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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunshine and showers (heavy rain)!

View from my bedroom window this morning! Indoor games today methinks!

This is in stark contrast to Friday when we had another wonderful September day. We took the car for its MOT and walked back into town along what used to be the railway line but is now a path which runs beneath the trees alongside the river.

Hard to believe that this is but minutes away from the town centre isn't it?

It was a lovely walk back to the garage to collect the car and so quiet we might have been in the middle of the countryside.

In the evening we decided to go to Ham Hill to see if we could find any elderberries - this is the view from the top - stunning eh? It was again absolutely peaceful with nothing but the scream of the swallows (or were they swifts - my ornithology leaves a lot to be desired!) swooping overhead in the evening light catching their supper no doubt.

We walked on round the summit and back down to the car park picking elderberries along the way.

I picked only about a pound and a half of elderberries but it was enough to make 2 small bottles of syrup - good for winter colds. As I tossed the stalks into the bowl having removed the berries I was struck with the lovely colour and shape they made against the base of the bowl - something one could use in a textile design of some sort maybe?

Pink Feather Paradise has chosen me along with many others for the above award. I now have to:

a) Thank the award giver - Thank you for thinking of me.

b) Post 7 interesting facts about myself - well this gave me cause for concern as I couldn't think of anything remotely interesting to tell you but this is what I came up with eventually:

1) My favourite flower is the primrose so you can imagine how delighted I was come Spring to discover that we had bought a house with a garden full of them! This is the bank alongside our drive.

2) I used to love skating - this is me with my instructor at Bournemouth Ice rink back in the distant past!!

3) I was "green" last time round and I even had an article published in this publication - the magazine relied on readers articles so it wasn't a big deal but I did get £20 for it and can now say I am a published writer - can't I?!!!

4) Lime/chartreuse green is a favourite colour of mine and last week I bought these shoes in the sale in Sherborne - Lovely aren't they even if not exactly what an OAP should wear and they probably won't go with anything!

5) I once had a piece of my weaving - this inkle woven belt - exhibited in the National Exhibition of the Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers of which I was a member. I can only think it was a small item which fitted a space they had since several of my friends also submitted stuff far better than this!

6) I can't stand Sudoko nor jigsaw puzzles - once my daughter got to the stage of more than 25 piece puzzles I used to say "Ask your father"!! I just don't seem to have the brain for such things! Can't do directions either and to hold a long list of "turn left at the next roundabout then....." is impossible for me I need to see it in diagram form to be able to remember anything!!

7) A couple of years ago I discovered I have a half sister! Maybe I'll tell you more on this later.

c) The last thing I should do is to pass this award on to 15 other bloggers but I think I'll pass on that and say that I follow so many lovely versatile blogs I will offer it to all of you wonderful bloggers.

I see the sun is peeking through now so it's "rain before 7 fine before 11" perhaps and I'd better stop faffing about here and go and get on with the day.


  1. I always find interesting these memes. Today we learnt a bit more about you - a former ice skater! wow.
    Enjoy the weather, the landscape looks lovely today.

  2. I think those are very interesting facts about you Jane!
    Hope your weather improves enough so you can play outside. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Lovely post, lovely to learn new things about you.
    How do you make elderberry syrup? There are loads growing where I live and I am never sure what to do with them.
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. What an interesting post! A lot of interesting facts about you and great photos of the countryside around you. I picked some blackberries on a walk in Northumberland and saw lots of elderberries but did not know what to do with them! Now I know that you can make them into a syrup.... I should have pick some!!!
    Lucy xxxxx

  5. Fantastic view from Ham Hill and look at you in your ice skating gear, get those classy legs (i'm only jealous!!!)

  6. Jane you are so modest about your talents - put on your chartreuse shoes get on out there gal - you've seen Lesley's post!

  7. Wonderful shoes!!! Lovely colour...... Love the picture of the elderberries. I was just looking at some yesterday. There seems to be a profusion of berries of all types at the moment.....

  8. Lovely pictures, and gorgeous view from your bedroom window. I love reading about things you have done, can do and you must certainly wear those wonderful shoes!



  10. What really interesting facts about you Jane, you need to get those shoes on!! :)
    Vivienne x

  11. What a lovely walk you have nearby and the view from Ham Hill looks great. Your part of the world looks lovely and it is so nice to see all that green.
    I love the shoes and now thaty you have them I'm sure you'll findn lots to go with them or perhaps you'll just keep them in mind when you buy clothes in the future. I have a bit of a "thing" for red shoes myself anf you'd be surprised how much they go with!

  12. Jane,
    I remember being taken up Ham Hill as a child and you've made me want to do it all over again. Those elderberry stalks scream design at me. Great for textiles as you say. Now I've never been one for buying lots of shoes and think I must be alone amongst women but those chartreuse shoes are a wonderful colour and I think you should wear them and flaunt those ice skaters legs to all and sundry! Lesley x

  13. Hi Jane
    It's always nice learning more about fellow bloggers! We've got elderberries near us and I never knew what they were - now I know!

  14. OAP.....please. Love the shoes the colour is gorgeous.

    It's raining here today!!

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  15. Lovely post! So many pretty photos!
    It was nice to learn a bit more about you, you are very talented aren't you? A published writer, an ice skater and getting your items shown in exhibitions! Well done!
    The wind is picking up here now, it's meant to be heavy rain all tommorrow and I'm working outside all day! :) x

  16. My goodness, is there anything you can't do? What a lovely post and yes, you must put those fabulous shoes on - they will go with everything! x

  17. It's sad to lose the railways, but what wonderful walks there are along disused lines.

  18. Love your new shoes, the colour of them is amazing! The area where you live is so beautiful. How lucky to have such wonderful places so close to walk.

  19. Very entertaining blogpost Jane....brilliant photos too!
    Love those shoes...and you're right about the elderberry branches; very artistic. But my fav photo is the skating pair! Great skirt - you definitely looked the part :-)

  20. Now I've read your later story about your half sister... I hope you can come to some sort of terms over it all. You look great in your skate skirt! I love to watch ice skating. Oh, and I love those green shoes.


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