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Monday, 21 June 2010

Sculptured pencils

Take a look at this - brings a whole new meaning to office boredom!! Anyone fancy giving it a go? Now where did I put my penknife?!!

Back soon with my outing photos.


  1. That's taking carving to a different level!
    Julie xxx

  2. Thats pretty amazing, can you imagine how long it must have taken to do that? I don't think I would have the patience, hmm, or the skill. Teh things people think of, lol.

  3. Wow! What can you say???
    For the past month in work I haven't had time to sharpen my pencil let alone carve it!
    I wonder what you use to carve something so small and intricate?

  4. Well that certainly beats chewing the end!! Wow, amazing skill. Look forward to seeing your pics :)x

  5. Good grief! How incredible were all of those? I sat marvelling at them............

  6. They are amazing! I am sure I would end up with a stack of broken pencils and some bloody fingers! :-)

  7. Oh wow Jane. Now that IS clever. Love it. Lesley x

  8. Well, that's quite incredible but i can't see me doing it anytime soon Jane!! x

  9. silly me... all I could say was, "what about the lead?"

  10. Speechless!!!!
    Thanks for passing this on Jane - it has to be seen to be believed.

  11. How on earth did you even find this site?Strange and amazing stuff!
    PS I'm so glad you are enjoying the small glimpses of Australia on my blog.

  12. Helsie - I came across the blog with the pencil sculpture mentioned in a French magazine called Marie Claire Idees which I get when I can find it as it is full of lovely crafty ideas. I am a lurker and it occasionally has some interesting ideas as you can see! Yes I do enjoy your little glimpses of your home country and thanks for changing my mind!!


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