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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Getting back to Normal here.

Where have the weeks gone?  I feel as if my world has been turned upside down like one of those little snow balloons and only now is it beginning to settle! 
It was wonderful to see our wanderer after almost two years of course but naturally we all had a lot of adjustments to make.  It had been nearly 10 years since we had all lived together so arriving here jobless and homeless to live with her elderly parents who have become set in their ways which are definitely not her ways has not been easy for her and consequently not for us either!

Luck was on her side though and she soon found work and has been going off to her new job since last Thursday 1st March.  It is dealing with business travel for the biggest local employer here so in this instance her time spent traveling together with her years spent working for a large company in Canary Wharf stood her in good stead! 

I think she will be on the lookout for somewhere of her own to rent as soon as she receives her first month's wages and then we will all breathe more easily no doubt!  And I have no doubt she will eventually find a way to move back to London which she feels is "home".

We haven't been told very much about her time away although I was asked if this T-shirt would go in the washing machine or need hand washing as the colour runs and when I asked was told she had ridden this road - I checked out the website and am glad I didn't know what she was doing at the time!

 We have seen a few photos including her sand surfing somewhere which looked fun but she is not very forthcoming - takes after her father and his family in that respect!  So I am not much wiser than before - perhaps just as well?!

We turned out the compost "hive" on Friday and discovered this beautifully crafted nest inside - seems a bit big for a field mouse being about 7 or 8 inches in diameter - luckily no babies inside.  Compost which was usable has now been dug into the veggie plot and the rest put back into the hive to cook a bit more but we did put a sheet of wire mesh in the bottom this time to prevent any further squatters!

Added to the upheaval of having a permanent extra in the house our computer finally became even slower than before and the Computer Doctor was called in.  He spent ages checking out this and that and eventually it was taken to the "hospital" for a transplant - a new hard drive was called for apparently.  It came back a day or so later having made a rapid recovery.  I might even be able to watch videos now Lesley!!  So, sorry that I haven't been visiting much lately - hopefully normal service will be resumed soon!


  1. How lovely to see a post from you this morning Jane - I'm sure adjusting to having your daughter at home must have been a mixed blessing - it is alarming how set in our ways us more mature people get when we swore, in our youth, we wouldn't. She has done well to get herself a job which for one so independent is sure to lead to other opportunities, and I' sure it wasn't just down to luck.
    Your photographs are beautifully cheery, it is chilly and wet here today, but we hardly dare complain about the rain as it is so badly needed.
    Hope we hear from you soon

  2. Glad to have you back today Jane. Your photos are lovely. Looks like another early Spring ? or perhaps it is just on time?

  3. I can imagine how hard it must be for all of you to adjust again.
    I agree it is probably best you don't know all that she got up too, ignorance is bliss or so they say!
    I wonder who was living in your composter??

  4. Lovely Spring-ey photos.
    I remember well the returns of young who had travelled abroad, not easy for anyone. But glad she is home safely.

  5. That looks like a dormouse nest.
    Lovely photos!

  6. Great to have you back.Hope your daighter's new job works out well.How good to come back and get a job so soon.

  7. Cripes, Death Road. I can believe you would rather not have known. Sounds like you're right not questioning her too much! :)

  8. Have you really got all those Spring flowers out? It's been a really cold day here today - though sunny. Managed to buy some Daffs in Montmorillon but haven't seen any in gardens!

    Lots of plant damage as temperatures 3 weeks ago were at minus 19!!!

  9. Glad to hear that your daughter has settled into a job so quickly. Lovely little nest in the compost 'hive'. I like the roundness of it!

  10. Goodness Jane, your dear daughter has certainly done well to get a job so quickly.
    I can understand how difficult it must be adjusting now she's come home, when our daughter comes for a week or two I feel the strain of that even though we love to see her. Maybe she'll be a little more forthcoming when she settles down a little more.
    Rose H

  11. It sounds like your daughter is displaying all the independent traits that set her off on her journey in the first place Jane. She really does sound like a 'can do' type of woman and getting a job already is no mean feat. Lovely to see you back and with some glorious Spring like photographs. I am intrigued by that nest. I wonder what made it? As for that computer... I may go in search of a film just for you!

  12. Glad to hear you are all well and gradually becoming used to living together again. Once the young birds fly the nest it is never quite the same again when they come back to visit.

    I took at that road your daughter had travelled on and part of me cringed but the other part applauded her for having risen to the challenge!

  13. I've never seen such a nest as that! Just shows you are never too old to learn new things ;-)

    Sounds like there has been a bit of adjusting going on in your life right now but it must be good to have your wanderer close to you again.

  14. You have dormice, how wonderful. I can imagine that having to adjust to your daughter's return to the nest wasn't easy, but how lovely to have her back after so long!

  15. Lots of spring flowers, how pretty. Our days are getting shorter here, not looking forward to winter. :(

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    Carole x

  16. So glad to hear your daughter made it home safe and sound, if but a bit quiet. It's always and adjustment getting used to having a family member back in the nest. Glad to hear she has found a job so quickly.

  17. So good to see your lovely images. I hope that you all manage to have a peaceful household.

  18. Probably a hedgehog's nest. They love compost heaps.

    Sure know what it is like when 'children' come to live back at home for a while after living away. Wonderful and hard at the same time.


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