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Friday, 24 September 2010

What a difference a day makes!

Wednesday - we were able to have lunch in the garden in the sunshine! What a contrast today we have had to turn the heating on as it has been so cold!

My little pot of winter pansies and cyclamen don't seem to mind though. Aren't the pansies pretty? I don't think I have seen any quite so delicate and bi-coloured like these before.

It may have been dull and chilly today but there was a warm fuzzy feeling to be felt when the postman arrived with this little package from Jenny at Winnibriggshouse.

When I opened it I found this lovely bag - so beautifully made and reversible too.

And this cute tape measure as well.

It was beautifully folded and tied with this lovely ribbon - but of course I was too eager to see what it was to take a photo before I opened it out and then I couldn't get it folded back again to take a picture!

I love the little butterfly in the corner of the pocket and the name tag above too makes it look so professional.

Here it is reversed - you can see by the tablecolth beneath that I like this sort of design can't you?! I think the red side out will be great for dull days like today and the blue roses for springtime maybe.

LUCKY, LUCKY ME! Thank you so much Jenny - isn't blogging wonderful and what a lot of really talented and generous people there out there too.

Have a good weekend and those of you in the UK keep warm!


  1. What a pretty package to receive! The bag is gorgeous and looks so professional, Jenny is definitely talented! I love th elittle covered tape measure too! :) x

  2. Oh Wow! - What a lovely gift to receive. That butterfly is really pretty.

    Blogging is brilliant - there are some very tallented, generous and kind folk about.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    Jill x

  3. Love your little blue table and chairs!
    This bag is really very pretty. You deserve it. You're so generous!

  4. You are indeed very lucky, what a gorgeous bag!
    Enjoy your weekend! :)
    Vivienne x

  5. What a pretty bag. I've just been making some tape measures - isn't it strange how things turn up in blogs which match what's in one's mind!

  6. Wednesday really was a super day. The last two days have been the complete opposite. Haven't got the heating on yet, but do have a blanket wrapped round me.

    A gorgeous bag and a really sweet tape measure.

  7. Love your place in the sun and the flowers are really sweet! Lucky you, such a pretty bag. Have a lovely wekeend!

    Anna x

  8. Love the tape measure! The bag is pretty too...I agree with you, it never ceases to amaze me, how many creative and talented people there are out there, I am so looking forward to Christmas shopping this year....

  9. Jenny is so clever.
    Lucky you, the bag is lovely..x

  10. That is a lovely bag Jane. I love that colour combination. I'm with you about the weather. It's been sunny here for a couple of days running (very unusual) but it's decidely nippy... it'll soon be time for my thermal vest! Lesley xx

  11. We lit the fire last night..... That is a beautiful bag. Sunshine here this morning, hopefully it will last? Garden beginning to look all worn out now and needs a good tidy!

  12. Having just priced Cath Kidston bags in a shop I think you could be on to something here!

  13. What a lovely gift. And those pansies are pretty too!


  14. It's very pretty Jane. Lovely start to your weekend too x

  15. Heating has gone on this morning here as well. It was rather nippy. Mind you, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it is looking deceptively summery.

    The bag you received is gorgeous, love the fabric.

  16. You lucky girl! That bag is adorable, and the tape measure made me squeal with delight AND everything matches your outdoor furniture!

  17. Hi Jane. I love your bag, and the tape measure! What a lovely gift.
    I'm also really keen on the colour of your garden funirture. That looks a lovely spot for a bit of relaxation.

  18. Love your pretty gifts, blogland really is a great place to be!! x

  19. Lovely bag! Lucky you. Your pansies are beautiful. Mine are looking marvelous with this cooler weather too, they seem to really love it.
    Take care,

  20. The weather has been the same here, I'm not looking forward to it getting colder. The bag is lovely, lucky you.

  21. What a lovely gift - love the colours too. I can't decide what to wear and keep changing into a thicker jumper - I always think you feel the cold more at this time of year. I went for a walk yesterday and wished I'd got gloves!
    Your violas are beautiful and look lovely with the cyclamen.
    Keep snug, x

  22. What a joyous bag! How lovely to recieve such a gift.
    We are having some hot days now, amid the chilly winds of Spring!
    A visit to walk along the beach yesterday had me amazed at all the young girls in their bikinis- some of them were actually swimming in the sea!


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