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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Garden update

What a difference a week makes...

Our little veggie plot is coming on well - remember me showing you here when it was just a square of bare earth? Now we have beans and tomatoes

with a little border of nasturtiums and marigolds.

Beans dashing up the canes (I notice a weed there that needs to come out!)

My lovely marigolds were a present (in seed form) from Lesley at Printed Material back last year and I have them all over the garden as well as here with the veggies.
Nasturtiums looking so cheerful and, dare I say it, so far without blackfly! Of course this little square is nowhere large enough and we also have cucumbers, courgettes and more tomatoes in amongst the flower beds.
The heather is giving way to a further veggie plot little by little although someone isn't too happy about that! No wonder it is all flattened is it?!

Had another sort out in my work room last week (can't find anything - why am I such a messy worker I wonder?!) I had visions of a workroom like this until I realised there weren't any boxes of scraps of this and than nor all the usual rubbish I have in mine but one can dream can't one?!
I came across this little square of tapestry made many years ago and subsequently made into a small cushion cover which was now worn and dirty. Took the backing off and washed it - any ideas as to what I might use it for? Or perhaps it should join the rest in the back of the cupboard?

I had also made a start sometime on this - again I have no idea where this is going - any suggestions?!

Enjoy the remainder of this lovely sunny weekend - although us gardeners wouldn't mind a little rain now preferably at night!
PS I meant to add the button for Silver Pebble's Pass the Book to my sidebar yesterday but it has taken me till now to figure out how to do it - hope it works! Check it out - it sounds like a good idea!


  1. We had a great thunder storm last night but the sun is cracking the flags again today, my poor garden. Yours looks very lush though!

  2. Fresh Vegetables Wonderful
    Julie xxxxx

  3. Lovely veg patch.... and I forgot to say the scrapstore contains an assortment of paper, card, plastic bits and bobs, fabric scraps and meterage, yarn, and a little art shop....

    50p to join and scrap is sold mostly by the basket full or trolley full... some items are individually priced....

    x Alex

  4. Your garden is looking good despite the lack of rain.
    I love marigolds and nasturtiums, they brighten a garden, and take me back to a bygone age. The typical cottage garden format, lovely.

    There is nothing like your own produce....the satisfaction of picking the crop and the taste goes beyond anything you can buy in a supermarket.

    I need rain, lots of rain. Temperatures will reach 29C today and we have not had any significant rain for two months. They are now talking hose pipe ban!!!!!!

    Can't help with the crafting but know you have many friends out there that will......

  5. Yep, in my head my sewing room is like that too Jane! I love to dream don't you? Your garden is looking very lovely x

  6. My sewing room is a disgrace... but I know where everything is....... I think!:O))))
    Appropriate that you should have marigolds! My nasturtiums haven't begun to think about flowering yet, but funnily enough I commented yesterday that they are (as yet) blackfly free. Love the picture of the cat. Ours keeps making flat holes everywhere. We have a LOT of overgrown Monbretia and he loves to nest under it all.

  7. It looks a lovely veg plot and is so pretty as well as functional. Think of all that bounty to come!


  8. Cheryl - lovely to see you haven't given up on blogging entirely - good to have you pop by I miss you lovely tranquil posts. Let's hope you get some rain soon preferably during the night eh?! Hope your rest from blogging is having the required effect.
    Jane x

  9. Hi Jane.....thank you. Yes it is having the desired effect. I watched an elephant hawk moth feeding on nectar from the honeysuckle the other evening. Instead of rushing for my camera I just enjoyed the moment. Lovely.
    My mother is very poorly at this time. I am taking her for various tests and we are waiting results. Hopefully she will be okay.

    I would really love some rain, even during the day would be fine.

    Have a good week.......

  10. The plot is looking wonderful, my goodness what a complete transformation.

    I hope you've had a lovely weekend.

  11. Looking good Jane, isn't it fun?! I am so loving gardening this year and never cease to be amazed at the wonderful growth.

    I like the wotnot you are making... looks intriguing.

  12. Love the veggies, we had a stir fry with the first baby courgettes and mange-tout from the garden today - makes all the work (Mr T's)worth while (and we have enough raspberries and strawberries for our morning cereal)And those colours on your crocheted thingy are wonderful, they could be colours from your garden.

  13. Your veggie plot looks great, it's fab when you get to pick your own dinner.
    Have a great week.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  14. Gee Jane the vege garden looks very professional to me. Everything seems to be going well there and I imagine you'll be eating your own produce very soon.

  15. Your veg garden is looking great Jane. It's so satisfying to see everything growing isn't it, and makes all the effort worthwhile. Lots of tasty produce will soon be on the menu!

    Your marigolds and nasturtiums are looking very pretty.

    I wondered what my Bobbi was doing in your photo! She is the absolute image of your kitty - well from underneath anyway!!


  16. The garden looks great! Ours is thriving similarly except for the beans, so I won't mention to Ben that yours are going well, as he'll just get depressed about our miserable showing... Our mange tout peas are really beginning to get yummy, which is what's really pleasing me at the moment.

    I like the tapestry very much. I can imagine it pinned on a pinboard with some eclectic items such as postcards, vintage photos, a crochet flowers etc. What do you think?

  17. What lovely photographs throughout your blog.
    We had wonderful overnight rain here, so I hope you did too.

  18. Things look really good there, don't they? You'll be having a healthy, tasty summer.
    Love the flowers.

  19. Aren't Nasturtiums lovely?

    Love the photo of the cat in the heather :0)

    Thanks for your useful link to Attic 24. I've found an easy knitted flower pattern, which I did this afternoon, and now I'm attempting yet another crocheted one. Fingers crossed this one turns out OK.


  20. Oh to have a garden like that! I worked so hard on ours, but then we had a ton of rain, things rotted, then it got hot and humid, the grass and weeds grew great, now still hot and humid, no rain whatsoever!, and the poor plants are just sitting there. Well, at least I can look at yours wishing it was mine!!

  21. I have a tiny plot in my back garden, so I have really enjoyed reading and seeing what is growing in yours.


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