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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Hitting the ground running!

Life seems to have got in the way of blogging since my return from France but I will be back posting as soon as I can.

Meanwhile here is a picture of market day in France - you can see it was a lovely sunny day but it was cold and I gather from my friend that they have snow now!

Catch up soon.


  1. I patiently wait for more photos! Any market day in France would be lovely!!

  2. Lovely to see you home again, and thanks for the photo to keep us going! Take your time settling in - we can wait until you're ready...

  3. Welcome back! I love our local market in Luzy, the women walking round with proper baskets, everybody standing around chatting, cheeses being tasted, artisan bread being bought, fresh veggies being squeezed for freshness .......
    Really looking forward to your photos.

  4. beautiful blue sky - just what I need here!

  5. Well, hello, hello! Nice to see you here and at my place! I like the photo with an air of Europe!

  6. A gorgeous clear blue sky!! They are quite rare near me at the moment!!! :D
    Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Lucy xx

  7. Same here Jane! I have so many deadlines for clients I think I will be working until midnight! Thanks for the mini diversion - look forward to more French snaps.

    Jeanne x

  8. Jane,

    Lovely to know you're home again. Hope you had a fab few days 'en vancance en France' Looking forward to seeing more of your photos. Lesley x

  9. There's nothing like a French market. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, will come back for some piccies.

    Kate x

  10. Hi Jane
    I hope you had a great break!
    We went to a market near Versailles in February last year - same sunny day, but blooming freezing!
    Best wishes

  11. Market day in France and with blue skys and sunshine ☼ lucky thing. Welcome back!

  12. Looks beautiful! I imagine lots of tasty goodies to eat.... you make me want to visit France again! x

  13. Nice to go away, good to be home. Hope you have some more photos to share.


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