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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Making hay while the sun shines

Well not actually making hay but making the most of a sunny morning and going out for a walk!  We did the weekend shopping yesterday so all we wanted today was a newspaper. I had said yesterday that I felt the need to get out for a walk even if it was raining but luckily this morning dawned bright and sunny after torrential rain during the night again.  Let's hope that February is going to be better than January weatherwise although we have had odd spells of sunshine - just enough to reassure us that the sun is still there!

The view from the back door at breakfast time.  I put some washing on and some bread to rise and we set off not daring to leave a walk till after lunch in case the sunshine didn't last.  We didn't want to do a long circular walk in the countryside as we could just imagine getting nearly to the end and having to turn back due to flooding and in any case I had to get back to deal with the bread - didn't want it taking over the airing cupboard!  Want to come with us?

 We set off along the road where I'd seen the daffodils coming into bloom here although we didn't go via the wood as it had poured with rain last night and it would have been very muddy.

 Whilst not exactly "beside the lake" nor "beneath the trees" these daffodils were certainly "fluttering and dancing in the breeze" alongside the main road! 

 We passed this gate which looked enticing and had a footpath sign on the post  but with bread rising we didn't have time to explore and will have to take the path another day.

 We came out onto the A30 where more daffodils were "tossing their heads in sprightly dance" alongside the busy road.

 We crossed the road and found a lane leading to this footpath which we decided to try - not wearing wellies nor walking boots we wondered if we would be able to walk it but although damp with occasional puddles it wasn't too bad and was out of the wind.

Strong sunlight to our right with the sun low in the sky made for these rather dark pictures.

 Look at these pretty cyclamen on the bank - the left hand side of the lane is bounded by the fences of people's gardens so maybe it was an escapee.

 We could have taken a path across this field but as we had limited time we decided against that and continued down the lane.

This little blackbird was busily whirring his wings in a tree at the bottom of one of the gardens - fun eh?

We reached the end of the lane and now we were on residential roads and not far from the local Post Office where we bought our paper and headed home.  The sky had by now turned dark and looked like snow when a heavy squally shower hit us - boy was the rain cold!  Luckily we were not too far from home and had come prepared with waterporrof coats with hoods.  By the time we reached our road the sky was blue again and the sun back out.  The bread was ready to be knocked back and the washing had finished its cycle and we were ready for a coffee.  Just over an hour walking in the fresh air had recharged my batteries as I knew it would. I made some soup to have with the bread for lunch and got my washing dried and ironed and felt well satisfied with my day!


  1. What a lovely walk, it sounds like a perfect morning. I love your silhouetted photos - beautiful. A walk always makes me feel heaps better too, so refreshing.

  2. Such bright and lovely daffodils on your walk. Bright skies beckon one outside even though the temperature might be chilly. Cyclamen are blooming here, too.

  3. And so you should have ! Felt satisfied I mean !! Sounded like a great walk in the fresh air. It's amazing how changeable your weather can be isn't it? Hope there's more sunshine ahead.

  4. How lovely to see daffodils in flower. A real lift to the heart in the midst of mud and darkness.

  5. It was a really lovely morning yesterday wasn't it? Not as good as today though as it didn't really last. How lovely to have such a fabulous walk to go on to get your paper. Glad you didn't get too wet.

  6. It just goes to show how much warmer the climate is down your way. There are no signs of any spring bulbs here, only winter aconites and the odd snowdrop!

    PS I'm so sorry to read of the loss of your dear kitties Jane.

  7. That was a lovely walk. Thanks for taking us along! x

  8. Thank you for the lovely morning walk! Beautiful daffodils! I have never seen cyclamens in real nature, only in pots. So pretty! Your walk sounds just like a perfect start for a day.

  9. What a lovely walk. I can almost smell that bread. Thanks for taking us along. It is warming up here, I hope it will last. Hope to see you soon.


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