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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Pink Post

Here is my last Pink Post for Thursday - to remind us all about Breast Cancer Research These are some pink felt flowers made by Lynette of Felt Rush whose felt making workshop I attended yesterday.

I had seen some of Lynette's work displayed in a cafe in town and admired these lovely flowers and wanted to find out how to make them but sadly the Flower making workshop was full so I did a handbag class instead - yes I know I have more than enough handbags already but it was a fun day out and I can now use the techniques I learned to make something else. A tea cosy perhaps?! Or maybe I could just upend my bag as a tea cosy?

Here are some pictures of Lynette's work.

A lovely wall hanging showing felted pansies

here is a close up of the pansies

"Bag ladies" you'd love these!

The following ones are of my effort - not yet up to the same standard of course but I was happy with it!

The inside has a pattern felted in too - see?

So when you see a lady with a green bag with orange handles in the supermarket it might be me!

A delicious lunch was provided, the other students were friendly and the atmosphere convivial. If anyone lives near enough to get to Yeovil for a workshop I can recommend them - I will want to go again I'm sure. Do check out the website at for more pictures of the work and details of workshops.


  1. Oh my that bag is fantastic!!!! I wish I had some idea about felting. I love your latest bag!!

  2. I love your bag, you are so clever especially if that was your first felted bag. Her flowers are beautiful... I don't normally go for workshops, but this is one I would probably attend, if only I didn't live hundreds of miles away!

  3. I agree with Louise. I have no idea how felting is done and I like your bag very much. This sounds like a class I would like to attend if I were there.

  4. Felting itself isn't difficult - could perhaps do a tutorial on how it's done if anyone wants it? Not that I am an expert of course!!


  5. brilliantly lovely and colourful post Jane!
    Loved the pansies and roses!
    Bags lovely too!
    Linda x

  6. I LOVE your bag - in fact I love your more freeform flowers rather than the more formal ones.

  7. I love the bags. I had to get out my reading specs to take a closer look. Wonderful detail. I can believe this is felting, thought it was a watercolor at first glance. What fun these are.

  8. Wow that felting looks stunning! But seriously... even I have less handbags than you! Does it really never end? ;)

    Everhow, I likt the handbag, it's joy and pretty!


  9. love the bag and those roses are to die for - old fashioned faded tea roses

  10. A fabulous felty post and beautiful bags.

    Nina x

  11. Lucky you Jane, to go felt making...... I have never done it and it is on my list of "things to do....". Great results and a lovely post. Cathy x

  12. I really like your bag - I think it is beautiful - such pretty colours!

    Pomona x

  13. Hi,your bags are wonderful and very original,i'd like to learn how to make it.I'm so happy to have met you.Visit my blog when you want.See you soon!Annalisa from Italy


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