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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Singing in the rain and other things

I decided to walk into town this morning.  I could have got ready sooner and gone with Mr marigold who had an appointment at the doctor's in town or I could have got the bus but I wanted the exercise and also to test the weather resistance of my recently purchased pack away mac.

 You've seen this walk many times before but today I had it all to myself - wonder why?!  I did wish I had a camera, or maybe it is the photographic skills I lack, to take a photo of the patterns made by the raindrops in the puddles - the ever extending circles which ran into each other and were embellished by bubbles!  Made me think of a design for fabric perhaps.

This little culvert alongside the path is usually a silent trickle at the bottom of the ditch but today the sound of rushing water was alongside me and the churned up muddy water was very high as you can see.

Nobody on the swings today - no mothers chatting on the seats watching their little darlings on the slides.  The puddle in front of the gate was like a minature boating pond - any child would have loved it!  The ducks didn't mind the rain of course and seemed happy to be left in peace today!  I could also hear a bird busily singing in the trees above me although I didn't see him. 

I don't mind the rain providing I am not going to have to stay wet all day or even worse to be camping and be wet all night too (incidentally sister-in-law didn't get washed away at Weymouth over the weekend as they didn't get the same torrential rain as we did just 30 miles up the road so were able to take the walks they planned and to enjoy the scenery if not in full sunshine at least in the dry!).  If I didn't have somewhere warm and dry to come back to I might feel differently but as it is I love walking in the rain - and in the sun too of course.

I am pleased to say my mac did what it said on the label and was weather resistant, my feet in my walking boots (changed into those at the last minute and am I glad I did) remained dry, my mother's old brolly (better than my fold up one for this sort of rain) kept my hair dry and the only thing that got wet was my jeans - not a good idea to wear jeans walking in the wet as they just wick up the water from all the puddles. I met my husband at the library and we enjoyed a coffee in town and did a bit of shopping before coming home to change into dry clothes. 

For those of you who might be interested I have posted the recipe for nettle soup on a separate page top right of the blog and called recipes (as it would be wouldn't it?)!

I found the Snow Child on Book Depository for only £3.99 with free P+P anywhere in the world - I ordered a copy for the wanderer as she started it but didn't finish it whilst she was here and being a library book she couldn't take it with her.  So if you are interested in reading it but haven't come across it anywhere yet I can recommend The book Depository as I used it a lot when we lived in France. PS see Joanna's comment as apparently this isn't the best price!  I have a couple of other books to recommend too although I won't be reading out on the blue bench in the sunshine this afternoon I fear!  I'll post about them next time.

I am beginning to think perhaps I am a robot as the blogs which require the new style verification are driving me mad - sometimes I just give up after  the fourth attempt to read the letters and numbers.  Is it only me, am I a robot or do others of you find it really annoying?

I have been awarded a Leibster award by Rose at Second Hand Rose for which many thanks Rose.  I am supposed to pass it on to 11 other bloggers and also to tell you 11 things you might not know about me.  Apologies Rose but I will pass on this as I can't think of anything you might want to know about me that you don't already know nor can I pick 11 blogs above all others that I feel worthy of such an award.  I don't want to be a spoilsport - sorry!


  1. I agree with your comment about word verification. With one blog, I tried the one where you listen to something - that was even worse!!! I just keep pressing the "refresh" button until I find something I can make a reasonably intelligent guess at!

  2. Like the Fat Dormouse (love that!), I too have to keep refreshing until I find a word verification I can actually understand. We must all be robots!

    Good to hear you stayed dry in the rain - apart from your jeans (jeans such up water like blotting paper, don't they?!).

    I ordered Snow Child from Amazon, following your recommendation, and I'm only paying £2.99 with free p+p, ner ner de ner ner!! I know, how childish. I need to go and get my wellies on and jump in some puddles....... ;D

    Thanks for the nettle soup recipe!


  3. Word verification drives me mad too, specially if I'm commenting from my phone as computer is playing up. Just got v wet whilst I was out and now the sun's shining- typical .....

  4. I love walking in the rain. I'm thankful I invested in my new fancy wellies, which keep my feet toasty and dry. With our British weather I've really needed them this Summer. Plus, now I too can splash in all the puddles and wade through all the mud - why should Violet have all the fun!

