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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Crazy heart

Thank you all so very much for your kind comments on my last post - more comments than ever before on that one! I have been away over the weekend so just a quick post to let you know I am still here and I hope to catch up with all your posts later and maybe leave a comment or two!

This is a pile of scraps my patchwork teacher gave me a week or so back when I showed her some of my crazy patchwork. They were not very wide but sufficient for my needs.

As she had admired my little crazy patchwork heart when I showed it to her I promised to make one for her and these fabrics seemed ideal for the job since I knew she obviously liked the colour scheme as she was making a quilt from them herself.

Stitched to the backing and embroidered ready for making up.

The spider is apparently a traditional addition and brings good luck - as long as you aren't an arachnophobic!

Finished! Now I think I might make one for myself as I rather like it - what do you think?

Whilst I was away at the weekend I met up with my friends from the City and Guilds Creative Textile course - we did this course together over 20 years ago. One of our number had several of these balls of yarn and we decided that we would each take one and our challenge would be to create something in time for the Christmas get together. I love the colours but what to make? Bag perhaps but knitted or crocheted, felted maybe? A belt of yarn braided? A felted flower? What do you think?

Before I go what do you think of this?

I was messing about the other evening and produced this little piece and now I am wondering whether to make a brooch out of it. Would you wear it as a brooch or does it look too much like a Christmas tree decoration?


  1. Hello!
    the heart is beautiful!

  2. Loving the heart too - (I must have a go at crazy patchwork!)

  3. What absolutely beautiful colour combinations in that heart! I would want to keep it if I had made it. Go for the brooch too....

  4. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog! I think the little piece of art would make a beautiful brooch. I am also in awe of your crazy patchwork. So beautiful and hearts are my favorite. Do you do all the stitching by hand? It is very neat and quite perfect. I love it and would like to learn how you do it.

  5. Hi Jane, lovely little heart! Very creative, and little Christmas brooches evolving too !
    Beautiful stitcher!

  6. Hey!

    The heart is soooo nice looking! Could go without the spider thow ;)

    I would wear it as a brooch if I'd have really plane clothes on, kind of all black or so. If they're colorfull too it'll make to much.

    Hmmm for your yarn... the bag would be a good idea... or a Christmas Sock?


  7. WOW looks great i love the heart, no that should be graet as a brooch brill! :)
    Lucy x

  8. I have never done crazy patchwork, but I do admire it! Lovely.
    Those photos of the wonderful countryside remind me of New Zealand!

  9. Jane, you won my giveaway! Could you email me your address as the Hush Heart is sitting here waiting to join your pretty patchwork one x

  10. Tee hee... when I first spied the spider on the heart, I thought it was on my computer screen. Eeek! Very creative and interesting. The little brooch is interesting, I think your 'inner artist' is emerging.

  11. What a wonderful 'crazy' heart you have,

    Nina x


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