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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Ultimate plastic bag!

Last Saturday I received a present of a magazine (back number) - some of you will probably already be familiar with this publication but it was new to me - from a good friend and spent the rest of the weekend engrossed in it and in trying out some of the things I read about in it.

First off - ironing polythene bags - yes really!! Following the instructions in the article:

I layered my plastic bags in a sandwich with paper to protect both the iron and the ironing board and then ironed over it. This fused the layers together into a thick plastic sheet which can be embellished with paint (I had none - so didn't try this) bits of coloured plastic from other bags, scraps of paper ephemera etc and then machine stitched it all to hold it together. Of course now that I rarely accept a plastic bag in the shops and use a cloth bag instead my stash of plastic bags was somewhat limited.


I tried another sample with some mesh from a bag which had contained this week's oranges and it worked OK. I quite like the way bits of the mesh have melted away altogether.

I did wonder if I might make some small pieces and use sequins or other small bits under a layer of clear plastic to make jewellery but it wasn't long before I thought ***er this it might work but I don't actually like what I am producing and I can't imagine actually wearing it when made nor using a pochette made of the stuff either so I think that we'll call it a day! Well I tried!

I did make a couple of cards using small pieces of the stuff so it didn't all go in the bin you'll be glad to know. I stuck a square of the plastic fabric I had created to a plain card and then drew a border round it with a red gel pen - as I sent the one I made to said friend to say thanks for the magazine I don't have a finished card to hand just now!

It kept me occupied and was fun to do but I must say I prefer my previous plastic bag which I wove from carrier bags years ago. (By the way if any of you should be tempted to try out weaving carriers make sure you use non biodegradable ones or it will just disintegrate in time!!)

Some more articles and ideas I want to try out :-

Many thanks to all who visit my blog and leave such encouraging comments - I do read them all and visit your blogs too and only wish time permitted me to reply personally to you all. Thanks for visiting and every comment is much appreciated.

And finally a bit of my crazy patchwork - I was packing up a little package to send to Linda at Ae Fond Kis for her British Heart Foundation sale and wondered about including this little scrap which I made into a brooch. Not sure if anyone will want to buy it but as it's for a good cause they might!


  1. That looks like a rather interesting magazine, haven't seen it before. The abstract plastic bag collage on the card looks really good.

  2. What an inspired magazine ...nothing goes to waste here I see!

    Your ribbony bag is very pretty and I think your little patchwork brooch would be much appreciated, Jane.

    Jeanne x

  3. What a great magazine, and what a brilliant idea to use materials we wouldn't otherwise use. Love the colours on your bag.

  4. What a neat publication and some fab ideas - I love that you spent the whole weekend engrossed in projects. distractions.

  5. Ohhhhh those look so cool, i really want to have a go. I haven't seen that mag before i shall have to look out for it.

  6. Now Jane I really want to have a go at that melting - sometimes the process is as much fun if not better that the result. Thanks for sharing your magazine - looking forward to another one of your experiments.

  7. Crikey, now that really is something new. I love what you produced and it doesn't look out of place next to the ones featured in the mag. I buy craft books but haven't really investigated the magazines available - perhaps I should take more notice next time I'm shopping!

  8. Yes I can see there are plenty of things there that you will try. Some of them looked very "you". You are such a talented person the way you put things together.

  9. That book looks like loads of fun! I plastic bag idea is really quite clever and I might have to give it a try. Might be a interesting way to make placemats?

  10. Hi Jane, very inspiring post full of exciting experiments, plastic bags are full of potential, you opened my eyes to this! Thanks for your lovely art work for the BHF Raffle,
    it is gorgeous! You kind hearted angel!
    Linda x

  11. Thanks for the insight into the Magazine: I too have read about it but never seen a copy. What fun articles. Looking forward to see more of your experimentation.

  12. I never realized the potential of plastic bags! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Such a lot of super ideas in that magazine, I must remember some of them for future art projects! I sometimes treat myself to a beading magazine which is always full of great ideas! I think your woven bag and brooch is modern and unusual and very nice.
    Hope you have a super weekend!
    Lucy xxx

  14. I manage to get the mag you mention at one of our local newsagents and there is always something inspirational between its pages. They also do one called 'quilting arts' which is great too. The articles are usually really good on technique too.

  15. Looks like a very inspiring mag Jane, really love what you've done with the orange mesh. And that patchwork is superb! Clever girl! x

  16. Looks so interesting to experiment! I love your patchwork Crazy!!

  17. That little crazy patchwork brooch looks lovely. I am sure someone will love it.


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