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Friday, 27 August 2010


A bit of a mixed bag for you today!

DAY OUT - On Thursday I went to Basingstoke where I met up with a couple of my Surrey friends - we all worked together at Guildford College back in the dark ages - and the chosen rendez vous was Milestones Museum of Everyday Life. An excellent choice in view of the weather since it is all under cover. Took us back I can tell you although none of us is old enough to remember penny farthing bikes as shown in the bike shop there!

It was good to catch up with old friends and we did enjoy our reminiscences. It also served as research for my memoirs as it reminded me of so many things I want to include in my writing!

MORE BOUNTY - NOT FREE THIS TIME: Not content with apples I bought these yesterday and was busy preparing them for the freezer as well as the remaining apples from Wednesday. I think word must have got round the local wasp community too since I did them under constant barrage from wasps!!

SOMERZEST - YEOVIL: Friday evening we went to Somerzest a free craft and food exhibition at the Octogon here in Yeovil - the evening was fine and there was music and a hog roast - well actually it was buns with roast pork inside not actually a BBQ or anything! The crafts on offer were varied and beautiful - thought of you Lesley as one lady did the most beautiful nuno felt. I didn't like to try and take any pics though. I came away with this bag of bits of semi felted merino scraps, not sure what I will do with them any ideas? It was the colours that did it!! And we bought a piece of cheese so last of the big spenders us!

RECIPE for those who requested the recipe for the apple cake here it is:

Let me know if you can't read it and I'll type it out for you Helsie!

This is the book it came from - another oldie although this one is only from 70s so a relative newbie!!

BADGERS: Fot those of you who said you wished you had badgers visiting your gardens - here is why we don't really welcome them. Last night they did this...

...and the night before they exposed all the roots of this rosa rugosa on our boundary fence which we have now filled in again. With acres and acres of woodland between us and their set they still think the grass is greener this side of the fence! Bit like us I guess!

AUTUMN MORNING: Yesterday morning when I got up this was my view from the bedroom - lovely autumn sunrise....
.. .... and from the kitchen - lovely isn't it?
Nobody ever says Yeovil why how wonderfull it's such a lovely town and yet.....

I happened to look up as we went into town to the Farmers Market yesterday morning and thought if we were abroad we'd be taking photos of this sort of thing and saying how lovely the towns are.....

when we have it all here on our own doorsteps if only we take the time to look! Just look at that sky too!

SWEET PEAS: I DON'T think we shall get many more sweet peas - to think that we didn't have any when I posted here but we have since had a small posy every other day for what seems like weeks. Their stunning colours and amazing scent made them worth the wait.

PS I notice that this post is dated Friday 27th which was when I started it but it was acutally finished and posted on Sunday 29th - not that it matters of course but in case you wonder how I knew what I did on Saturday on Friday if you see what I mean?!


  1. Try feeding the badgers - dog biscuits, peanuts, a bit of brown bread and honey. They appreciate it and it might stop them excavating for worms. Trouble is, once you start this you have to keep it up!

  2. Jane,
    What a wonderful miscellany. I think you've had a busy week! You could needlefelt with the pieces of wool or card them and start again - probably not the best of suggestions. Let me know what you decide to do. We're finally picking plums off of our tree but in our haste to get there before the wasps we just guzzle them straight down. Our figs have also ripened but as neither of us likes them the wasps are making a meal of them instead.... and don't get me started on the subject of badgers...... hope you're enjoying the Bank Holiday! Lesley x

  3. Hi Jane
    Busy weekend! I love your pictures of Yeovil. We have been pleasantly surprised by the weather this weekend. Apart from a couple of teeming showers, it's been bright and sunny, though very windy today.
    Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday!

  4. Wow, that is a busy week! I understand the badger problem, I can imagine them being a pain when you're trying to grow nice things. Apparently they are especially partial to sweetcorn!
    What are you going to make with the felt scraps? I haven't done too much felting recently, although I have made a present for my mum's birthday, but can't blog about that until her birthday! :) x

  5. You've been busy! My friend has badgers in her garden but I just have frogs! I'm sure there's lots you can do with those felt scraps, I've just ordered an embellishing machine so my mind is buzzing in that direction at the moment, but whatever you do with them, have fun.


  6. what a great post Jane. You have been busy. I love the sweet peas, when I grew them I couldn't have them indoors as they made me sneeze so much - and what's the point of sweet peas if you can't smell them.

  7. Our Sweet Peas have been and gone now........ Gosh, but the badgers are destructive aren't they? Have only ever had one here, it was on our drive and looked rather threadbare and worse for wear.....

  8. My sweet peas didn't have any flowers :-( I would imagine it is far too late for them now.

    I can imagine the damage the badgers do and what a nuisance it is.

    Isn't it great when you start to notice what is around you and often on your own doorstep.

    Have a lovely week, it is gorgeous this morning! :-)

  9. Your visit out with friends looks very interesting, especially the craft and food exhibition. I picked some blackberries a few days ago and baked them into a sponge cake. I like autumn especially when you can collect fruit etc!
    Lucy xxxx

  10. A wonderful mixed bag of weekend events - we are just getting started on the bottling and freezing.

    take care,

    Nina xx

  11. I do so enjoy reading your posts. They make me smile, and are a treat on a grey day.

  12. I thought those were sweet peas... the only ones I have ever grown had virtually no scent, and I keep hearing how wonderful they smell. I must not purchase the correct type of seeds... maybe next year. Seeing your Autumn photos makes me sad to think of old man winter just around the corner.


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