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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Is it safe to look over the battlements?

 This is the view from the bedroom window this morning - might not look much to those of you living in sunnier climes but to us here in Somerset this is wonderful!

 After the torrential rain and strong winds of last night it was good to be able to go out in the garden and to see the sun shining on the bare branches of the trees.

 See there is even blue in the sky this morning!

 Hiding beneath the fallen leaves are a few brave primroses peeking through - is Spring around the corner perhaps?

A couple of cheery marigolds still blooming too as if to say "All is well after all!"

And outside the back door some pretty little cyclamen - is there a lesson here that "In the depth of winter within us lies an invincible summer" (with apologies to Camus for altering his words).

My thoughts go out to those who have suffered in the floods - for us it has only been disruption of plans and not the heart breaking mess of water in the house; for some not for the first time recently either.

 On a personal level I have been lucky and enjoyed a day out with friends in Salisbury on Friday between the rainy days we were lucky enough to pick a dry bright one but the floods seen from the train were awful though with the trees reflected in the lakes which should have been fields actually quite beautiful in their way though I am sure the farmers and animals didn't see it like that!  I was a bit late in getting the camera out so missed most of what I wanted to photograph here!

This "boy" seems to be enjoying watching the water swirl below him in Salisbury doesn't he?

I gather we must batten down the hatches again later today so I must make the most of the morning.  Hope that those of you in flooded areas are OK and managing to keep dry.

PS - Spoke too soon just an hour after posting this and it's raining again!!


  1. No rain here as yet, but it will surely come!
    Did you bring that blue table and chairs from France? I have an almost identical set but the table is square. It came from Weldom!

  2. Lovely morning here this morning, still lovely blue sky shining, so making the most of it!

  3. Thinking of those poor souls who have flooded homes!
    We have been very fortunate as our weather has been ok. We were covered in frost yesterday morning and today after some rain last night we have brilliant sunshine and blue skies.
    Vivienne x

  4. Lovely morning here although it is clouding over now - the birds were grateful there was a break in the rain as I got out to refill the feeders!

  5. Grey here but not raining - yet! Last night was torrential. We have friends living on the Somerset levels, no news from them as yet. Keep warm and dry.

  6. Hoping the weather improves for you soon. It's been very windy here but we didn't get it as badly as you did. Nice blue sky here today though :-)

  7. We escaped the heavy rain but understand we are getting it tomorrow.We live on a hill so we are ok but nearer town there are some OAP houses and they always get flooded.It must be so upsetting.

  8. Lovely to see the flowers peeking through and not giving up! x

  9. A friend lives in Somerset and the flood water has got into the septic tank and her back garden is awash with...I hope that you can avoid such things.

  10. I am always amazed at your mild weather and envy it! Spring around the corner?? We haven't even had winter yet? Hope you are doing well Jane.

  11. There just CANNOT be much more left up there........ can there?

  12. It must be beyond ghastly to live in a flood prone area. We are very lucky where we are in Kent and have few problems. The weekend weather was so extreme - the wind and the rain were non stop - we lost some trellis but thankfully no worse than that.

    Love 'the boy'!


  13. Rainy but not flooded here in our part of Norfolk, but a friend and I did brave the jorney down to Evesham in Worcestershire this weekend to play fiddle and melodeon in the Fleece Inn -great fun, but the roads were flooded on the Sunday, we just got away in time! How devastating for those people badly affected, and how frightening for the elderly and infirm. Hopefully we will see the last of it this week.

  14. We have been having some lovely sunny days too, despite the awful flooding in some parts of the country.....we do have the rain here now though. Btw I loved your post title today :)
    Wishing you a happy week ahead, Jane.
    Helen x

  15. Lovely pictures, as always. How is the shawl knitting going?? My shawl is growing,, very slowly!

  16. Goodness, I hope last night's rain didn't cause you too much trouble.

    On the face of it we're okay here, the flood plain is flooded - as it should be - and the houses, which are on higher ground, aren't. But the farmland has been reduced to pond and bog, and this after such a wet summer. In tiny rural communities everywhere all is doom and gloom. And now they tell us a dire winter is headed our way!

  17. What a week it's been Jane. I thought it was bad here until I saw Somerset on the news. It was heartbreaking to see people suffering floods again.Last week the rain ran down our road like a river. Quite, quite scary especially combined with those winds. Today is our first dry day and the forecast is for more of the same for the rest of the week. A brief respite at last!

  18. Thank you for your nice comments. We've had lots of rain here in the east too, and living on a kind of flood plain we're surrounded by water, but fortunately it hasn't disrupted lives too much apart from shutting some of the roads near the river (Great Ouse). Wonderful when the sun comes out, isn't it!

  19. Catching up with you and wondering if you have been affected much by the flooding. So, so bad for so many.

    For me just a water logged and boggy garden in this Essex clay. Trying to plant some new bare root roses was a

    like the subtle Autumn colours in the photos and love the boy overlooking the river.


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