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Monday, 7 June 2010

Green swap

I received my swap package (swap organised by Emma and Rachael at That little bit greener) from my partner Emilie over at The French Frog Touch last week - and this is what it contained:

A lovely selection of goodies including a CD - Emilie is obviously a talented singer too!

Such a pretty sachet tied with crochet lace and wooden beads and containing a piece of the rose striped fabric for me to use in my patchwork.

Another pretty printed sachet.

A recycled paper notebook - the sheets are squared in the way French notbooks always are and which seems so much nice than boring lines as ours are! And such a pretty card with my name on it - I love the French script especially the J and will frame this and hang it on my wall.

And as I had just made a cup of tea when the postman arrived these lovely biscuits were opened and sampled at once!

Thank you so much Emilie.

Must dash now as I can hear my visitors are surfacing and will be wanting some breakfast - hope to catch up with you all again before too long!


  1. What lovely gifts.
    That crocheted lace is very pretty indeed.

  2. Lovely parcel and I bet you enjoyed the biscuits!

  3. Great gifts Jane - those biscuits look scrummy!

  4. Lovely gifts... I received my Green Swap today as well. :-)

  5. What a great little parcel - hope your visitors didn't finish all the biscuits!

  6. Lucky you!
    PS. Where is your daughter these days? Around the Great Barrier Reef yet?

  7. What a lovely parcel - it definitely has something to satisfy every appetite.

  8. What a lovely assortment....such a joy to open packages like that, full of surprises...

    The card is lovely.....I think I would frame it to.

  9. Those are the sort of parcels worth receiving! What a lovely selection. Lesley x

  10. Great things to receive. Hope your are having fun with your visitors.

  11. What a joy to receive!!! I love the notebook and what a beautiful card that is. Wonderful!
    Have a great day Jane, don't expect the biccies will last long! x

  12. Wow, what fun to receive such unique gifts. What a great idea--the swap. And I love your clematis bloom at the top.

  13. Good luck with your visitors. Your parcel looks really interesting!
    Lucy xxxx


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