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Sunday, 7 August 2011

This and That

It's seems ages since I posted - don't know where the time goes!  I haven't been spending quite so much time on the computer so if I haven't commented on your posts I do apologise.  Yesterday I had this lovely card from Lesley as my last but one offering in the Postman's Knock swap.  Isn't it great?  See the swimsuits are hung against a background of a map of the Dorset coast just a few miles from us so very appropriate for me!


Not content with one card Lesley also sent me this one as it has a French feel which she thought suitable for me too - I love them both.  Check out more about these cards and many others on Postman's Knock.

Then I also received this package in the Buttons and Bows swap organised by Elizabeth at French Village Life  This lovely selection of goodies came from Sarah whose blog I have been unable to link to as I can't find it!!


 The past few weeks we have been going for a walk with some neighbours who know the area better than we do - this was last week's walk on Thursday when it was so hot so luckily much of it was in the shade.

Look at that sky - amazing blue isn't it? 

Our path took us alongside the fields and we stopped  for a welcome cup of tea and a slice of cake in East Coker Tearooms where some of the students from Lufton College for young people with Learning disabilities work - a welcome rest and beautifully served tea before we set off on our return.  Altogether we were out for about 4 hours!


On Monday afternoons I don my volunteer's hat and visit an elderly partially sighted lady in a residential home nearby.  We usually go out somewhere for a cup of tea and a chat and it is most enjoyable and I learn a lot from her so it is mutually beneficial.  Last week she mentioned having watched a film on BBC4 which she thought I would enjoy so when I saw the DVD in the library I got it and did indeed enjoy it.  If you haven't already seen it I can recommend it.  It's in French with English subtitles and is a lovely evocation of France back at the time of the First World War and tells the story of the artist Seraphine Louis of Senlis who is apparently highly thought of in the field of naive art - though neither of my French friends to whom I mentioned it had ever heard of her and neither I must admit had I!

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on the previous post - we could put together a book of our own with all our combined memories couldn't we?!  To those who asked what the title of the book I had used was it was this one - check out the link here to see inside!


  1. The postcards are always so cleverly made, I have seen some great ones here on your blog and on others too!
    The fields are looking great at the moment with all the ripening crops, that looks like a really lovely walk!
    Vivienne x

  2. It seems you have been pretty busy - and have received some lovely things in the post, too!

    Pomona x

  3. The postcards are all so well made, you are all very creative.

    I must get my hands on that book, what little I read on the Amazon site has me wanting to read more.

  4. You must learn all sorts of fascinating things from your lady, that must be a rewarding thing to do.

    Very lovely postcards!

  5. That swimming costume card is just lovely, in fact all your swop goodies look great. As does the weather you've been enjoying. I grew up not so far from your corner of the world and do miss it so it's really nice to share your walk photographs :D

  6. Thank you so much for joining in the swap!

  7. Love the postcards - especially the swimsuit one! Lovely photos of your walk, you seem to be having lovely weather down there. :) x

  8. Hi Jan,

    Love the cards, expecially the first one. How imaginative.

    Lovely walk, also. Aren't we lucky? I count my blessings everyday.

  9. I have to say that I agree that our generation has to count themselves lucky. Things are not looking so easy for those following us along the retirement road. What a beautiful walk and view, lovely photographs as always Jane.

  10. Oh I love the post cards Jane, especially the one with the bathing suits on them (togs to us !).
    Your walk looked lovely and so lucky it was in the shade but how hot was hot I wonder? Glad to see that the summer weather is treating you well. I know how disappointed everyone is when you have a rainy one. All those nice beaches down your way must be very busy.

  11. A lovely walk by the looks of it. I shall see if our library has the DVD, it looks like it might be a good one!

  12. I'm so jealous of your walks! So much greenery, so close to your home! Thanks for the photos!
    Love the postcatds, especially the one with the swimsuits.

  13. The neighbourhood walk sounds a lovely idea. What a good way to get to know the area and the neighbours.

  14. Nice post with lots of interesting things. I'll make a mental note to go to East Coker tea rooms next time I'm in the area. I like to spend time at places that enable people with difficulties to do useful work. There are farms which also operate in this way. And as you say, it's so often beautifully done.

  15. lovely walks around coker... and I must admit i don't really know many of them... thats awful isn't it!? :(

    its amazing how you take for granted the area you live in but don't seem to get around to really seeing it! lol

    Lovely cards... and thats not a film I have heard off... but I am now in the mood to watch Chocolat! lol


  16. Love those cards. Have never visited the East Coker Tearooms so will have to rectify that! M x

  17. I sure enjoyed your 'This and That'. What were those crops? I think the first may have been oats, but it looked a bit like wheat. Couldn't figure out the second crop.

    I've taken a look at the postcards on several blogs and the creativity never ceases to amaze me.

    What a lovely walk you took and I like how you ususally end up taking some refreshments and teaching us some history!

    That movie sounds wonderful, just up my alley. Hopefully, I can find it somewhere.

    Anxious to read your previous post to learn about life in the 50's and 60's in Britain. Have a wonderful week amd thanks for the clarification on my post!

  18. Have you seen the buttons article in September Homes and Antiques? It is making me so excitied as I wait for my buttons and bows swap...

  19. Always lovely to catch up with your blog. I have been away.. so just enjoying blogland! Lizzie x

  20. I loved our quiet, shaded walk, and visit with your elderly friend. I will try to find Seraphine.

    Love checking in on you. I've been away so much and haven't had time to visit or write...apologies!

    Sending a cool hug from the rainy coast of Maine.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  21. You have certainly been busy! It looks as though you have had some proper summer weather too. I have barely used the suncream since coming back from holiday.

  22. Your walks in the countryside look very peaceful! Hopefully My mum, Michael and I will get to do quite a few walks soon as we are going to Northumberland this weekend for a week!
    Lucy xxxxxx

  23. Love that swim costume card!! And I am tempted to visit Chesil Beach now too, have wanted to in a long while.Lovely to find your blog today. Annie


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