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Monday, 12 April 2010

Sunny Monday morning!

Good morning! Sun's up again - I am getting quite used to this wonderful Spring weather and will be taken aback when it ends no doubt!

Aren't these flowers just so beautiful? You can keep your orchids and exotic hothouse flowers - these are my absolute favourites.

It may be because they come at this time of year when we have all had enough of cold dark winter days and they are harbingers of the warmer longer days to come. I love their delicacy and the beautiful subtle scent of them don't you?

We are so lucky to have bought this house which has a bank alongside the drive covered with them - we bought in October so didn't know about them at the time - what a fabulous surprise it was last Spring when we discovered just how many there were.

I also love these cheerful bright yellow celandines too - it's hard not to be happy when faced with a bank of these!

Having read about Jill's shabby chic flower here recently I decided to have a go myself - here is my take on it - after the above it lacks the charm of the real thing I think!

Don't think I'll be making any more of them - another item for the back of the cupboard perhaps!

This last little offering (again I won't be making any more having seen how it turned out) was inspired by Ticking Stripes post here showing Jill Arkell's lovely brooches. I used a curtain ring as the base and instead of coloured yarns used torn strips of fabric round the edge and a piece of crazy patchwork for the centre. It is rather heavy for a brooch though.

Have a good week - I see the forecast for us is sunshine all the way - let's hope it's right!


  1. Hasn't it just been glorious? We also have a "bank" like that, and it never fails to throw up a beautiful display.

    I like the brooches you made, especially the yellow one. I love the raw edges.

  2. I'm there with you. The flowers at this time of year are just gorgeous.
    A x

  3. To have a bank like that with beautiful flowers must be great - especially at this time of year, like you say. I think your makes are great, and not for the back of the cupboard!

  4. What lovely flowers, the sight of them always lifts the spirit doesn't it.
    The sun has just come out here too, so I think I will able to get in the garden too.

  5. Beautiful flower pictures and I love your yellow fabric flower too. However, if yours are like mine they shed little 'bits' so may be not for your best dark coat! Bit chilly here this morning, some sun but lots of clouds - typical April weather.

  6. Such happy spring flowers - they have brightened my morning! It's cloudy here but with a hint of brightness coming through ...
    Lovely makes Jane, especially the yellow flower.


  7. These brooches are lovely Jane. You can turn your hand to anything can't you? Lovely primulas too. You can't beat naturalised flowers for the best displays. Nobody places things better than Mother Nature! Lesley x

  8. I'm still waiting for the April showers which I know must be around here somewhere - though after half term please......we have been really lucky with the weather these past couple of weeks.

    Enjoy the day,

    Nina xxx

  9. The flower photo's are lovely. Nothing better than Spring flowers!

  10. I love your bank, dotted with beautiful bright colours! It wouldn't fail to make you smile on your return home!
    Best wishes

  11. How delightful to have a bank of primroses.....and I totally agree who needs orchids etc etc They do cheer the heart and soul after a long cold winter.

    You do so well with your crafting....I truly would not know where to start. I can only stand back and admire.

  12. I love my little primroses too. Your little brooch is so pretty.

  13. I'm just loving visiting everyone's garden this Monday afternoon. Isn't this spring like weather just awesome. Great flowers are a bloom everywhere in blogland today.

    Garden On My Friend,
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  14. Oh, my, that bank of primroses is just so lovely. I bought a bunch of primroses to plant out--I wonder if they would naturalize here in Michigan (United States). I've never seen them naturalize like that!

  15. Actually, I think that flower brooch is rather lovely...

  16. Such pretty primroses and so delicate and gentle looking. Your brooches are really nice! I really like the way you put things together, they always look super.
    Lucy xxxxx

  17. Your last creation (with the curtain ring) might be too heavy for a brooch but would look very sweet with a little loop stitched at the top and hanging up somewhere - very pretty :o)

  18. I actually prefer your flower over the one in the video. I'm going to try these, this will be fun.

  19. I really like this brooch and would love to make one for a journal embellishment!


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