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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

September time.

 This was the view from the back door at breakfast time this morning

 Everywhere the plants were embellished with intricate webs each one decorated with its complement of tiny moisture diamonds.  My early walk into town was on the chilly side.

 By the time I got there however the sun was out - as I had known it would be - and these cheery sunflowers were brightening the flower beds in the churchyard.  I have in mind to grow some myself next year as they are reminiscent of our time in France, they are bright and happy looking and the seed heads would provide food for the birds too.

On the walk back I was glad that my route took me under the trees where the shade was very welcome.

It is well over 50 years since I last went back to school but this time of year always seems to me to come with a sense of new beginnings.  Back then I always hoped that this time things would be different, that I would be the quiet one instead of always getting told off for talking, that my exercise books would be neat with no blots, that I could in some way re-invent myself to be the person I wanted to be but by day 2, or probably even before, things were always just as before!  I am slowly coming to accept who I am (it's taken me long enough for heaven's sake!) but I still feel that it is a time for change and new resolutions and instead of not blotting my copybook or getting into trouble for talking too much now it is rather a resolution to actually do some of the things I keep thinking about doing - I am not holding my breath for massive change but I do hope some of these things might actually happen:

Things on my list then include:

*Living simply accepting who I am
*Living seasonally
*Finishing some of what I start in the craft line such as a quilt I began months ago.
*Being more creative whether that be sewing, knitting, scrapbooking or even gardening and cooking.
*Going through my recipe file and cookbooks and planning some more interesting menus
*Making bread more often - I used to do it all the time back in the '80s
*Buying more locally and patronising supermarkets less
*Writing more - whether my memoirs or maybe a journal (or even just a blog post!)
* Maybe doing something more with my photographs - might some of the better ones be used for notelets or calendars or...?
*Walking more and using the car less - more bus pass boots and backpack days perhaps!
*Keeping my diary free at least a couple of days a week so that I can do some of the above yet still have time for a coffee with a friend or an outing now and then

Do you feel that this time of year is the time for new starts too I wonder and what's on your to do lists?


  1. A lovely post with a doable list! I always feel a bit melancholy when schools go back and feel as if summer is over and yet today has proved that it isn't!

  2. Oh yes, I think we're thinking along the same lines. This is always the New Year to me. And as for getting to know ourselves - umm, a work in progress. x

  3. Oh what a great post Jane. You could be writing for me! So many of your ideas for the coming season and 'new year' are things that I want to do as well. I have several quilts that need finishing...Why haven't I done so already?

    Loved the photos!

  4. What is it that stops me from doing all the things on my mental list? Lethargy? I really will sort out sewing, unpack a last box of books, sort out my recipes...... Soon.

  5. I enjoyed the misty photos, it was thick fog here this morning until lunch time.
    Good luck with your do list!

  6. I love September, it always feels like a new start and for many years both husband and I had jobs governed by the academic year. Now daughter works part-time for a charity which follows the school term and has just returned after maternity leave, so we have grand-daughter one day a week. My to do list is full of good intentions about crafty pursuits and clearing up the house but I suspect keeping up with alively small person who can crawl and climb if not yet walk will play a large part.

  7. Lovely post, lovely photos and thought provoking writing.
    I seem to waste so much time thinking about doing instead of just doing.............change must come!

  8. I love the beginning of September too, all that new promise etc., but mostly the fact the the children have all gone back to school and I can walk the shopping centre without fear of being knocked to the ground in the crush.

    I don't make lists anymore, they tie me up and make me feel guilty; nowadays I do what I want, when I want to - so liberating.

  9. I adore sunflowers, they're my favourite flowers! :)
    That's a great list, I think we all could do some of those things! I like the idea of living seasonally, I would like to try that one. You see I adore spring and summer, not so much autumn and really don't like winter at all! So when it gets to this time of year all I can think of is spring again, I really need to embrace this time of year !
    V xxx

  10. Lovely morning pictures. A lovely list I hope you achieve it.

  11. I always think Autumn brings a reflective mood with her....
    I've only just returned to blogging again but have so missed it and all of the things in your list are always on mine too!

    It's a big lesson to learn accepting yourself...they should teach that at school and save us years of worry!
    Tilly x

  12. I procrastinate far too much, but manage to stay fully occupied. How does that really work?
    This time of year has me longing for a classroom - either as a student or a teacher.

  13. I always love September - it is my birthday month, after all! But also because it seems a time of new beginnings, even though it is near the end of the year.
    Many of the things on your list resonate with me, I am still trying ! Lx

  14. Beautiful photographs, and thought-producing words.

  15. What beautiful misty morning photos to start off your post. Gazing at them longingly, I really enjoyed trying to remember what cool, misty mornings are like! Hopefully before too very long we will be blessed with a few of those here.

    I don't make lists much anymore, but I like yours. One day at a time seems to be my motto these days. There are so many things I think about doing but it seems to take forever to finally take action. Most recently these involve changing a few things in the garden, and also painting the ceilings in my house and perhaps a fresh new color in one or two rooms . . .

  16. I always feel like I'm settling into the part of the year that really means business ... no summer distractions, and Christmas still comfortably far off ... autumn is definitely my favourite season.

  17. Loved walking to school on September mornings, chilly in your new blazer, but too hot on the way home. When I was teaching I remember the children being enchanted by hundreds of dew covered spider webs on the uncut grass of the school field.

  18. I love September. Along with May it is a favourite time of year. The early morning mist that gives way to sunshine is beautiful. The sun is slightly lower in the sky so the light is very different.There is a soft glow to everything in the garden. I like your wish list and I'd give you a pat on the back if you managed to do just a couple of things. I'd still be procrastinating about what to even put on the list....

  19. A brilliant to do list, I can't improve on it, so if you don't mind I may copy it down! Enjoy the Autumn. x


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