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Monday, 1 March 2010

Nothing much!

Thank you all for your kind comments on my previous post. To those of you who asked what the pink shrub in the above photo was - I think it is heather - ours is in bloom now and looks very much like this.

This was Tom this morning - don't you wish you could get comfy on a hard windowsill like that?! He had given up his favourite place on the bed for this rather uncomfortable looking place in the sunshine! He was so happy his toes were curling - see?!
I have nothing interesting to tell you today and will be away for a few days visiting friends in France from Wednesday so hope to have some photos on my return.
I also have to own up to not having done my 20 minutes lately - I will try harder but this week and next are busy ones for me so perhaps I can be forgiven if I do plenty of crafting after that?


  1. I love the way animals always find the smallest patch of sunshine. And I love Tom's pleasure-curled toes.
    Have a great time in France!!!
    Best wishes

  2. Only cats can "melt" like that, can't they? Don't beat yourself up about the twenty minute crafting, enjoy your break. I am wiping the tears from eyes having watched the film clip with the wonderful "candies for cuties" phrase............... (you know from that where I have just been :O))

    See/read you when you get back! :O)

  3. When the sun is out on the front room the cats lie along the windowsill to heat up, full length and get nice and toastie.

    Wish we could do the same.


  4. Cats make an art of finding the sunniest places for a nap!

    Enjoy your time in France Jane.

    Bon voyage! Jeanne x

  5. Will eagerly await news of France -especially the weather and temperatures. We'll be there in less than 4 weeks now.

  6. Don't you love their little pink pads? Tom is living up to the Eleanor Farjeon poem Cats Sleep Anywhere. Have a great break in France and let the challenges go - this is meant to be fun, not a burden :-)

  7. Enjoy your visit! I so want to travel, but with Gom sick, it is now out of the question. I will enjoy sharing yours.

  8. Jane,
    Have a great few days away. Forget the 20 minutes for the duration and enjoy your time with friends again.Looking forward to your photos when you return. Travel well, arrive safely. Lesley x

  9. I reckon over a longer period we all hit the 20 mins a day - just sometimes its longer bursts & other times not much at all.

    Enjoy your time away.

    BTW don't blame the cat for hogging the sunbeams - we need to make the most of them :)

  10. Hello Jane. The pistures were gorgeous. I haven't managed my 20 mins a day, but seem to make up for it in one huge batch ever few days! x

  11. Its a hard life, being a cat.....

  12. I love watching pets enjoying the sunshine. Our one little dog found some in the garden this morning and flatly refuse to come in :-)
    A x

  13. Showing some solidarity here by admitting I've been a bit slack with the old 20 Minutes too. We'll get there in the end. Enjoy France, looking forward to seeing some piccies.

    Kate x

  14. Have a great time in France!

  15. Mmmmm....most definitely - I could curl up in the sun anyway, though as long as it wasn't too hot. Hope that makes sense?

    Nina x

  16. Wish we were that close to a country to pop in! Hope you have a fun time with your friends! I think cats always have it easy....

  17. Hope you have an enjoyable trip to France. Your cat is so adorable!!
    Lucy xxx

  18. Hi, I've nominated your blog for a Sunshine award.
    Best wishes, Sarah.

  19. hope you're having a nice time in France, pity you're not popping by by switzerland!

    Is the cat's name Tom because of Tom&Jerry?


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