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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mixed bunch!

Thank you for all your kind comments on my Dorset button post - They were a bit fiddly but fun to do and I had another 2 hour session this week in which I made these buttons.

The little silk fabric covered one is called a Singleton button and was reasonably easy to do though I wouldn't want to make them by the dozen! The blue and red wool one was actually 2 buttons one on top of the other with a bead in the centre. These were made without a ring and worked round 14 wraps round the finger of the wool itself if you know what I mean. And the green beaded one is just another variation of the previous week's buttons.

We have had rain! At long last the promised rain has arrived and the garden is all the better for it. I love the sunshine but not all the time and the rain is lovely after such a prolonged dry spell.

We planted a couple of new varieties of runner beans this year and as well as the usual red flowers we have these lovely salmon pink ones too. There are also some pale mauve ones but either they are not as vigourous or they are a later variety as they are not as far forward as the red and pink ones.

Here is a little posy of Lesley's marigolds (see this post) picked from the garden on Monday morning. They were put to good use as I held them up in front of the webcam when speaking via Skype to my friend in France that morning and singing Happy Birthday to her. A posy for my friend's special day. Then they graced our lunch table and that afternoon I took them to the old lady I visit as a volunteer as a little gift to cheer her up - explaining that the French word for marigolds is "soucis" which is the same word as for anxieties or worries and how I like to think of my worries as marigolds!!!

Indoor games were called for due to the rain so I got out the flour and the trusty old Kenwood Chef and made some bread for lunch.


  1. I've only ever seen red flowers on runner beans - my mum & dad obviously just stuck to the same variety year on year. That salmon colour looks wonderful. I hope they yield a good crop as well as looking pretty.

    You seem to be a dab hand with this button making malarky - I love the little aqua coloured one with the tiny beads.

    Your pewter coloured vase shows those Marigold blooms off beautifully.

  2. The buttons are lovely, I think I like the little turquoise one with the beads, although it looks very fiddly.

    It has certainly been good for the garden to have some rain. You've certainly got some interesting coloured bean flowers!

  3. My goodness, but those buttons are pretty. Love the different combinations. The gardens have really needed the rain haven't they? We have been SO glad of it. Bread looks yummy.

  4. Hi Jane......raindrops and ladies mantle always looks so pretty. Glad your garden got a good soaking.

    Ooooh that bread looks delicious, I have a weakness for warm bread. I used to make bread, don't seem to have the time now.

    Buttons are unique.....

  5. I haven't seen any similar buttons before; they must be fun to make.
    Pass some rain over, will you? We got 38C today.
    Take Care!

  6. Wow! Clever on several fronts.
    Firstly the bread - I'm very impressed. I've never attempted bread. It seems very difficult to me and your looks very professional- yummy too I'm sure.
    The buttons too- how very fiddly they must be. You are obviously very patient.
    And lastly the continual sunshine - now you know how I feel as here it is relentless and we welcome the rain whenever it comes. My cousin in Wales has been telling me she has an Aussie lawn - brownish instead of green!

  7. I love homemade bread!
    Although I`m too "scared" to attempt to make it myself!
    Specially since Alan`s dad has been spoiling us with his own yummy home made bread... every week in the past two years!
    How lucky am I!
    And before I leave... I must say how amazed I am with your handmade buttons!
    Any change of a tutorial?
    I know... I`m very cheeky, cheeky!Lol


  8. well...those buttons are just about the cutest thing i ever did see

  9. hello Jane. We seem to have some pale pink flowers on our runeer beans, but it was more accident than design as I do love the bright red ones best of all. Never heard of mauve though. I think the green button is my favourite. Very lovely. Funnny how you are wishing for rain and I am desperate for it to stop!! x

  10. Love the pink beans - I thought it was verbascum at first glance.

  11. Jane,
    We've had nothing BUT rain for days here so I'd do a swap any day. I love the colour of those bean flowers. I also thought it was a verbascum at first glance. Let's hope the beans taste as good as they look. The buttons look great. I have a little book somewhere about all the different sorts and how to make them. If you want a photocopy of any patterns let me know and I will send to you. Lovely marigolds too. Glad the seeds did the business. Lesley xx

  12. The buttons look great, they look very professional. Yes, the rain has been a great help - no watering of veg! I am envious of your hosta. The rain brought out dozens of snails all over the lawn and the chipolata size slugs were on the rampage again. I've given up growing them - even in tubs.(PS Mr T seems on the mend)

  13. The garden really needed the rain though as you say!
    Lovely Post.

  14. great buttons and what a lovely thing to do with your marigolds.

  15. Hi Jane!
    Love those buttons! They are amazing and look like they take some real patience. I was very interested to read up on Dorset Buttons, I have never heard of them before.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. I have always loved marigolds, and have always planted some no matter where I have lived. That bread looks so yummy! All your photos are so pretty. Hope you have a good weekend!


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