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Monday, 12 October 2009

Autumn images

Just a very brief post today - hadn't realised that it has been nearly a week since my last one. Thank you all for your very kind comments on the Breast Cancer Awareness post - much appreciated. I have been to London twice since then including a trip to the Knitting and Stitching Exhibition - more on that next time - and what with various other commitments the days have flown by. This morning on my way to yoga I took these pictures - it was a fabulous sunny autumn morning and I noticed how blue the sky was and how brilliant the berries and leaves looked in the sunshine. Hope you will enjoy them too.

As usual my walk led me along the old railway track now strewn with fallen leaves - had I not been carrying my yoga mat and blankets etc I might have been tempted to skip and scuffle through them!

This is the wall of the cutting and just look at that blue sky above!

And here in the car park of the pub where my route leads me off the railway track and out onto the road

Not sure what this plant with the pretty pink berries is called but isn't it pretty?

Sadly this photo of the spindleberry didn't come out too well but I just adore the combination of that orange and the shocking pink together don't you?

These leaves are so brilliant - I want one of these small trees for my garden - I think it is called a Soumac or something like that and worth it just for the autumn colour which lasts such a short time but which is amazing in the sunshine.

Sorry this is such a something of nothing sort of post - I promise to do better next time. Must go and get something for supper now.
Hope you are all enjoying some similar sunny autumnal weather (unless of course you live in Australia when it will be spring I suppose!)


  1. I wouldn't call this brief... but a breathe of fresh air. Besides, how can anything be brief when this darn uploader takes sooooooo long. Enjoyed every moment of your walk to yoga this morning.

  2. Oh how nice to have such a lovely walk going to yoga! Must be quite zen ;)

    Autumn colours are beautiful! I most love them in hazy weather or like on your pictures, with a electric blue sky!

    Have a nice evening!

  3. I have enjoyed your autumn photos! It is my second favourite season after spring.
    I hope you enjoy your course tomorrow. I will be interested in knowing what you think of Agnes & Vera. I rang the shop to ask if they had a website. The lady I spoke with sounded really nice. Sadly no website yet but there might be one soon.
    Isabelle x

  4. Autumn blue clear sky and the colourful leaves is so beautiful!

    Anna x

  5. Beautiful photos and what an amazing blue sky! I think I might have been tempted to keep on walking, enjoy the autumn colours and skip right past yoga class :-)

  6. What wonderful blue skies - it looks like a really lovely walk.

    Pomona x

  7. A lovely walk to get you into the right zen mood for yoga. Beautiful blue sky too!

    Jeanne x

  8. You are having beautiful weather there... not so, us! Yes, the sumac---it is turning red here. Grows along hillsides.

  9. Gorgeous images. Perfect show of Autumn

  10. Lovely photos. Have got up today (Tuesday) to a similar day, but with a frost too. My favourite sort of day, sun and frost. A shame to go to work....... sigh..

  11. Gorgeous photos - think it's spelled Sumach

  12. *sigh* You know how I feel about posts like this... Thanks!

  13. Thankyou for sharing your lovely walk with us!

  14. Such lovely autumnal foliage this year and what blue skies.

    Think the pink and orange berried bush is a Spindle.

  15. thanks for sharing this lovely walk

  16. Oh I love the light in your pictures - just beautiful. Now that tree - is it spindle?

    I just googled it and yes - spindle -peep at this post -


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