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Monday, 14 October 2013

NUMBERS - What do they all mean?

"Numbers are mathematical objects used to count, label and measure".  So far so good.  When you stop to think about it they are perhaps some of the first things we learn - who hasn't taken a small child by the hand and counted when walking up or down steps, or adding apples to a bowl or something?   Without numbers we wouldn't know what the date is (well even with them I often don't know these days!) how far it is from A to B, what time it is or how long it is since or until dinnertime!  Think about it and you will realise, as I did, just how important numbers are in our lives.

Numbers can also be used to create statistics but we all know how unreliable they can be! The numbers which I am thinking of just now are the stats on Blogger and I am wondering what they mean - if anything.  I see from my stats page that certain posts attract many more viewings than others - for example my most viewed post so far is this one about Dorset Buttons which I wrote back in July 2010 and which as I write has had 1490 views but this is fast being outdone by my much more recent post titled Paris - Part 2 which in just 2 weeks has gathered 1290 views.  What do these numbers mean I wonder?  Maybe over a thousand people have viewed my posts and really found them interesting or perhaps it is those robots which then send out spam comments?

How is it that the posts which attract the most views don't seem to attract the most comments? The Paris - Part 2 post which of my recent writings would seem to be viewed the most attracted just 7 comments - why?  Does a view mean anyone has actually read the post or just clicked on it and thought better of it when it came to reading the content?  Maybe I should be glad that I don't receive so many comments these days since the most commented upon posts have been when I suffered with my eye problem and when Bambi died!!

Helsie wrote a post about this recently in which she wondered why her favourite posts didn't always seem to be so popular with other bloggers or to achieve (if that is the right word) the most viewings.

Why does Blogger tell us who has commented but not who has viewed and why do we all have many more followers than ever we get comments - do all these people actually follow our writings or have they dropped off the radar and why do I notice that my number of followers goes up and down - it's not easy to see who has gone unless they are one of the latest followers/lurkers whose icon appears where it's easily seen.

I guess it all just goes to show - but to show what I am not sure!!

PS Why does Blogger keep telling me I am not following any blogs when I am?  Does anyone else get this problem?


  1. Ha, who knows what the stats all mean, I can't speak for blogger as I'm on wordpress but I expect they're all the same. I have noticed that stats do down during the summer months but that's hardly surprising as people are out and about more but why a particular post attracts more than others...well who knows and as for comments, well there seems to be no rhyme or reason to them!!!
    As for numbers, I love them, always have, maths was always my favourite subject at school and I would much prefer a suduko to a crossword anyday!
    V x

  2. It's interesting to look at the key words used to find your posts - some words attract a lot more attention than others. My posting entitled 'Looking Hard' always attracts a lot of viewers, almost all of whom must be very disappointed!
    As for maths and numbers - a short walk round the garden always reveals the wonderful mathematical complexity of flowers and plants. Numbers are vital everywhere.

  3. Glad to find someone else has these 'wonderings' just like me!! :0)
    Sometimes I get caught up in not having comments written, I've also wondered about all these people that are looking, according to the stats., but I never 'meet up' with them. Sometimes it gets frustrating, sometimes I get despondent then realise that blogdom is not a competition for numbers and it is just the sharing that is important!!

  4. I can confirm that I follow some blogs whereon I have never commented, so some of your followers might do the same thing. It is not that I am not interested in those blogs but feel that my comment would be superfluous and one or two are so erudite that I would be nervous about advancing an opinion.

    But then, do the figures really, truly matter?

    I remember your post about the Dorset buttons, I have a brooch very similar to the one with the bunch of flowers.

  5. I think Blogger has been strange for some time now when it comes to statistics. The most viewed post I have is on my Yankee candle collection, the next on Kew Gardens and the next on John Updike's poem, September. I think it comes down to key words that you put in the post. Maybe with your Dorset buttons post people were looking for the key word Dorset? I am sure if you were to put up a saucy blog title your viewing figures would soar!!! x

  6. I agree with Relatively Retiring about key words attracting readers. My post entitled "Depressed" was not really about depression but my search for what we call a brunchcoat ( summer dressing gown ?) but I think it may have attracted people looking up depression. I guess that means that if we want to attract more readers we need to put some interesting, provocative titles on our posts!
    Go on, you go first !!!

  7. I'm not sure why any of it happens, I think some of it might be down to how google picks up on things? Any yes blogger keeps telling me I'm not following any blogs, until I refresh the page when it decides that I am. The mysteries of the internet!

  8. Yes.I have exactly the same thing coming up saying I am not following any blogs.feel quite pleased it is not just something I was doing wrong!!I have also had the same "wonderings" about why some posts attract comments and some don't.I have only 69 followers,very few comment.Does that mean my posts are boring?Should I post more frequently/less frequently?Longer posts/shorter posts?Who knows?
    P.S.I bought a Dorset Button Kit at Yarndale!

  9. Jane, it is all a mystery to me and I don't intend to try and fathom it out at this late stage. I notice I've lost a few followers but then I don't post that regularly anymore so I don't blame them. The percentage of followers who actually comment is minimal and I don't mind that either. I'm not convinced that every post I write is worthy of comment, yet I think contrary to them when I read yours and other peoples. Here, I always find something I want to say in response to what you have written and you have raised some fascinating questions in this post. Good luck unravelling the vagaries of Blogger!

  10. love the pumpkins, did you grow them? Carol x

  11. I've been getting the problem with being told I'm not following any blogs a lot recently. Glad it isn't just me! Must admit I never look at stats think a good many of the views are people who arrive by mistake when looking for something else:) I've never thought to look at what my most popular posts are! Maybe I should:)

  12. No following list: On the page with the list of your blogs, and the blogs you follow, Upper left Orange B, click the orange B to bring up the blogs you follow list. It always works for me.

    Blogspot stats are generous. Google Analytics are much less so. Subjects that cover a geographical location, major headline news, blogging or a subject of wide interest usually have more visitors than comments,imo. And there's always the visitor that won't be recorded due to their browser settings.

  13. What an interesting thought provoking post.
    I have never understood blog numbers. I just came back from a break, so I am really out of the loop.

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  14. I try not to think about Blogger stats too much. It gives me a headache. I,too, wonder why I have so many more followers than comments. Or even views of a post. Ah well, I'm not blogging for them, but for myself.

  15. Blogger sometimes tells me I'm not following anyone, I have to 'refresh' the page to get them back. As for the rest of the stats, I haven't a clue how it works. I think it has something to do with algorithms, but I don't know what they are!

  16. Goodness knows what all the statistics get WAY more readers from what you are saying, but again most don't seem to bother commenting...does this mean they read, skim, too shy, can't be bothered? Who knows? As for the 'not following any blogs' business, yes I get that as well...I just refresh the page and then it usually comes right.


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