be back to see your progress.


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