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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Greetings to you all

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and perhaps even more importantly I wish the whole world Peace in these difficult times.

One of my favourite books as a child was Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas by Alison Uttley with as always lovely illustrations by Margaret Tempest mine is a 1946 edition which I have had for more than 60 years.

This illustrationt shows the Christmas tree provided by the generous Moldy Warp who had decorated a pine tree in the wood for all the animals.

On every branch of the little fir-tree candles wavered their tongues of flame.  Little red and gold fruits hung from the tips of the boughs.  On the ground under the branches were bowls of hazel nuts, round loaves of barley bread, piles of wheaten cakes, small sacks of corn and platters of berries ......... Icicles and hailstones shone like diamonds among the branches ......  and chains of frozen water drops swung to and fro reflecting the candle light.  Through the tip top of this wonderful tree gleamed the Christmas Star.

Across the snowy fields padded little dark creatures, all filled with curiosity to see the glowing lights in the tree.  Some were thin, and some were lame, and many were poor for it had been a hard winter..........."Help yourselves," cried Mole waving his short arms, "it is Christmas.  Eat and drink and warm yourselves.  Take away as much as you want for your store rooms."  Then every little creature ate the good food, and drank the sweet honeyed ale and carried away little bags and baskets of meal and cakes and corn.  The birds filled their knapsacks, the squirrels tilled their pockets.  When they had finished there was nothing left except the glowing candles which the wind could not extinguish.

Does this little excerpt remind you of anything more recent?

The boiler work is finished we are warm and have hot water now - I realise just how lucky we are!  There are primroses in the garden and as I type the sun is shining - all's well in my little world.


  1. Lovely! I used to love those books too. Happy Christmas to you and yours xx

  2. What a lovely excerpt, reminding us all to be generous in the face of suffering.
    Merry Christmas, Jane, may your celebration be bright.

  3. I have the same edition, though it is years since I looked at it. I loved the stories as a child.

  4. Such a lovely little image!
    Happy Christmas Jane,
    V x

  5. Very happy Christmas from yet another Little Grey Rabbit enthusiast.

  6. it reminds me of all the homeless refugees....thankyou for your wishes of goodwill...p.s yes that is our little house in the country. xo

  7. I loved this book too, Jane. Hope you've had a lovely day.

  8. I loved this book.I have a copy of Little Grey Rabbit makes Lace which got me into lacemaking.Have a great Xmas.

  9. I didn't know about these books until the 1980s and have still never read one. Thank you for the excerpt and I hope you enjoyed your Christmas.

  10. Sounds good. Merry Christmas Jane and Dave and the Traveller !


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