  5. I love walking in the rain - when I'm in the mood for it, and dressed properly.

    I hate word verification - it's becoming more difficult all the time.

  6. I hate it too, but you can click on the "refresh" button and it will give you another one to try, which sometimes is easier than the first. I turned the dratted thing off on my blog. If you moderate comments, you don't need it.

    I enjoyed your photos, we had a double rainbow over the tor this afternoon, only blogger is playing up and I cant add the photos to my blog post grr!

  7. Great photos - blimey, you've had a plash, haven't you? Actually I was going to have a mini-rant on my blog re the robot verification in my next post. I am SO fed up with having to do this, often several times as the letters/numbers are so often indecipherable. WHY???? In fact, I disable this requirement from my blog to make things easier for folks to comment. Totally agree with you!

  8. Wonderful wet photos, and I'm glad your coat did what it said on the tin. Can you say what make it is?

  9. I agree with all the above comments on word verification - it would test the patience of a saint. Like you I try to leave a comment and then on attempt two - give up!
    It has rained hard here all day too!

  10. Word verification is well nigh impossible.I rarely get it right the first time.I enjoyed The Snow Child.Very different.Thanks for the recommendation.Any more?I have just started Life Class by Pat Barker and it seems very promising.

  11. On word verification I also keep clicking refresh until I find letters I can read! I don't mind being out in the rain as long as I am dressed for it. It is lovely to come home to a warm dry, house after such a walk!

  12. I agree, word verification is a pain in the bum! Glad your mac worked, I'm sure you will use it loads there! Lovely photos, I love seeing a bit more of the UK through you, thanks Jane!

  13. I love the rain too though don't walk in it very often..... and as we are in the driest August for a long time we will welcome it when it comes.
    Books are soooo expensive to buy here that I have started a book club with eleven friends so that we can share the cost and only have to purchase two books a year. What a great deal that was and I have dashed off and places my order. Delivery to Australia in about 7 days !!! Now I know how to work this great PayPal thing Tony will have to watch I don't drain the bank account !!!
    I heartily agree about the robot thing and I only persevere twice then I give up. Not necessary for a blog comment where there is no money involved.

  14. I hate that verification thing too - and it really irritates when "publish after approval" comes up too! Why are two needed! Sometimes I'm afraid I just can't be bothered to try to decipher and pass on without commenting.

    Its a good job you don't mind a walk in the rain - this year would have been a real wash out without wellies!!!

  15. I'm afraid I don't like walking in the rain at all in fact I like rain full stop!!
    As for blogger word verification you are certainly not alone, you would need a degree in hieroglyphics to decipher some of them.
    Congrats on your well deserved award Jane!
    Vivienne x

  16. It was lovely walking in the rain with you...a good respite from our 90 degree weather and relentless sunshine. I know our turn will come...I suppose that is another benefit of blogging, to enjoy visions of weather different from our own at the time.

  17. That word verification thing is intensely annoying as my eyesight seems to tell me one thing and I am often wrong, having to have another go at it. I often buy from the The Book Depository and think they are good value. As you know, I've now read The Snow Child and thoroughly enjoyed it so I can vouchsafe for your recommendations Jane. Looking forward to the next ones.

  18. I have never driven in a downpour like the one we had yesterday (we were all down to 15 miles an hour) and I spotted a poor chap sheltering with his bike in a hedge. Glad your mac and brolly were up to it! About to visit the Book Depository. The word verification things are DEFINITELY getting worse - it sometimes takes me three or four "goes" these days.

  19. I love your rainy day walk photographs. I do love being out in the rain, even gale force winds. It makes me feel all warm and cosy inside when I am all wrapped up and know I get home to a lovely roaring fire.
    Word verification, arrgghhh, what a nightmare. I often give up as well, it just makes my eyes go all funny when I try to read the darned things.

  20. So glad your mac was good!
    I hate the word verification thing, I've actually taken it off my blog and I haven't had masses of spam comments :-)

  21. I absolutely hate these word verification things and have turned it off on my own blog. It's just ridiculous having that appalling scrawl. It doesn't seem to have occurred to anyone that older people might have difficulty reading the words.

  22. yes its driving me made too!


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