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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Easter weekend

How was your Easter? Good I hope? We had foul weather on Saturday but since then we have had some fabulous Spring sunshine - bliss after the long dark winter months!
We went to the Flea Market at Shepton Mallet on Easter Sunday and that was interesting - not as big as the one we went to in the summer but even so plenty to see and buy! I know at least one other blogger was there but of course we didn't recognise each other! I bought a big box of buttons - last of the big spenders me! I wanted to replenish my stocks as I use a lot of them in my carzy patchwork. What fun I have had sorting them into colours and sizes.

I also found this little jug - my mother used to have one just like it and I have always been sad that it went missing somewhere along the line. Do you think that this might even be the same one? Wonder what stories it could tell!

Garden Update: Our veggie plot is coming on well - we have laid some stones and dug the patch over and moved the compost bins to another area and incorporated the usable compost into the plot.

Now we need to go to a reclamation yard or somewhere to find some more attractive stones/timber to mark the boundary and keep the pebbles from encroaching onto the plot. Breeze blocks and logs are not the most attractive combination I don't think although if we plant something along the edge maybe no one will notice?! Looks better now than when I showed you back here: doesn't it?

Aren't these lovely?

We have just had lunch here in the sunshine and the garden is calling me again so I can't stop for more now. Must make hay while the sun shines and all that.....!


  1. How sensible to have a paved path round your veggie plots, we have grass and they are a real pain to mow. We are having to get some help in to set ours up as Mr T. cannot dig and my back is a bit unrealiable and we have a largish lawn and flower beds for me to manage. I did cut the grass and now I need to cut back the buddlea - I usually do that in late Feb! Love the little posie. Isn't everything in the garden lovely at the moment!

  2. I really love your buttons. What a find.
    A x

  3. You temptress you! Fancy showing me pictures of buttons and then making me feel bad because at least you use yours. I just like to keep looking at mine... lovely little posy and jug. That would make a great sketch. Is it really small or are your polyanthus and primroses very large? Don't overdo it in the garden. Make use of that table and chairs, make a cup of tea and enjoy the sunshine. Lesley x

  4. Another button stroker/hoarder here.................... Hasn't the sunshine been beautiful? Love the little jug. Just the right size for little flowers. I had lunch outside after work and loved it. Off out again until tea time. It was a long time coming, wasn't it?

  5. Lovely, lovely buttons! It's been too long (a month perhaps) since I had a good button box rummage. I think a trip to Frip' Relais is called for!

    Glad to hear your weather is good enough for eating out of doors as well as gardening...

  6. Your little spot in the sun looks very inviting Jane - did you paint your chairs - they look a lovely bluebell shade.

    Your veg plot is coming along - I have pea-shingle around mine and it keeps them looking neat. Some nice timber would be just the thing to form a boundary.

    I's been lovely today and I really enjoyed my lunchtime walk in the woods. Hope it keeps up for the weekend!

    Jeanne x

  7. What a difference! You have been working hard. I really must start to plan and make an effort with our garden. Don't have a vege plot, but would like one, just where to put it is the problem.

    Can never have enough buttons I say.

  8. Love the button selection - happy sorting! I have and grass around the allotment plot. As long as I edge them each year it's not too bad. Planted some beetroot in the summer sun today. Enjoy spring now it's sprung!

  9. That's a great idea - being able to walk round your vegetable plot. We keep talking about doing one, but it never seems to happen!

  10. Your vegetable plot is looking good! What are you going to grow?
    We are 16th on the allotment list now and I don't think that we will get a plot very soon!! (Our garden in too shaded and small to grow vegetables).
    Lucy xxxx

  11. Most definitely - the sun has been glorious this week and it's suppose to be getting better....I'm keeping everything crossed!!

    Love the buttons and veggie patch - it is coming along nicely.

    Nina x

  12. isn't it just gorgeous to go outside without a cardigan?!

  13. Very pretty garden. I love flowers growing over the edge of borders.....looks very natural in the right setting. Whatever you do I am sure it will look lovely.....

    I used to collect buttons as a child. I would spend hours sorting and playing with them. I wonder what happened to them.......

  14. Your garden is coming along nicely. I think planting along the edge will look great - some public gardens in Oz have a border of parsley - but don't know if that will be enough to keep the pebbles out of the garden.
    These days are certainly getting longer. In Queensland even in summer the days finish and it's pitch dark by 7:00pm. Mind you I think daylight that goes on and on till 11:00pm is getting a bit much!

  15. Hi Jane! I love the little jug and I think you're very lucky to have a veggie garden.
    Looks like there are not many people interested in the swap, so I'm having a giveaway instead.

  16. All of that hard work is paying off! You will have a nice little garden area! Plus the bonus of sitting outside soaking up some sun!

  17. Found you via Floss and a mutual love of buttons! I have enjoyed reading back thru your blog - and LOVE the photos
    We had a great Easter too!
    blessings xx

  18. Your table and chairs look delightful - such a pretty colour. And I'd love to have a rummage through those buttons.


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