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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 - February

Having been down with a horrid virus the past couple of weeks I haven't given much thought to the various categories this month but here are some of the things I have achieved during February:


I made yoghurt early in the month using raw milk and some live yoghurt purchased from the farm shop  - I don't have a yoghurt maker I just heated the milk to180 degrees and allowed it to cool to 115 degrees then added the live starter and poured it into a vacuum flask (pre-warmed with some boiling water) and left it overnight.  It was delicious and will become a regular make in my kitchen now - it works out cheaper than buying the stuff too.


We bought some seed potatoes at the garden centre and here they are chitting in in the conservatory in readiness for planting when the time is right.


I try to cut back on plastic bags and always refuse bags when offered one preferring to use my own cotton bags.  I am waiting for the day when I am randomly selected to have my self scanned shopping rescanned at Waitrose as I have the price tags all stuck to my shopping list and the self weigh fruit and vegs in my own cotton bag rather than in separate plastic ones - I wonder what they will say!


We use public transport whenever possible rather than use the car - but this is not specific to February.  I spotted this bus in Salisbury last summer.


 I have planted some peas in an attempt to get some pea sprouts to add to winter salads - I am trying not to buy salad stuff which comes from warmer climes or has been grown in heated polytunnels and so am left with the odd dandelion leaf from the garden, various herbs, celery and hopefully pea shoots in due course.  To date there is nothing to see - not sure how long they take to germinate.
The sweet peas I planted are coming along well and I will soon have to thin out the mixed salad leaves.


I have to admit that I haven't felt like being creative this month what with feeling so under the weather - will try and produce something for next time!


Something I discovered - I think it was whilst reading Country Living magazine in the library - was that this lovely bowl given to my mother by her uncle back in the 1950s is something called Mocha ware.  Not of any great value but interesting to know - it sits on a shelf in the kitchen and I use it to hold bits of paper with notes for places we hear about that sound interesting so that when we find ourselves with a free day and wonder where we might go we have some ideas to choose from.  I believe it to be about 150 years old.


The flowers along the roadsides enhance a walk into town - or they will once I am feeling 100% again and doing more walks that way - I did the return from town on foot earlier this week and was absolutely exhausted when I got home - this virus has certainly knocked the stuffing out of me!


I haven't enjoyed much these past couple of weeks feeling whilst I have felt so miserable but the bright sunny day on Saturday when we went to Weymouth was enjoyable - see previous post.

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  1. I do hope you feel much better soon. Every day with some sunshine helps, doesn't it?
    You've reminded me - I must do something about sweet peas.

  2. Hope you get well soon but even feeling rough you have achieved quite a bit.

  3. Poor you, nothing like a virus to knock you off the feet. Take lots of restful moments, time to admire the Spring flowers at last appearing.

  4. You are achieving quite a bit Jane!
    I love the idea of putting future trips out in your mother's lovely bowl and then picking one out!!! :)
    V c

  5. I too hope you recover well. (I had something similar earlier this week and walking to and from the village left me in a heap!)
    The bowl is lovely, so pretty yet practical looking.
    I hope your pea sprouts are good and tasty!

  6. I am sorry to hear you have been under the weather this month, I hope you are restored to full health soon.

    Your yogurt looks great! I need to get some seed potatoes soon but not yet, we cannot grow earlies up here it is too cold ;)

  7. You seem to have achieved such a lot nevertheless and all those emerging shoots and sprouts are so optimistic. Feel better soon!

  8. That virus is a strong one this year. I've heard of many who were knocked flat with it. Your slow living practices look lovely. I hope you have fresh sprouts soon (and lots more energy) Love those bright spring flowers.

  9. I hope you will feel better soon Jane and be rid of the rotten virus. Home made yoghurt is delicious - I must start making my own again. x

  10. Oh those beautiful spring flowers, and that sea. Wonderful. Sorry you've been feeling so rough, I do hope you are full recovered soon. I like to make my own yoghurt in a flask in a very similar way. I love how easy it is to do. I hope you have a good Sunday. CJ xx

  11. I love seeing those daffodils on the roadside every year via your blog. Absolutely love them. Take it easy Jane, I keep hearing about these awful viruses at the moment and hope you get well soon.

  12. Ah a lady after my own heart.., we too make our own yogurt and at the side in my kitchen are some potatoes chitting.. we are just about dried out here.. but still too early to do anything major in the garden, so I tidied up the patio! Hope you feel a lot better soon, spring I here with all the daffodils flowering, bright and yellow in the mass of old stems of last years flowers.

  13. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling so well, I do hope you're fully well really soon. I think this long, damp winter is pulling everyone down a bit one way or another. I'm a winter lover, but after this years non-event - all water/no real cold - I'm really looking forward to spring. And all those daffs there tell me it's coming :)

  14. sorry to hear you've been poorly, hope you're on the mend. The yoghurt looks delicious, I'll have to try making some.. Love Carol x

  15. Sorry to hear you've been ill. hope you are feeling much better soon. Must be all the damp air that's around . you still have managed to achieve lots though!

  16. What a great way to slow down this crazy life a little! Its awful when you feel so unwell the creative urge sneaks away...hope it comes back as spring gets under way....fingers crossed!

  17. sorry that you are still not feeling completely right but nevertheless you seemed to have been quite busy!!! the weather has been lovely this week and it's so nice to see all the spring flowers - i bought some wildflower mix from home bargains last week to be sown in april - can't wait!!!! hope you get better soon xx

  18. Hope you are on the mend and feeling a bit better. Pea shoots in salads sound delicious, Your picture of Weymouth looks glorious, what a lovely place! Rest well and keep comfy. x

  19. What a great list ... you have achieved a lot considering!
    So sorry to hear you having been so unwell and I hope you are back up to full speed very soon.
    M x

  20. Hope you are feeling a bit better by now - I have been very lucky and avoided everything so far this winter.
    The yoghurt looks quite simple to do I might have a go myself. That spoon in the picture is a treasure - I am sure my gran had a similar one.

  21. I do hope you're truly on the mend Jane, but what an inspiring post. You have certainly shown what a difference just a little awareness and action can enhance our daily lives. It is so easy to go from day to day and feel negative, but you are emitting a warm glow.

  22. I hope you feel better soon! Loved the story of the bowl, I get the biggest kick out of coming home with something I just like and then finding out it is a 'collectible'! I think you got an awful lot done for being sick. You must not make being sick an excuse to lay about and read all day!


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