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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Green shelf

Just a quick post - I can hear the water running in the guest shower-room so our friends will be surfacing soon!

Thought you might like to see my little shelf. I had seen such shelves in various books and magazines and wanted one for a narrow wall alongside the back door in my kitchen but couldn't find anything to fit. Found the pine shelf in a charity shop for £2.50 and brought it home and got D to cut it to length and make the bar along the bottom for me..

I then painted it Tapestry Green and distressed it a little and waited to find some old hooks to put on the bottom.

Couldn't find anything at all suitable so got the idea of using doweling which D cut and fitted and I painted and distressed again - am really pleased with the finished effect and it fits perfectly.
The pleasure I get from something made do and mended is far greater than if I had been able to buy something ready made and I keep looking at it and enjoying having it on my wall. What do you think?
Hope you all have a good weekend and to those in UK hope the Bank Holiday surprises us with some good weather for a change!


  1. Oh Jane, I am SO with you, with this littel probject. I love make do. I love garage sales here, & the wonderful finds out there. I got some good things today, & just wish I had a handy man at my disposal... still I guess we cant have it all!

  2. I usually don't like distressed finish on furniture but I must confess you did a great job restoring and customizing this shelf.

    I wish you a sunny weekend! Please send rain to Spain, it's too hot here. ;-)

  3. I love the little shelf and the paint affect suits it perfectly. You did a wonderful job creating a new life for this little beauty.

  4. Such a pretty shelf - well done on a real make do and mend - it's delightful

  5. Very nice little shelf!

    Anna x

  6. Lovely Shelf, I have a few shelves like it but they're blue, never thought of putting piece of wood at the bottom to hang things off :) I love to make do! heh
    the weather has been on and off rain I'm afraid, what is the weather like there?
    Lucy x

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  8. That is really lovely - I love the paint colour. I acquired a plate rack from the tip once - it is so satisfying to rescue things, isn't it?

    Pomona x

  9. Thank you Jane for taking the time out of your busy weekend to leave a comment at mine.

    You have done a great makeover on your little green shelf - I love the distressed look!

    Enjoy the weekend with your friends.

    Jeanne x

  10. Your shelf is really pretty.

  11. Thankyou for teh recent post on my blog :)
    The patchwork is going to be a wall hanging, and im not really sure aboput how much i will sell the sheep for possibly £2-£3 (they take a long time to make ) hehe
    Lucy xx

  12. What a lovely shelf you ended up with! These things are always so much more satisfying when you a) made it yourself and b) know it cost very little except time and creative energy!

  13. This is a great way to refresh your space! The colour goes so well with the flowers!


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