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Monday, 20 September 2010

Any more for the Skylark?!


Today is your last chance for my giveaway - I will be drawing the winner tomorrow night and posting results on Wednesday. If you haven't entered all you have to do is leave a comment on my post here before Tuesday night.


It's odd the things that trigger memories isn't it - this drain cover did it for me this morning - see it's made in the Forest of Dean in the town I lived in back in the 50's. Every time I see one of these covers I am back in the Forest aged about 10!

Another sky photo! The sky this morning was brilliant blue with fluffy white clouds as I walked along the old railway path through the cutting on my way home from yoga.

Finally - a huge thank you and a big welcome to all the new people who seem to have found my blog and who have left such lovely comments - I had more comments than ever before on my last post and each one was much appreciated and enjoyed.


  1. It was a lovely morning wasn't it and just perfect for a walk home after a yoga session. I really must find a yoga or pilates group to join.

    I succumbed and got a new ball of wool. The balls are only £1 so I can make some brooches or something! At least the scarf is finished now. I couldn't face undoing it. Body isn't co-operating much at the moment.

  2. Yes, it is strange the way certain things bring back powerful memories.I like your sky pictures, it's always refreshing to look up and see a bit of blue.
    Helen x

  3. Lovely sky! :)
    We had one like that here today too, lovely!
    Vivienne x

  4. I can't think of anything lovelier than a walk home after yoga. Absolute bliss!
    Anne :-)

  5. It was a lovely morning here too, I enjoyed a walk along the main road, but I did see an old steam roller holding up the traffic and a pair of kestrels putting on an airborne flying display.

  6. Your sky looks better than ours today though we love a bit of rain. Regretfully it is clearing already even though they promised us a rainy week.
    Loved the story about the geese by the way. When I was young we had a backyard toilet - a thunder box we called them. Not a flushing toilet in those days I'm afraid!!

  7. Good morning......... wasn't around the internet yesterday, so am looking at my sky this morning and it is grey but with a hint that it might look better later!

  8. The sky photo looks lovely! All misty here this morning, perhaps it will get sunny later! Have a godd day! :) x

  9. Jane,
    Had a wonderful weekend in your part of the world but think we left the sunshine with you as there's not much sign of it here! Sounds like the giveaway was a great success. I'm sure the lucky winners will be delighted with your handmade lovelies. Lesley xx

  10. I don't know how I missed your lovely giveaway! The lucky winner will be delighted with their gift.

    We have blue skies here too - its a lovely day!


  11. Your sky photos look as blue as the sky here as been, just wonderfully blue.
    It's sometimes nice to have the odd things that bring back wonderful memories. I have to admit I saw the photo and wondered what on earth it was about! ☺
    Take care,

  12. great photos - winter is a long way off thank goodness!

  13. Nothing but blue skies for the last couple of days - can't believe how warm and sunny it is after such a mainly grey August.


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