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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pitter patter!

Listen to the rain
Pitter patter, pitter patter of the rain (goin' drip drop drip drop)
Pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter patter (goin' drip drop drip drop)
Pitter patter oooo

as sung by the Beach Boys just about sums up today's weather.

No coffee in the garden this morning ....

....but doesn't it all look green?

It's wonderful to hear the pattering on the skylight and to see the rain drops chasing each other down the window panes - yes I know - I love the sunshine as much as the next man (or woman of course let's be politically correct here!) but after so many days of wall to wall sunshine a little rain is more than welcome. It smells beautiful out there and I can almost hear the plants breathing a sigh of relief as they drink in the life enhancing moisture!

Yesterday I went to check out that Graden Centre and Craft shop I mentioned in the chicken sweaters post - it was huge and really interesting. The craft shop although small had more wonderful books on assorted crafts than I have seen anywhere apart from at an exhibition and the garden centre had just about everything one could wish for in a garden from plants, trees and shrubs to furniture, ornaments and sheds etc. Plus a gift shop selling books, household linens and so on and also a clothes department We had lunch in their cafe sitting outside in the lovely sunshine (good job we went yesterday and didn't leave it till today!) In all my excitement I forgot to check out the chicken sweater situation but I gather they are still collecting them!

After lunch we set off down this narrow lane - good job nobody was coming the other way!

to another nursery in complete contrast to Monkton Elm - this time situated in an old walled garden where the staff were passionate about the plants and very knowledgeable. The views were amazing and the pay point housed in an old potting shed strewn with papers, reference books, flowerpots and lengths of string and bizarrely a hand made bow . When I asked if it was for shooting annoying customers and where was the arrow to go with it the chap laughed and said the arrow was in the annoying customer!

View from the car park!

Wouldn't you love a walled garden like this? Maybe not it was quite large! We came away with an apple tree and some hedging plants well pleased with our day out. Today is a domestic day - indoor games methinks it will have to be!

I have been nominated by Su over at Living on the Edge for a couple of awards.

Thank you Su and I am happy that I have been inspiring enough to encourage you to join the wonderful community of bloggers! I have no idea how to put the awards on my side bar nor how to link them to your blog - sorry! I will also pass on the idea of detailing 7 things about myself and passing them on to more bloggers if you don't mind - wouldn't know who to choose from the long list of "friends" out there and don't want to tread on any toes and don't think anyone would be interested to know 7 things about me either! But thank you all the same.

PS In spite of the photos it was a sunny day yesterday and really warm - not sure why it looks so overcast!


  1. I agree about the walled gardens. We've see quite a few recently and I'll always hanker after one, although it helps if you have the right house to go with it!

  2. What a lovely day out you had! The walled garden especially appeals. Nice to wander round a garden centre and choose a few new plants to bring home. Congratulations on your well deserved blogging awards too. I have looked out the knitting needles and am kniting a chicken sweater, much to the amusement of the family!
    Hope the sun shines soon for you!
    Penny :)

  3. Jane,
    Will you stop it with the song titles please? I was singing 'Walking on Sunshine' after yesterday's post and now I'm going to be singing the Beach Boys too! Actually, it's more like Gene Kelly here in the Prinicpality today, definitely 'Singing in the Rain' weather! Lesley x

  4. Please, oh, please send some of that rain our way. I sure wish I had some spectacular garden centers to visit like you. I went to one yesterday and they wouldn't let me take pictures, so I left...saying they didn't realize the hundred of $$$$ they were going to loss, plus free advertizing.... Oh, well, off down the road to a different one today.

    Congrats on your awards,

  5. The walled garden is lovely.

    I just dashed outside to get my washing in as it had started to spit with rain and then as soon as I came in it stopped! As much as I hate rain could do with some so I don't have to water my garden this evening! ;-)

  6. What a lovely walled garden, we go to one near the Suffolk Coast sometimes which looks similar and I always want to take the whole garden home with me.
    No rain here yet.

  7. The walled garden would be my choice too. Thank goodness for the rain, we have been watering but no amount of water from a tap is the same as that from the sky.

  8. As I type it is raining....I am so relieved. We have not had rain for five weeks has been cold and dry. I walked around the garden in the rain, just enjoying the moment. It was warm rain so that was rather nice.

    I love the second garden centre. I would love a walled garden........the home I left before I moved here was walled, like a secret garden....I do miss that.

  9. It seems like ages since I've seen the wet stuff - all a bit of a novelty today - a cardigan? a brolly? the windscreenwipers on? what a treat! I would love a huge walled garden but only with a gardener to instruct where to put things. Don't think I could manage it on my own.

  10. Rain called off play here today as well, but not until after the school run - for once!

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  11. Rain is definitely a mixed blessing, the garden needs it, and it means I can stay in a 'play' without the temptation to weed the borders. But that wretched grass will need cutting again and I actually enjoy a spot of weeding.
    Jill x

  12. A walled garden would be great - it would keep the deer out and stop them eating my spring bulbs and veggies!

  13. I like to think that I have a mini walled garden!!! Just big enough for fairies and pixies!!!?? That last garden centre looks great. I love going to our local one which also has some crafting things and fish for sale!
    Lucy xxxx

  14. Oh the idea of a walled garden - heaven. How's your veggie patch coming on? We've (husband!) turned over ours, and added stuff so we're all ready to get going but rain has very definitely stopped play for the time being.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Kate x

  15. Ooh, I would love to have a walled garden like that one. Your garden looks so lush in the rain.

  16. Oh Jane, what I wouldn't give for a walled garden! Off for a lovely ccatch up of your blog now xx

  17. You've obviously been to Triscombe Nurseries - my favourite place to buy plants and the people are so lovely - the tea garden further up the lane is fabulous too especially in good weather with a wonderful view of the Quantocks


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