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Thursday, 21 January 2010

20 minute update

I feel I have fallen at the first hurdle - does it count if you have done an average of 20 minutes a day rather than an actual 20 minutes every day?

I started on my fingerless mittens using the Rowan yarn I mentioned but I am not at all sure I like the colour scheme even though I liked the balls of wool together so have rather lost interest in these!

I have unrun the top of my crochet bag and am now trying to calculate how to do the row of holes for the cords - involving complicated mathematics and drawing of diagrams which late in the evening I am finding difficult so not much further forward there either.
My patchwork squares are still just that - squares and not yet cushion covers.
My mind is filled with ideas but none of them seem to be materialising this week.
As my old school reports used to say - "could do better" and "must try harder"!! I will I will.


  1. Actually, I think you colour scheme is pretty good!

  2. Seems our 'creative lives' are about on the same track. Lots of projects started, not too many finished. But have still devoted time each day to 'creating'.

  3. I think the colours are autumnal, which might be why you don't feel happy with them now - it is such a grey time of year. I think in October you might well adore them! I think you are doing pretty well - I always have lots of things on the go and dodge from one to the other as the mood takes me - some projects need a slow burn.

    Pomona x

  4. I think it will be perfect for the fall. Sometimes the most unusal colors seem to be the ones we actually wear the most. Thanks for taking the 20 to stop in.

  5. I agree, the colours are great so keep going, it's looking good!! x

  6. Don't beat yourself up! take a breath and don't panic. They are looking good!

  7. The colour scheme of those gloves look great!
    I have completed the crochet bag (with help from my mum)and am now needing to put the material inside. I have come to the same problem of the cord coming out of the same hole!! :) Thank you for your advice, look forward to seeing all your creations.
    Lucy xx

  8. Aha! Just like me - sixty things at once and lots of unfinished stuff. That's the bit about "better to travel than arrive..."

    I love the lime and the marigold (what more perfect for you) but I would ditch the bottle green.....

  9. I find that I don't always give things long enough. I try a little bit of something and decide it won't look right. When actually if I'd crack on and finish it, it would look great.
    Look at the whole, not just the part of it.

  10. Lovely autumn colours, perhaps you are just not so keen on them at the moment, because you are waiting for spring to arrive? Don't give up though, you gonna love them come next Autumn, lol.

  11. Lovely colours Jane - they match the rose on your welcome logo. I am sure your evening crochet calculating counts as lots of creative time. The trouble with challenges is they can become a burden in themselves when the whole point of being crafty is enjoying yourself(Ha ha, listen to me! I was equally fed up yesterday ;-)) And writing a blog post is an act of creative writing!

  12. I'm with you on averaging out the 20 minutes a day :-) Love your colour combination. You sound like me, I frequently fall out of love with projects half way through, or worse still when they are finished!

  13. Jane,
    20 minutes is 20 minutes whichever way they fall. If you do it when you want to and not because you have to it's amazing what you can create in a short space of time. The colours of the gloves look good to me (I must be colour blind though because it doesn't look like lime green and bottle green. I thought they were brown and fawn - my 3 year eye test check up letter came yesterday so maybe I should book the appointment soon?)Keep going, it all sounds creative to me! Lesley x

  14. Ithink Pomona has hit the nail on the head Jane. The colours are perfect for autumn which isn't much help for now but just see it as being ahead of the game! Either that or put it away and start something new. It's more important you feel good about what you are doing. I haven't managed my 20 mins for the last two nights, so am planning a huge catch up tonight. x

  15. I haven't looked at old school reports for fear of what I might find! I know I got awards for writing.. why didn't someone guide me to journalistic areas?? OMG career advice was dismal or missing when I had the choices to make. I chose Nurse. It is an area I excel in, but lacked the discipline in the day. Now I am reduced to nursing GOM, in the hope he will respond to my ministrations. And modern medicine, of course!!

  16. Just keep trying with the 20 minuters. I have really found that doing 20 minutes every day is keeping my creativity flowing. I'm really enjoying everything I'm making at the mo.
    A x

  17. Don't beat yourself up about it. I always have loads of projects on the go. Some work, some don't. Tomorrow is another day.........

  18. Menopausal musing said...
    "Don't beat yourself up about it. I always have loads of projects on the go........."

    Likewise!! I think there are a few of us in that boat.

    I had similar report cards ;)

    P.S. I love the colour scheme of the gloves!

  19. You may have lost interest in those mittens but that colour scheme is my favourite! Waking up in the morning and watching your pic has brigthen up my day.

    Hope you find time and strenght to finish them. Don't rush things, as Menopausal musing said, tomorrow is another day.

    Have a great weekend. :-)

  20. I think the color combo is wonderful. My report card said, "Joy needs to settle down." I hope I haven't. Good job on the gloves, you seem to be an accomplished knitter.


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