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Friday, 15 November 2013

November - dull and dark?

"So dull and dark are the November days.  John Clare, November

 When one thinks of November the images that come to mind are often of dull and dark days but it's not always like that and one of the advantages of being retired is that we can take advantage of the bright and sunny days that we also get in November!  Of course at this time of year a walk needs to be done before lunch as the days are so much shorter now and the sun sets about 4.00 and even by 3.00 pm it is getting low in the sky and there is a feeling of evening coming.

 We have had several beautiful days recently and yesterday was one such so we decided to set off for a day at the seaside!  When I think of Weymouth I usually think of ice creams and candyfloss, of Punch and Judy and donkeys on the beach, of lobster coloured bodies covering the sand with barely enough room to put a pin's knob between them, of shops selling chips and fishing nets, rubber flip flops and cheap souvenirs and so on but again it isn't always like that nor is all of it like that even in the summer.  Just a few yards away from the beach is the Old Harbour which is interesting and filled with all kinds of boats from working boats with their nets and pots etc and their skippers hosing down the decks to seriously expensive ones with all mod cons.

 There are boats offering fishing trips and others which will take you on a fast ride along the Jurassic Coast.

 Once round the other side of the harbour and over the Nothe Peninsular with its fort built in the time of the Napoleonic wars, the scene is altogether different, quieter and more natural.

Just look at those blues - dull and  dark?  I don't think so!

We soon joined the Rodwell Trail which I have written about before and which continues towards Portland....

 ..past this lovely quiet little bay where even in summer there are few tourists and usually just a few locals enjoying the beach.

 We decided to go along to the Chesil Beach Visitors Centre where there is a cafe and see if we could get something to eat as by now it was past lunchtime.  Our route took us along the Portland Beach Road which was very windy having sea on both sides but the views were worth it - these are the Ferrybridge Sand-flats and this area is apparently vital for bird and marine life as the daily tidal waters maintain the marine invertebrates which live in the sand and a percentage of these provide food for wading birds.

Once inside the Centre and out of the wind we found a table by the window and this was the view (the green circles at the bottom of the photo are the opaque circles on the glass so you realise it's there since the window was floor to ceiling) and enjoyed a bowl of roast vegetable and tomato soup whilst resting our feet and enjoying the wonderful tranquil view.  Pure Santosha!

 After lunch I wandered round outside and took this picture without the glass in between.

 This is a footpath across the sand-flats towards Chesil Beach and I want to go back again sometime when we have more time to clamber up and look out to sea from the top.  

 On our way back now ...

 .. across this road bridge where the wind made Mr M's hair (what little he has is very fine) stream out horizontally so he looked like a cartoon character!  Of course I couldn't see my own so maybe it was the same though I have a bit more hair.

 We got the bus back into town.

 By now the sun was sinking and the beach no longer in the sun although it was still shining on the cliffs across the bay.  The light is so different now and the colours no longer vivid but soft pastels like sugared almonds I always think.

Noticed this lovely rainbow out to sea - hope the people on that boat found the pot of gold!   What a fitting end to a lovely day out we had enjoyed our walk, had some wonderful fresh sea air and discovered a fabulous cafe with tranquil views and if wanting to go back to somewhere soon is the sign of a good day then this was one such.  November?  Dull and dark?  Not at all or at least not always!  This will stay in my mind for when the greyness does descend as it must sometimes.


  1. What a wonderful day. Was the sea really that amazing blue? I envy you being within reach of such beautiful coastal walks

  2. I echo RR being in the landlocked middle of the country I should love to be nearer the sea. Wonderful photos.

  3. Lovely photos Jane, I think November has been very well behaved!
    V x

  4. Yes, so far November has been good to us. Lots of sunshine - but I don't mind grey days like today as I can stay inside without guilt and get on with some crafty goodness. Being within reach of the coast is blessing indeed - I'd hate not to be able to reach the sea on sunny days. Lovely photos as always Jane.

  5. One could be fooled into thinking the pictures are of a Summer's day. Today was cold and crisp but wonderfully bright. x

  6. Oh how I want to drink in those blues - I'm going to bookmark this post and come back often once the depths of winter set in.

  7. Well Jane, you certainly have had the best of the November sun, haven't you? Lovely photos, let's hope we manage to squeeze a bit more sunshine before the really bad weather starts! Lx

  8. You had a l9vely day, I enjoyed reading about it and looking at your pictures.

  9. What beautiful photos. Lucky you being near enough to go to Weymouth for a walk. The light is stunning and your pictures have really done it justice.

  10. It sounds - and looks! - as though you had a lovely day. I have only been to your part of the world a handful of times, but I remember it as being very lovely.

    Isn't our world a beautiful place?!

  11. Acabei de conhecer o seu blog,achei maravilhoso.Visite-me:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  12. What a lovely day you had and how luck you are to have such beautiful places so close by to visit. It has a been a rather colour Autumn this year over here too, the colours are more vibrant than I ever remember and we've had some amazing blue skies. Thank you for sharing your day out. Have a lovely week.

  13. Gorgeous views Jane and definitely a Santosha experience by the looks of it. We've had weather like that this weekend but we opted to walk inland instead of going to the beach. Wished I headed in the seaward direction now!

  14. Beautiful images Jane.....autumn dull, never. I spent many childhood days at Weymouth....tku for sharing your day with us.

    Soup is a wonderful lunch on a cold day......

  15. Reading this was almost as refreshing as walking with you would have been :)

    Such a beautiful land we live in, whatever the season.

  16. I think November has been a lot brighter this year. Now I want to go to the seaside. xxx


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