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Monday, 27 December 2010


We woke this morning to a steady drip, drip sound and the birds were singing in the woods too. Well they might - sing the birds I mean - as the temperature hadn't dropped below freezing all night and today it is almost balmy here compared with recent days! I had a potter round the garden after feeding the birds and noticed these little bulbs beginning to shoot - I don't know why they aren't in the ground properly but nevertheless they seem determined to bloom and it won't be long before we have some snowdrops.

There are big fat buds on the climbing hydrangea against the wall too.

And see all these primrose plants ready for some sunshine and they too will flower - isn't nature wonderful?

PS Yesterday's drip drip turned to a downpour last night and this morning the snow has all but disappeared from our garden - can't tell you how good it is to look out onto greenery again! Never thought I would miss green and wet so much but then I am English!!


  1. It is dripping here too, I was reading today how lots of British native species had thrived after this year's proper seasons - cold winter, warm spring, wet summer, and mild (if short)autumn - lets us hope the pattern repeats itself, although a better summer wouldn't go amiss! Love the bulbs, they always stir my heart strings.

  2. Definitely time for some bulb action, and a bit of mild weather too please. It is a much better temperature here but windy. So looking forward to Spring.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas x

  3. Its melting and dripping here too.....!
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Melting here as well...not before time! It was so cold here Christmas night and so very icy as well. I've noticed a few buds in the garden as well, it is fantastic, so exciting. Just need a bit of blue sky as well.

  5. Dripping and melting here too! Sad to see it go in some ways...but a tad fed up of being sooooo cold all the time! Lizzie x

  6. Lovely optimistic garden photos Jane. It's such a delight when the first tiny tips of bulbs emerge from the frosty ground. The snow has been lovely though!


  7. It's the first time it's been above 0 degrees C for weeks here in Lancashire. I think it will be a while before the plants wake up, we still have snow on the ground.


  8. It feels like spring is coming and it's only December!

  9. I'm amazed at the way the plants survive the snow. Even a light frost kills off most of our plants but I think it has something to do with the heat of the sun that burns off the frost.

    Look at you all talking Spring when there is so much more of Winter to come. I guess it's the light at the end of the tunnel for you.

    Here we know that we have the worst of Summer to come although the rain continues to fall and the flood waters are on the rise everywhere.

  10. I don't think I've ever been so glad to see rain!! It has washed the snow all away and it's great to be in plus temperatures again!
    The buds and bulbs are a joy to see. :)
    Vivienne x

  11. Our snow is still too deep to see much of shooting bulbs but we have had much drip, drip, dripping here too. Maybe I can soon get out and start musing about spring!

  12. That is absolutely amazing! I can't believe that your winters are that mild... I suppose so, though. We won't even begin to entertain thoughts of spring until March or April and won't see any greenery before April at least. At this point, we're settleing in for a long winter's nap. You lucky duck!

  13. When we are in the throes of winter here, I too look eagerly to new life happening in the garden. I have some hydrangeous flowering at the moment, they are completely white and with some white agapanthus, they might make a nice display.
    Stay warm,
    Anne xx

  14. Well and truly thawed out here Jane. It's back to a typical Welsh winter - damp and wet! I went around taking some photos at the weekend during the tail end of the snow and noticed how far advanced our climbing hydrangea was as well. Give it a couple of weeks and we'll be celebrating snowdrops and hellebores! Good old Mother Nature. Nobody does it better.Lesley x

  15. Lots of rain here since yesterday morning, but snow still stubbornly sticking in the garden - the ground must have been very frozen, in fact daughter went home on Boxing Day to find water completely frozen from outside main.
    Let's all hope the snow now keeps away and we can catch up with shopping etc.
    It all looks a bit grubby outside now though.

  16. Yes, suddenly the snow has gone here too! And some green bulbs are growing! I can't believe the violas I planted outside before the freezing temperatures came are still alive but they are - how do they do it?!
    Enjoy your signs of spring and have a good week. Helen x

  17. Hello Jane, Glad to see that your garden is beginning to warm up a little.
    Very best wishes for 2011 - thank you so much for always visiting my blog. Your needle case has been used quite a lot recently, sewing on buttons etc!!! I love it!
    Lucy xxxxxxx

  18. It's drip drip dripping here too! A lot of the snow has gone, not quite everything and it has been above freezing for the last couple of nights. I wonder how my garlic is doing in the veg patch. It's so nice to see all the shoots and buds appearing!
    Have a great week, best wishes for 2011! :) x

  19. Glad to hear it! We've had no snow but loads of frost, and we noticed it was warmer today too (kubb in the garden without an extra fleece, this afternoon!) Thanks for your lovely comment recently - it's true, I do look a lot like my dad.

  20. It's dripping here too but only because we have had 650mm (25 1/2 inches) of rain here since 1st December.
    Interesting photos of the bulbs and buds, I'm always amazed at how resilient plants are in such adverse weather conditions.

  21. Positively tropical compared to what we have had in previous weeks. The seed catalogues have been plopping onto the doormat..... always brings hope........ Happy New Year!

  22. Fabulous to think Spring is around the corner! I can't wait to see my daffodils again this year. :-)

  23. Such positive signs and without hope.....well you know.

    Happy New Year to you too and the warmest of wishes for 2011.

    Nina xxx

  24. From Sepia to full winter colour.. thank goodness for a warm break... the chickens are much happier to have a return to normality! ;D

    happy new year to you and wishing you and yours a fabulous 2011 full of love laughter and luck..x

  25. I have crocus peeping through the melting snow - wonderful! Happy New Year!


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