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Tuesday, 14 June 2011


As promised some photos of our visit last Friday to Hestercombe.  Our visit to Forde Abbey last year with the same friends on a beautiful sunny June day was always going to be a hard act to follow and the fact that Friday was showery in the morning and downright wet in the afternoon made this visit less interesting than it might otherwise have been but nothing daunted - we are after all English and don't let a bit of rain put us off - we set off to walk the woodland walk...

It wasn't raining all the time as you can see here....

...but here we had to stand beneath a tree for a while watching the raindrops bouncing off the lake!

Those wealthy landowners really knew where to build their houses didn't they?  What a view this would be on a sunny day.

Clouds rolling in now and we made haste across this field to the shelter of the cafe!  Good lunch of soup and home made bread and we were ready to see the formal gardens - this time it wasn't showers but continuous rain!

You can see how dry it had been though by the brown grass.  Sadly many of the plants were past their best and sodden in the rain so it wouldn't be fair to judge the garden on this one visit.

 This was very pretty and I imagine in better weather the rest of the garden would appear more exciting too.

I loved these steps with their little decoration of ferns - but you can see how wet it was can't you?

Last but by no means least a big THANK YOU for all your kind wishes for Thomas - he was signed off at the vet's yesterday and though he will continue to need plenty of TLC and a bit more fattening up he had his first outing yesterday afternoon and seemed to enjoy a little potter in the sunshine - he is an old lad now being 15+ years old - so it will take a while to get him back to normal I dare say.

Hopefully his fur will not take too long to grow back and already has a velvety feel!


  1. Do you know we live 45 minutes from there and have never been, so I go sometime!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. It looks like it was a lovely place to visit, even in the rain.
    Violet and I are sending Thomas our get well wishes. You must have been so worried about him.

  3. My favourite was the rain bouncing off the water.
    Get well soon Thomas.

  4. It looks lovely, even in the rain! You'll have to go back in the sunshine sometime. So glad Thomas is recovering - he looks a mighty fine lad!

  5. Don't know how I missed your previous post about poor ole Thomas, I swear they disappear sometimes. However I am so glad he is picking up - I am sure all the extra TLC is helping although I am confident he never goes without a lot anyway. What a contrast between your photographs in the previous post and this one, but i guess that is an English summer for you. Today has been glorious, but I believe it is downhill for the rest of the week. The gardens look beautiful despite the rain.
    Give Thomas an extra tickle from me and Marv and I hope he continues to do well.

  6. Glad Thomas is on the mend. Hestercombe looks like a great place to visit - even in the rain!

  7. So glad Thomas is on the mend!
    Shame about the weather for your outing, just listened to the weather forecast and it sounds like more is on the way!

  8. Glad he is better - it looks like a lovely day out, too, if not quite perfect on the weather front.

    Pomona x

  9. Looks like a great place for a visit, whatever the weather! I honestly thought I'd left a comment about Thomas - glad he's home and on the mend, these little furry creatures hold a place in our hearts and worry us so..Speedy recovery Thomas xx

  10. Hi Jane,

    What a beautiful place to visit, even in the rain. I love the tinges of blue in one of the photographs.....really stood out.

    I am sure you will give Thomas all the tlc he will need.....such a lovely old chap.

  11. Oh, just look at his little bald patches.....! Glad Thomas is up and about and outside.
    Hestercombe looks like it is certainly worth a visit.

  12. So glad to hear that Thomas is on the mend. I had a Thomas as well, many years ago now and he was black and white and looked very similar to your Thomas.

  13. Shame about the weather but at least you were able to take that superb photograph of the clouds rolling in across the fields - very dramatic!

    Good news about sweet Thomas, who is looking very cute with his velvet patches. I hope he continues to recover and gain weight.


  14. Oh that does look a lovely spot to visit.... but look at the dry grass. Reminds me of here though we have green grass at the moment. Lovely garden though and a nice walk.
    glad Thomas is doing well

  15. Beautiful rain, and you can see that garden lapping it up. The brown grass is a sad sight at this time of year.
    Lovely photos as well as lovely rain.

  16. Looks lovely, despite the weather. I love walking round gardens, especially when everything's in full bloom.

  17. it still looks lovely, even in the rain, glad Thomas is on the mend, though i must have missed the post on him

  18. So pleased to hear Thomas is feeling a little better.
    Lovely photos as always Jane. even with the brown grass it still looks very pretty.

  19. Sending love and hugs to Thomas ....bless him!!


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