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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Time out

Yesterday we took our visitors to Wookey Hole where they wanted to visit a circus school performance and where there is also a circus museum. Not being interested in such things we dropped them off and went on to Wells a couple of miles away where we spent an enjoyable few hours on our own before going back to pick them up. Both couples had enjoyed their time out and had some precious time alone.
I don't know whether it is because - unlike many of you fellow bloggers who have been enjoying sunshine and high temperatures - we have had such a cool wet summer but the hanging baskets and floral displays in our neck of the woods are magnificent this year.

Not all the smaller shops were open yesterday being a Bank Holiday but we did have a look in some and also in the windows.

Saw this little chap in one shop window - I do so hope he is eventually reunited with is young owner - he looks a well loved little bear doesn't he?

I saw this little pillow in one shop and although I didn't buy it I loved the sentiment is portrayed and had to have a photo of it!

I will definitely be going back to have a look in this shop which was closed yesterday - looks like my cup of tea!

Today is to be a domestic day and our visitors want to do some washing and we'll have a local potter round. Glad to say the sunshine has put in an appearance though I am not sure if it will still be shining when they surface!


  1. a) I like it when you don't have to spend aaaall the time with your visitors or with people you're having a holiday with.
    b)When you go to that shop, give me a ring; I'd love to come with you :)
    c) I loooove England! All this rain makes nature unbelievably beautiful. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Thank you for the recent post on my blog :)
    The patchwork is going to be a wall hanging, and im not really sure about how much i will sell the sheep for possibly £2-£3 (they take a long time to make ) hehe. The weather has been abit disappointing but all the flowers and plants will flourish!! hope you are getting some time alone with these guests about :)
    Lucy xx

  3. Looks like you are having a lovely time with your visitors. The hanging baskets are glorious!

    Maybe the sun will come out for you today...

    Jeanne x

  4. I love those towns with so many flowers! Beatiful!

  5. Thank you for sharing the photos of your "Time Out" day, the buildings are amazing and the flower baskets are gorgeous. I am glad I am not the only person, who after a few days of house guests feels the need for a bit of a break! As much as having company can be fun, it's abit like working 24 hours a day. :-)

  6. Those wonderful pots hanging about take my breath away! I have often tried to have some, but they never seem very brown thumbs I guess. Our local council had beautiful baskets & lovely small street gardens, but they have stopped having them. Not sure why, cost I suppose.

  7. I will gladly exchange my sunshine & high temperatures for your wet green lovely England! Beautiful photos. :-)


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