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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Welsh weekend

I wonder if you can guess where I went last weekend? The language on this rather eclectic group of signs might give you a clue! I had a lovely few days with my friend in West Wales. At least we had something to read whilst we waited for the red light to turn green!

My friend's garden was looking very lush and green...

After a welcome cup of tea we did a tour of the "estate" to see what had changed since my last visit - the banks and hedgerows forming their boundary were still carpeted with bluebells.....

The sheep in the neighbouring field were baa-ing and the birds singing - bliss!

As always a little posy awaited me in the bedroom - a tiny weeny little room with a sloping ceiling whose window sill is about 6 inches from the floor. Boy did I sleep well in there! (Apart from one morning when the cuckoo decided to wake up everyone at 5.00 am!)

On Friday we set of to visit a National Trust property and passed through a little town whose name I forget but this was the view.

Here is where we were headed. W
e were lucky in that although we had rain that day we seemed to be either in the house or in the coffee shop when it rained and wandering the grounds when it wasn't!

Pretty isn't it?

Like Cathy here I loved the kitchen - I know my place too Cathy and this reminded me of my growing up years below stairs whilst my mother worked in kitchens not unlike this one.

This Egg box took me back - anyone else remember these?! There was also a tin of Waterglass and a bucket ready to preserve the eggs for the winter months which I well remember from childhood. I am not sure I like the fact that so often these days the things in "museums" are things I remember but I guess age comes to us all eventually.

Even this wonderful old tree in the walled garden has aged and I bet it could tell some stories. I wonder if it has any fruit these days.

I returned from my few days of Welsh magic refreshed and revitalised as always (apart from the hour and a half it took me to get round Carmarthen due to road works!)


  1. A very lovely weekend, great gardens and a wonderful kitchen! Glad you had a nice and restful time.

  2. Sitting here in Denmark this is the kind of places I about to visit! So much countryside in all it's glory, magical indeed!

    Anna x

  3. What a lovely visit to Wales through your photographs. I think that little town is Aberaeron, and is has a four-seater hand-cranked cable car crossing the harbour. Or it used to ....I hope it still has.

  4. It looks as though you had a wonderful weekend! That windowsill has me intrigued about the rest of the house! It looks so special! Cx

  5. You obviously had a lovely time in Wales - and what a wonderful old kitchen!

    Pomona x

  6. Jane,
    You came earlier than I thought you would. It would have been lovely to see you but we'll have that tea and cake somewhere else this summer hopefully? I'm off to Bath for two days so will e mail on my return. Glad you had a lovely weekend... and that little town was Aberaeron!Lesley x

  7. What a lovely garden and perfect window with the thick stone walls and pretty posy. I love the NT kitchen too, the meat safe looks horribly familiar!

  8. My eye caught the meat safe too......... My granny used to have one out in the garden in the shade! What a wonderful kitchen.....
    I love the sound of the room you stayed in at your friends' house.

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely time in Wales. We will be heading into Wales to visit rellies on Saturday. Enjoyed meeting my other blogging friend on Sunday and very pleased to have better internet connection at the moment so trying to do a little catching up.

  10. That sounds like you've had a fabulous trip. Thank you for my postcard which arrived safely. It's beautiful!

  11. How lovely to stay with your friend who put out a little posy for you. No one has ever done that for me! You made me laugh when you said that you remember things that are in museums now! I don't remember the egg box but it does look practical and recycable too.

  12. Lovely to see you back Jane.

    We have been visiting a few NT properties in the past few weeks, this lovely weather is perfect for getting out and about. I love the way the NT have opened up their properties more so you can wonder around at will. We even sat on a glorious sofa in Melford Hall at the weekend!

    Love your friend's window with the little posy - such a thoughtful touch.


  13. All those signs by the roadwork traffic lights!! Is that a 'mounting block' set of stairs in the photo before the first kitchen picture? The mossy old tree is lovely, too. The kind of thing you could sit and paint (if it wasn't raining!)


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