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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Birthday gift

I have just made this little "thing" as a birthday gift for a friend. At our age it is so difficult to think of anything friends might like, that is not too expensive, that is easy to wrap and doesn't weigh too much so that the cost of postage is more than the gift is worth..

So I came up with this little idea - not unlike the pocket book I showed you here

... but this time just a little hanging.

It is nothing very exciting but it was made with love (as it says) and is certainly not something anyone else will send her!

Do you think she will like it?

Does anyone else find that their craftwork seems to have a life of its own? I didn't intend this to be purple but had in mind shades of blues as I know my friend likes blue but it seemed determined to be done this colour! I guess it was because the little saying came with a mauve border and it just went from there!

Sun's out today so must get out in the garden now I have done my sewing ready to post this afternoon!

PS Anyone else finding that Bolgger can't count? My post tells me I have 3 comments but when I check there are in fact 5. It did the same thing with my previous post too!


  1. I think that is really lovely and as you say it was made with love and a shop bought gift never has that special ingredient.
    A x

  2. There's nothing better for a friend than something which has been handmade with love. Such pretty colours too!

  3. Ditto to both the above, you're friend will be over the moon Jane x

  4. Well, I always think a handmade gift is VERY special. Anyone can go out and buy something, but if someone has put thought and time into creating something, then the gift is all the more precious!

  5. It's very pretty and I love the fabrics - she will be delighted. I am just having a little web wandering having battled my wireless printer issues for the last 2 hours - at least I won! I need a bit of light relief and some pottering in the greenhouse...

  6. That is such a pretty hanging - I love the little flowers growing out of the righthand corner! My blogger also sometimes miscounts but later corrects itself. I am soon back at school and then the studying really begins for year end exams!!
    Lucy xxxxxx

  7. I think it is lovely!

    Re Blogger - it often tells me I have unmoderated comments, but when I check, there are none!

  8. Blogger has a mind of it's own at the moment. I have just changed my header and it won't shrink to the size I want (wish I had not bothered). Also the post I have just done the spacing is all over the place......odd.

    I love the birthday gift. It is a gift to treasure. The flowers in the corner are just so sweet......

  9. I love the birthday gifts you make!! I really hope she likes it, it's lovely and purple. :-)

    Don't worry about blogger, it's some kind of 'bug'. It happened to me yesterday but today everything was right.

  10. Jane,
    I find there are a lot of things that blogger can't do but am never sure whether that's really my fault if truth be told..... this is a lovely hanging. You have such an enviable hoard of fabrics especially those with smaller patterns and in classy colours. Your friend will love this for itself and even more so because it was made especially with her in mind. Lesley x

  11. I think that is such a lovely present and just perfect! I would love to receive something like that so I'm sure your friend will adore it!

  12. Jane a lovely intended gift of love for your friend..perfect! As for blogger it's a machine without a heart and soul......constant source of angst with it's 'blips'....machines are all right when they work..during their monthly cycles I can see them far enough :)
    Linda x

  13. Blogger certainly can't count comments at the moment, but you certainly deserve lots - your friend will love this - she will feel very special.

  14. Mine has been doing that too Jane and one day they all disappeared - but returned later in the day!!

    Your gift is so pretty, I'm sure your friend will absolutely love it!


  15. It's really lovely! I am sure your friend will just adore it. Well done :-)

  16. I like your 'thing' very much. Infact I would like to have a thing like that. Infact, infact I would like to make a thing like that one day. Not sure I could though its personal to you.
    Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement they really mean a lot to me. Keep giving me a shove.

    Love Fi x

  17. Ah I'm not the only one then, I too noticed that the numbers didn't always match up!

    You friend won't like it, she'll love it! It's really pretty and the colours are lovely. It's gifts like that that friends cherish all the more as they have been made from the heart.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  18. I think it is lovely and your friend will love it but you know that I love everything you make.
    Lovely to be back in touch. I'm off to catch up with everyone and try to do another post on Tony's laptop. I'm struggling with it a bit as it does EVERYTHING differently !!


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