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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Daffodils - Wordsworth eat your heart out!

 Like London buses first no posts and then three come along all at once!

Beside the lake beneath the trees.....

  Fluttering and dancing in the breeze....

 Well actually no - these were alongside a busy main road!

As was this carpet of beautiful crocus/es (what is the plural of crocus?)

Traffic rushing by just a few yards away.

And even in the town centre at the bus stop the daffodils were blooming!  No need to travel to the Lake District to see flowers in bloom eh?!!


  1. Crocii?
    I love to see carpets of Spring flowers, and at alst they are beginning to bloom.

  2. Those daffs are lovely! I was surprised in February, when I drove a friend to Yeovil hospital and there were daffodils in full bloom, in borders around the car park. I have not seen any others opening that early.

  3. I would say crocii too. You would be better off admiring your own there a few out up here only in the lower sheltered areas. The ones in our garden have yet to poke through the soil at all!

  4. This is the second blog post in a row that I have read about daffodils, it's most definitely their time to shine! :)

  5. Beautiful Spring flowers.

  6. Daffodils are like cheerleaders for spring!

  7. Won't be going to the Lakes to see daffs, but deepest Somerset by the look of it! Nothing to see here yet, it's all really late this year. Yours will be over while ours will be still thinking about it!


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