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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Fancy a stroll with me?

As promised some more of my photos taken a couple of weeks ago when we were in France. This time our friends took us to a very pretty village called Gargilesse which was apparently well loved by the author Georges Sand.

You can tell it's France by the car can't you?!

There were many pretty little corners like this

Plenty of geraniums still blooming well...

We stopped in another little town called Crozant hoping to find somewhere to have lunch but as is often the case in France everything was closed for the winter months as it was now October - just! So we ended up having an impromptu picnic lunch of baguettes (torn by hand as we had no knives of course) filled with a slice of ham and with a tomato to eat alongside followed by a piece of fruit and a shared bottle of water! This we ate sitting on a bench overlooking a ruined chateau and it is one of my happiest memories - it was so quiet and to be sitting in the sun eating a simple but delicous meal with good friends ... say no more!

Our final destination was the arboretum of La Sedelles which luckily is open till the end of October! This was a lovely peaceful garden filled with different trees and we spent a very happy couple of hours wandering round the extensive grounds...

I love these little wrought iron sculptures don't you?!

Imagine living here!

Tranquilty of the very best kind.....

I hope you enjoyed your stroll with us? I have a few more photos of our last day in France but I think I'll save those for another day as by now like us you are probably ready for a cup of tea? We sat outside in the grassy area at the entrance to the arboretum and were served with mugs of tea and the chap who served it brought out a carton of milk afterwards as he realised 2 of us were English - can't think how! I thought it typical of the lovely welcoming attitude you come across so often in France.


  1. What an enjoyable stroll. It looks as if you had a wonderful time.

  2. Thank you for a very interesting stroll in a beautiful place. I loved the pretty little corners you photographed and especially the blue shutters and the little metal sculptures -gorgeous.
    Enjoy your weekend. Helen x

  3. I can't believe how beautiful France is! Your photos are great! I love the iron sculptures. Thank you for your comment on my latest blog. Yes, I have thought about the possibility of teaching as a career but I think that a could always do that after completing an engineering degree depending on how much I like the engineering at the time. However with the cost of Uni tuition increasing soon, I will have to take one day at a time and see if it all works out!!?
    Lucy xxxxxx

  4. I love the word 'tranquility' and your pictures demonstrate it perfectly well!

  5. Oh so pretty, peaceful and just perfect! Those villages are so cute. Glad you had such a lovely time away.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the stroll with you. What a very lovely place. I really had to look very closely at those little sculptures, couldn't tell at first whether they were real or not. Gorgeous photographs.

  7. Thanks Jane, that was a lovely stroll, I did enjoy it. :)
    I think the thing that really tells you it's France is the blue shutters. I love blue shutters!!
    Vivienne x

  8. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. I'm sitting here Sunday morning with laptop on lap (where else would it be), sipping hot tea and the stroll I took with you in France was just beautiful.
    Have a lovely day,

  9. Ahhhhhh...! Delightful as usual, Jane
    Trees are one of my most favourite things ( must remember that for next FFF )and where better to see them than an arboretom. I love to learn the names of the trees in a new country but I'm often surprised how many people don't know when I ask them. The autumn colours are lovely aren't they?
    Aren't you lucky that you can nip over to France for a short visit to your friends. My cousin who lives in Wales is having a last bit of warm weather in France befor the Winter hits.

  10. Stunning photos. Idyllic countryside............ lovely............

  11. I enjoyed that and now I am ready for that cup of tea. Lovely photos Jane. It looks such a beautiful part of the world to visit or live in. Lesley x

  12. Wow, you can definately sense the tranquility - beautiful. I think some of the best times are those which are impromptu.

  13. Such pretty photos! So sunny and I love how bright all the buildings are, the blue wooden shutters look brilliant in that photo! The metal structures look great too, a wonderful stroll I think! :) x

  14. I enjoyed this little journey with you. The village is very charming and your picnic sounds delicious.

  15. You have such wonderful vacations. The photos are beautiful. Just what I needed to see on a cold, wintry night here in USA. I shall sleep soundly now.

  16. Looking at this again...what a dream of a visit!


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