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Saturday, 28 May 2011


Blogger will not let me sign out of my own blog so I can sign in to Postman's Knock so I can't post on that blog. So for the moment I will put my new postcard on here instead. I will try again later - I have not had any bother with doing it until this time but Blogger has been playing up lately so it must be something to do with that though why some of us can post and others can't I don't know!

Anyway here is my Coast/Seaside card number 5 which arrived from Jane (all these Janes it's confusing isn't it?!). The envelope was made from some paper with pictures of Blackpool Illuminations and I couldn't wait to open it and see what she had made for me.

I certainly wasn't disappointed when I discovered this lovely card inside which is a picture of a park in Richmond Yorkshire which is where Jane comes from apparently (Richmond not the park I mean!) and she has added cut outs of a seaside nature. As she says she imagined the seaside coming to Richmond - such a novel idea don't you think?

Thank you so much Jane


  1. Lovely to see an original postcard altered in this way. Great interpretation of your theme.

  2. Love the card its so different! Wish I could do thngs like that.

    Welcome to the club re-Blogger! I lost my blog for nigh on two weeks, and I am unable to leave comments on some blogs at
    the moment too. I seem to be able to if it is not blogger or if it is blog I can leave
    comments that are checked by the blog owner.
    You don't miss something until you haven't got it anymore!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. A lovely card to receive and what a lively interpretation of your theme. Let's hope Blogger settles down soon....

    Thank you for the gorgeous card you made for me. I have posted it on both blogs. (That's not rubbing it in, I fear it is only a matter of time till the blogger "pox" catches up with me! ;O))

  4. Great card from Jane, love the helter-skelter. I'm fighting the Blogger bug but I don't know if I'm winning as i haven't got my card yet though mine got to Penny OK.

  5. It's a really pretty card - what fun to receive! And I saw your tea card just now - absolutely lovely - you are clever!

    Pomona x

  6. Brilliantly done - love the idea of bringing the seaside to your home town.

  7. That is clever!
    Regarding Blogger, if you change browser to Firefox 4, it seems not to have any problems whereas it does if using Google Chrome.

  8. What an unusual and attractive card.
    I'm having problems with blogger at the moment too.

  9. Try unclicking the "stay signed in" box on your Google sign in page, that worked for me :-D

  10. Hello. Glad you liked the card. In fact I got quite excited about altering postcards after I did this first one, and have done a few more, each stranger than the last, so I may put them up on my blog later. I hate all these problems with Blogger.

  11. That is such a great idea, I love all the details that have been added.
    I've been finding with blogger, if it says I have to sign in or won't let me comment because I have to sign in. I ignore it, close it, and try again, and so far it's worked every time, fingers crossed that I haven't now jinxed myself.

  12. lovely card and envelope, blogger is being very difficult to get along with, i am having the same problem, cant post on forms embedded, and i cant change my settings, blah!

  13. fixed it , its a pop up now, i just had to persevere, and not swear too much!

  14. Jane,
    This is a favourite for me.I love the thinking behind Jane's card and the way she has executed it. You really do have a wide range of cards don't you? I shall have to get my thinking cap on for yours soon. Yikes! Lesley

  15. Yes a brilliant idea and beautifully done

  16. A very imaginitive postcard and handmade envelope too!

  17. It's a very beautiful card! I like her idea!
    Hope you're keeping well.
    I've been meaning to e-mail you; I'll do it one of these days.
    Take Care!


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