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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Olympic venue

Just in case you thought the Olympic Games were to be held only in London come with me on a walk we did yesterday round Portland Bay - the venue for the sailing events!  We haven't done any real walks since Easter for one reason or another and so as the weather forecast was set fair we decided to get back into things gently by doing the level walk we had planned when we went to Portland at the end of May see my post here and ran out of time.

We got the bus to Weymouth - parking is almost impossible just now and it is a pleasant ride and free to us oldies - and walked past the marina towards the start of the Rodwell Trail.  This level walk follows a disused railway track from Weymouth to Portland and seemed an ideal walk to get us gradually back to some sort of fitness. 

Our first stop was Westham Halt which as you can see is still in the built up area of Weymouth

 The route gradually became quite pretty as we progressed and once away from the first few yards which smelled of dogs(!) it became really pleasant walking and the air filled with the perfume of budleia, honeysuckle and privet (a scent which transports me back to childhood summers for some reason!) with plenty of sunshine and some shade too.

 The trail runs close to the sea and in places it is possible to catch a glimpse.

Half way along is Sandsfoot Castle where there is a ruined castle set in pretty gardens and most importantly a cafe for refreshements.  For more about the castle see the link.  As you can see it's been a while since any trains actually halted here!

 We wandered round the ruins and admired the scenery seen from the windows.

 Strolled round the gardens before visiting the cafe where we sat in the shade with our drinks for a while enjoying the views across the harbour to Portland and Chesil Beach.

 Refreshed by now we continued our walk - by now the sea was close to the path and visible all the time.

 Next week this bay will be busy with the sailing events of the Olympic Games.

 Having left Weymouth behind the coast becomes more rugged and natural - if you click on the photo you should be able to see a dog enjoying a swim ...

 ... and here a child happily playing on his own - Dad was just out of the shot and Mum sitting a few yards away enjoying five minutes peace!  We had now reached Ferrybridge and we got a bus back to Weymouth and walked along the front to the harbour.

 I was glad I didn't want to join the throng on the beach in the hot sunshine - there'll be a few sore backs and shoulders today I'm sure!

 Traditional Punch and Judy...

 Donkeys waiting in the shade for customers - these donkeys looked happy and well cared for and have won an award for best group given by the Donkey Sanctuary see here.

 This one preferred to leave the shade and get a bit of petting from the lad on the promenade!

We found a place to eat and sat with crab sandwiches and a cold drink overlooking the harbour which seemed extra busy with many boats going back and forth as we sat watching.

 So many of the boats moored along the harbour had flags (or do I mean pennants?) flying and it all looked very gay (can I say that now and mean what I mean?!) and jolly.

 Across Weymouth bay you can see a carving of a man on a horse said to be King George III who visited Weymouth often but nobody seems to know who did it!  See here: for more information.  We had enjoyed our walk although I am not sure as training it had had much effect since we'd mainly strolled but it was lovely to be out in the sunshine by the sea.  I hope the Olympians have the kind of weather they need for sailing and that it all goes off well - I think there are to be fireworks and lots of barbeques and the Opening Ceremony will be relayed on huge screens which were being erected on the beach - should be fun but I think we'll watch from our armchairs at home!!


  1. That is just the kind of walk that I should like, a gentle meander. I hope that the visitors won't cause too much congestion for you locals.

  2. Thanks for the lovely views of the sea - feeling a bit landlocked here!

  3. You picked a lovely day for a walk. I envy you being able to walk so far during a day out.
    It's been said somewhere that George is riding away from Weymouth. Hmmmmm.

  4. Thanks for sharing the sea breezes - hope to get a bit of one next week myself when I'm off to visit Dad on the IOW, I have my fingers crossed that the Olympics won't effect the traffic too badly!! As usual your photographs capture your walk beautifully, and what a treat, from shady trees to sunny beach.

  5. What stunning views, thank for sharing Jane! Just imagine how exciting it will be when the sailing event takes place!
    So glad the little donkeys are well cared for, not always the case I'm afraid!
    Vivienne x

  6. Lovely, I did enjoy that little stroll after my supper! Great photos, enjoy!

  7. What a lovely walk. I adore old ruins and the views from that castle are amazing :-)

  8. I could almost smell the fresh air from these photos. Looks like a great walk and I loved the sound of those crab sandwiches. It's been great to have the sun!

  9. Pretty walk and wonderful day!
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. Not a cloud in the sky! What great photos Jane. As Weymouth was the scene of many a childhood holiday for us I am always amazed by how little it has changed really. I hope it is a wonderful event there next week. Like you, I'll be in the armchair tomorrow night watching it all unfold but, on a big screen on the beach sounds good if the weather stays warm. I genuinely hope it is all a huge success for all concerned!

  11. hello marigold,
    thanks for the wonderful tour.I love each photos,they are a dream.
    have a nice sunny day,

  12. Lovely pictures of you wonderful walk, Jane. Such a perfect day, I loved the blue sea and sky and all the things you captured like the punch and judy and the donkeys in the shade. I would have enjoyed the walk too, it's a lovely place!
    Helen x

  13. Boats, boats beautiful boats. It's one thing I wish I could find the time to do - learn to sail a boat.

    Nina x

  14. Thank you for a BEAUTIFUL tour, Jane! I just love your country! All it looks fantastic! I wish I could be there too :o)
    Have a sweet time

  15. Beautiful day! Thanks for taking us along. I had lost your wonderful blog - so glad I found you again. Now I've got some catching up to do.

  16. It looks like beautiful weather, lots of blue sky.
    What a wonderful walk, and thank you for sharing it.

  17. That was a beautiful walk. I really enjoy your photography, and especially all the water views.

  18. So beautiful there, Jane. I think you've had lots of rain. Nearly 71% of our country is suffering from severe drought. I'm watching the Olympics and my husband and I are admiring all the lush greenery we see. I'm really enjoying seeing more of London than I've ever seen. During the bike race, I mostly paid attention to the shops, buildings and park along the route!


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