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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Not all about blogging after all!

Firstly a huge thank you to all you lovely followers who have left such encouraging comments on my Bus Pass trip posts.  And to the many who have viewed but not left comments too!  I have checked out Nuts in May Judith and it looks fun must see if I can get a copy

 I am currently thinking of other similar trips I might do and planning routes and so on so that if and when a time arrives when the weather forecast is suitable and the diary is empty for a few days I will be ready for the off!  I have been meaning to go back to the Forest of Dean since I started writing my childhood stories and so far have never got there and I am looking into whether that might be an option by bus - a fine October few days would be good there as the trees should be lovely and if not then maybe next Spring.  It wouldn't be via Cheltenham but some of the route might be similar to the one you did in the 70s Where the journey takes me!  And Kath I'd love to travel the whole country and write about it but financial restraints would prevent that I fear unless I could get a sponsor to pay for my B&Bs or find people willing to put me up at suitable stop offs!  For although the travel is free one must have somewhere to rest a weary head and also something to eat along the way!!

I'd also like to go the other way along the Jurassic Coast towards Exmouth and end up in Exeter another place I remember from my youth!  Then again there's Southwold on the Suffolk coast where I lived for a short time in the 1950s so you see I have plenty of indoor entertainment doing the planning of routes and possible B&Bs etc.

Mr M and I took a trip to Weymouth last Wednesday where we wanted to visit the Radipole Nature Reserve - an area of wetlands and reed beds right in the middle of town.  We didn't go all the way by bus but took the car as far as Dorchester where we left it in the Park and Ride car park and set off from there by bus using our passes.

I imagine it would be really colourful and pretty in early summer when the wild flowers would be in full bloom as it was lovely even now and there were plenty of butterflies and insects about.  I know nothing about birds so couldn't really appreciate the different species but it certainly seemed a popular place for wildlife of all kinds. 

It was the first proper outing apart from the short visit to the Roman Villa that Mr M had done for nearly 2 months and the level walk was good for him and although surrounded by busy roads and buildings the reserve itself was tranquil and the sound of the wind in the reeds could be heard in spite of the distant traffic sounds.

I assume this little glade was for the use of school parties with its circle of carved wooden seats in the shapes of wildlife creatures.

Here you can see not too far away the Sea Life Tower which I rode last time I was in Weymouth.  On researching it and the London Eye I can understand why I didn't think it nearly as good since the Sea Life Tower rises only 170 feet above sea level and the London Eye is 443 feet at its highest so you can see why the distance one can see would be greater in London.

We meandered slowly back to the town and noticed the many boats in the marina and in the harbour - there were some seriously expensive boats there but it was this one that took my fancy!

We wandered round the harbour to our usual little cafe where we ate a sandwich sitting just inside the open door out of the wind looking out onto the sunny square at Brewer's Quay before wending our way back to M&S for a cup of tea and purchasing something for dinner on our return.

I can't believe that just 10 days ago I was sitting in the sunshine enjoying the varying blues of the sea and sky and today we are enjoying a different kind of weather altogether - it's pouring with rain and windy here today and we have had to resort to putting the heating on!  Still into every life a little rain must fall and it gives me the opportunity to catch up on some indoor pursuits.

I had intended to write a post about blogging but this post just illustrates what I had been going to say - that my blog has a life of its own and that when I sit down to type what I intended to say isn't always what comes from the keyboard!  Maybe I must save that idea for later!


  1. How lovely to have such an area so close to town.
    Yes, blogs have a life of their own - isn't it fun?

  2. So lovely to share another trip with you Jane. Not so lovely today - we're staying put and making another batch of chutney!!

  3. My blog definitely has a life of it's own which, by accident rather than intention, is reflected in my choice of name!
    I love the picture of the sweet little glade - in fact I love any such surprises on a day out on a ramble and that is why your 'Bus Pass Posts' are such a compelling read as we feel we are there with you. When you decide on your next adventure I will see if I am able to spot any familiar surroundings (even if you don't make it as far as Cheltenham!) I have been to lots of places in England as our family had a touring van in the 60's and 70's and I am looking forward to a 'recherche du temps perdu' in your future posts.

  4. I find that most things in my life have minds of their own at times, so am mightily relieved that your blog does too! It looks a lovely area, and I bet the kids love those wooden animals.

  5. Hoping for more Bus Pass Adventures soon :) If you venture as far as Suffolk then I can offer a spare room for the night ;)

  6. If you decide on the Forest of Dean, Jane, please let me know, I'd love to meet up. Sadly, I can't go bus passing just yet (although I've just passed sixty, I can't have a bus pass for another 2 years, two months, and 14 days - where do they get these dates from?) but it's an easy drive from here.

  7. Every time I read your blog I feel inspired to take a walk.

  8. I saw your comment on Leanne's post about Lyme Regis and popped by to say hello. Your pictures and views of Dorset are wonderful, I still haven't made it up the Weymouth tower despite it being my home town. Yours are the first pictures I have seen showing the view.
    I ocassionally use the 31 bus to get home and it always full of customers with bus pass having a good day out. I hope the perk is still around when I qualify for one!
    Sarah x

  9. So lovely that Mr M could join you on your latest trip, maybe he'll be able to go on one of your longer jaunts soon!
    If you ever come to N.I. let me know although I think you probably need more than your bus pass!!! ;)
    Vivienne x

  10. What a lovely walk and able to spot nature at the same time and not too far from the town. I'll have to put this on my to do list!

  11. It was entertaining to walk along with you on this jaunt! That little boat has a charm of its own...I can see why it appealed to you.

  12. What wonderful outings you take, Marigold. And what fun to let the blog take you where it wants to go.

  13. What a good thing that you decided to walk on a reasonable-weather day. It's certainly changed during the last 24 hours.I love your perambulations; so many people look and don't see but you certainly do notice things others would not even consider.

  14. Thanks for the walk - temperatures here in Texas have been in the mid 90's (no one wants to take a walk, we all want to stay in the shade). Your adventures make me think of a grown up Winnie the Pooh. Sweet and fun and always a cup of tea at the end. The nature walk was beautiful, but I loved your little boat picture. It's not quite right.... like it might be top heavy and tip over but somehow it works. Happy Trails.

  15. Just been catching up on your 'bus trip' posts. What a wonderful time you have been having. Lovely, interesting read, especially as it is all on my doorstep and yet I have never been to some of the places or seen some of the sights. M x

  16. It's the same here - all rain and wind and grey. Such a change from a couple of days ago.

    Beautiful pictures,

    Nina x

  17. So I'm not the only one with 'This is not the post I planned to write' syndrome!

    I can totally see why that little boat caught your eye, such pleasing and quirky proportions :D

  18. Ha! Blogposts have a mind of their own don't they? Good to hear that Mr M has been out and about again. I think the carved creatures would enchant any child and are absolutely lovely Jane.

  19. You do find the best walks, Jane! I loved the picture of the butterflies and flowers....we have seen so few butterflies here this summer!
    Helen x

  20. Enjoyed my walk on your local nature reserve and see many likeness with our local one along the Thames estuary.


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