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Monday, 18 October 2010

Final day in France - come with me....

As promised photos of the last day of our visit to France. Our friends took us south to Collange-la rouge a very pretty old town built of red stone - hence the name.

Lots of really old buildings and being further south the climate is warmer so there were plenty of grapes everywhere....

And juicy figs too! (Our friends had a fig tree in their garden and every morning there was a basket of fresh figs to have with our cereal should we wish - and boy how I did wish! I love fresh figs.... Mmnn)

Come with me for a stroll round this pretty town....

I wonder how old this lovely building is?

I know you all like a bit of culture so here's a photo of the toilets - hole in the ground sort of course!

After lunch - a baguette and a drink sitting outside under a grape arbour - we set off for Curemonte - another old town. This was the well and a notice told us it was 32 metres deep so to be careful!

Lovely views of course....

Paler stone buildings here.....

And finally on to Turenne which had a castle atop a hill with stunning views which were well worth the steep climb. Any enemies back in medieval times would have been so out of breath when they reached the chateau they would have been no problem to overcome!

I think it said there were 139 steps up to the castle and that was after climbing the very steep streets!

Stunning eh?! And as you can see it was a beautiful day - temperatures in the very high 20s and sunshine and blue skies - we thought it was summer! We had enjoyed our visit and how wonderful it is to have such good friends. We might not have been so lucky this week as my friend tells me that it is very cold and that there is no petrol to be had as both garages in their town are closed due to the strikes currently bringing France to a standstill!


  1. Lovely, especially the first village with the red bricks/stone and the fantastic building with the turret and then that final view .... !

  2. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures!I do love these old buildings with interesting architectural features and such a wonderful atmosphere of the past. The French seem so good at designing beautiful buildings from the grandest chateau to the most rustic cottage..gorgeous.
    Helen x

  3. Beautiful Jane, thanks for sharing! I can't wait until I get back to France!
    Vivienne x

  4. What lovely pics, makes me yearn to be there!


  5. Just what I needed today, some lovely views of gorgeous blue skies, wonderful villages and stunning villages. Doesn't it make you want to go back?!

  6. Beautiful photos! I love the 3 bells. The stonework on the buildings is fantastic and that's a fantastic view of the castle. France really is a romantic looking country isn't it? I'll have to go visit again sometime. :) x

  7. What a wonderful place! It looks so old and historic. I love the red stone buildings especially the one with the old beams.
    Lucy xxxxx

  8. Gosh that is beautiful.

    Nina xxx

  9. Thanks for sharing Jane, what a beautiful place, and of course that lovely sunshine helps.

  10. Just how beautiful are those red stone buildings!!??? What a lovely trip.............

  11. As I'm sat flicking through your blog its just started to pour it down with rain so I'm wishing myself away whilst looking at your gorgeous photos.

    Kate x

    PS - I know what you mean about leaving a comment and it disappearing, always happens to me when using blogger!

  12. Gorgeous photographs! These little French villages are always so full of character, I love strolling through them. Thank you for taking me along on YOUR stroll.


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