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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Home again!

Hello! I am back at my post again after a lovely couple of days away. I did enjoy my visit with my friend and hope we shan't leave it so long next time before we catch up!

Just a quick post as am busy playing catch up today. Do you remember me showing you a ball of purple shaded yarn a while ago? Well I finally made my piece for the challenge and here it is - yes another bag! Louise you will understand this bag fetish I know!!

I used some of the yarn to knit and felt a couple of squares which I then used to make the flower with a small felt ball for the centre - it didn't turn out quite as I hoped but I guess it "will do"!

Yesterday evening I made another little knitted heart - didn't require much thought or inspiration to do but I was making something rather than sitting idly watching TV!

Hope to post more during the week once I get straight here. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.


  1. This looks lovely. Isn't it amazing how many women can't 'just' watch TV. I have to at least doodle and I usually have my lap-top and an array of pencils and pens around my chair. Hub never ceases to chide me that I just missed seeing an important bit - keep knitting, this is a gorgeous bag.

  2. What a de-lish bag you have made here. The yarn is wonderful and it looks so soft. The heart is too cute. Isn't nice to come back from a little trip and know you got something fun done, even while away.

  3. Welcome back, everything looks gorgeous as usuall!!
    have a nice week
    Lucy xx

  4. I'm with you and Jill........... got to have "something" in my hands whilst telly is on. Glad you had a great time.

  5. The bag is fabulous and such a gorgeous colour X

  6. Ohhhh It isn't Blogland anymore! It's bagland!

    It turned out really nice!!! That felt ball isn't the black swan, I think it looks nice :-)

    Welcome home!


  7. Oh your bag made my heart skip!!! I just LOVE it! Was this your own pattern? I have been thinking for weeks about crocheting or kniting a new bag, but just can't figure where to start...the plan is still in a tangle in my head. Plus I only have very basic skills in both areas. Can I just say again, L O V E your new bag, especially the colour.
    Well done and welcome back!
    PS Oh yes I understand our fetish with bags :-)
    PPS Do you have a tutorial for the knitted heart? It is very sweet.

  8. Such a pretty colour. I love the little pink heart too, sweet.

  9. I have a bag fettish too, love knitting them and especially love your purple creation!

  10. Love the colours of your sweet wee bag!!

  11. Welcome back. Your new bag looks lovely! Just out of curiosity: how many handmade bags do you have?

  12. Viota - I will count them and let you know! Not sure without checking!


  13. What a lovely bag yu have made! I'd love to know how to knit. Still mastering the crochet though... Once fully mastered then I shall go on a knitting course.
    I really enjoyed your Stourhead post. We live about 20 minutes away from there, it's such a lovely place to visit especially at this time of the year!
    Isabelle x

  14. Oh that's a lovely bag - I adore the combination of colours!

    Jeanne x

  15. It's so pretty Jane. really very lovely x

  16. I love the colour of that yarn and such a lovely bag.

    Nina x

  17. Welcome back darling we missed you and what a lovely post to start with.

    Love & hugs


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