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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

November morning

 We have been having a real mixed bag where weather is concerned with dull grey wet days like Monday but in between we are blessed with a day like today when this was the view across town early this morning.

 The view from the back door - the sun is just reaching the tops of the trees but it won't reach our garden much now till next Spring as it isn't high enough to reach over the treetops.

  I decided to walk into town as there was a book I wanted at the library and I could see from the internet that it was actually on the shelf so if I got there as soon as they opened and before anyone else borrowed it the book could be mine!  I set off to walk my usual route - this tree is at the end of our road - it's fabulous isn't it?

 Just the other side of these trees to the left is a busy main road but I wasn't aware of it with thse lovely trees to look at.

 Just here I pass the entrance to some allotments - nobody about as yet - atmospheric isn't it?

 We had our first frost during the night and here and there where the sun hadn't yet reached the leaves were edged with sparkling ice - brrr!

 I got my book and did my few errands and then made my way home - by now the sun was higher in the sky but still not high enough to shine on my path.

Back at the allotments I noticed that, like the ones in our garden, these nasturtiums seemed to have survived the frost and were still in bloom at least for the moment.

The book I was after was Brilliant Bread by James Morton which I had read about on someone's blog recently.  I am not doing too well with my sourdough starter, so kindly given to me by Molebags a bloggy friend of a friend last week.  I don't know whether it is not warm enough in my kitchen especially during the night or whether it is sulking at being removed from its nice home in Sussex or what but it's not frothing as it should.  I now have a second spoonful in another jar and am keeping that wrapped in a tea towel blanket to keep it cosy and with the aid of this book I will also have a go at making my own starter in case the ones I was given don't care for Somerset yeasts and are just feeling homesick!  I made an ordinary loaf of bread yesterday and had it cooling in front of the starter jar hoping that perhaps it would get the idea of what was wanted.  I haven't given up on them and I won't be beaten but it might be a while before I can post about my wonderful sourdough bread!!

Do you find that ideas for blog posts are like London buses - first there are none and then several come along all at once - as I do?  I had another post all ready in my mind but since I took these photos this morning this is the post you got!!  Another day I will write my original idea perhaps.


  1. I enjoyed a 'stroll' with you this morning to the library!
    The bread looks great, no worries and I am sure it tastes even better!
    Keep warm,

  2. great photos. I loved your bread, I tried to make slo-cooker bread recently but the underneath crust nearly broke my teeth LOL

  3. What a lovely walk in to town. Though I had to spend five minutes deicing the car before I went to work.

  4. Lovely trees, especially the red one! I have an idea rattling around my head for a leafy autumn quilt...
    And how can you call that an 'ordinary' loaf of bread- it looks magnificent! Hope the home-grown starter gets bubbling away for you. Carol x

  5. Gorgeous photographs, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at them.

  6. A lovely place for a walk. I always try to avoid walking along the main roads, too. Beautiful photos, Jane. A friend has offered to give me some sourdough starter and I'm eager to get baking that kind of bread. So delicious.

  7. Nice to see you are getting mixed weather with at least some nice days. That makes all the difference doesn't it? The bread looks great. I've never attempted making it but might give it a go one day.

  8. The trees really are changing colour now, and looking so Autumnal. We have not yet had a frost, but I have my greenhouse plants all wrapped up, just in case!

  9. Beautiful atmospheric photos Jane and full of gorgeous colour. Our trees have finally turned autumnal too and this sharp sunlight we're having is making them look luminous. I must get out and take some photos too before they drop completely!

  10. Stunning photos of the trees and what a beautiful loaf of bread! x

  11. Good luck with your sourdough. I loved James's book and my starter is really bubbly and lively now I'm following his advice. The bread I'm making rises like you wouldn't believe. It's a miracle!


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