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Monday, 1 October 2012

Winner and a bit about blogging!

The winner of the Giveaway is Gill.  Gill doesn't seem to have a blog so I cannot link to it but Gill if you let me have your postal address I will pop the seeds in the post to you (you'll find my e-mail address on my profile).  I hope you will be lucky with the seeds and have a little patch of the wonderful mixed flowers that I saw at the Field of Dreams!

BLOGGING - at last!

I have been blogging now for just over 3 years - where does the time go?  I came to blogging via a circuitous route; having never even heard of it I was actually looking for a pattern for crochet flowers and came upon Lucy's blog at Attic 24.  I found the pattern I wanted and I loved the colourful crochet and photos of Lucy's lovely home and continued to check in now and then to see what she was doing.  Lurking I believe is what I was doing!  From there I came upon another blog which mentioned this book.

I bought a copy of the book and having read it decided that I'd like to join this gang of like minded people from whom I hoped I would gain inspiration for crafting of my own as I was of course inspired by the wonderful craft work some of you produce (but much of which I knew I would never be able to emulate).  So I set about making a blog for myself.  The names I wanted seemed to have already been taken and so it was that Marigold Jam was born.  I was amazed to find just how quickly people found me and left encouraging comments and before long I was off and there has been no looking back!

As I have gone along my blog seems to have taken a different path to the one I had in mind at the beginning and from posting about things I had made I sometimes wandered off along a more philosophical route and began writing about my take on life too.  My followers seemed to like my countryside photos and as I enjoy walking that became another regular subject for posts too along with my reminiscences about my childhood.  Having my little digital camera with me at most times has made me more aware of what is around me and my photos often suggest a post.  As I said here I am often surprised by the post which I end up writing as it is often not the one I had in mind when I sat down at the keyboard - how can that be I wonder?

As one gets older the number of hours in each day and days in each week is reduced and I sometimes find that I am spending more time on blogging and less on other things which maybe I should, or could, be doing but no matter how often I tell myself enough is enough and I will pack it all in and not be in thrall to the computer any more there is always one more post I want to write and before I know it I am back to blogging as usual!  I have discovered, or maybe rediscovered, that I love writing and so I persuade myself that even if I am not actually stitching and making creative things I am being creative when I write!  I guess as long as I am able I will have something to say and so will continue with my blogging journey whether it be a show and tell type of post or maybe more of a life's journal which I can look back on myself.

I think it's been great meeting people across the world who are interested in some of the same things as I am and I have even been lucky enough to meet a few of my fellow bloggers.  I have won many giveaways and have lots of items generously sent to me by my blogging friends too so that all around me are wonderful reminders of the generous and friendly people I have come to know via the medium of blogging. I love how I have made "friends" with plenty of younger bloggers as well as those with whom I share memories of this or that.  And the fact that my "friends" are spread across the world - blogging is surely a medium for peace as we get to know each other and our different cultures and ways of life.  Vive la difference!!  (Oh and by the way - thanks for your good wishes on my upcoming trip to France - I will be around for a while though as I am not going till the end of October!)

So thank you to all those of you who take the time to read and comment on what I write - your comments mean a lot to me and I only wish I had time enough to write to each and every one of you to thank you individually.

I liked how the book cover was the same colour as my glasses case!

Summer pleasures have now become autumn ones and not much reading is done on the blue seat outside the back door nowadays however I have just finished another book I enjoyed reading this time in the conservatory which is where I sit now with my cup of tea(!) until it becomes too cold out there (it's not heated) and I have to retreat indoors during the colder months till spring comes again.


  1. Jane, those flower meadow posts inspired us to plan something for here next year so watch this space. That photo of your book reminded me I was going to recommend something to you after the success of the one I read from your selection. It is called 'The Conjurors Bird' by Martin Davies and is a great story. I've already lent my copy out to a friend and I can really recommend it!

  2. Your blog has always been so attractive and interesting to read Jane. I've often wondered where the name Marigold Jam came from!

  3. It's always a pleasure to drop in here Jane! :)
    I have to agree blogging definitely makes you more aware of your surroundings!
    Just keep doing what you're doing! :)
    Vivienne x

  4. I love your blog Jane and like the element of surprise with your blog posts! I have just realised that you blogged yesterday too so I need to go back and read that post too! Blogging does have a pull doesn't it? I feel like I 'know' the majoriy of my regular readers now and I feel a certain loyalty towards them. Keep on blogging! x

  5. I think it was searching for something in the crafting field that got me interested in blogging too and it has proven to be a wonderful, enriching experience. So many interesting people out there and so much information. Wonderful.
    Congratulations to the winner of your lovely giveaway.

  6. I love going on walks with you through your blog posts. Seeing the beautiful countryside through your eyes is a treat.

  7. The librarian where I volunteer got me looking at of all blogs, Lucy's blog (Attic 24), and from there I began to enjoy other blogs for their crafting, scenery and every day comments. I started my own blog with my daughter's assistance with the hopes of posting more regularly when I retire. I'm still working a fulltime job and often don't have a lot of time to write when I want but tell myself repeatedly I will do more.

  8. It is always interesting to read how others got into blogging - and congratulations for keeping it up! I have never seen that book - I will have to look out for it.

    Pomona x

  9. I've just been catching up with all your travels around Dorset Jane. You would make a fabulous travel writer!

    I must have started my blog around the same time as yourself and I feel that it too has wavered from its original premises as a gardening blog, but then again its good to have a bit of variety and we should always feel that we can blog about whatever we want!

    I have spent less time blogging this summer and tend to post and visit in fits and starts, sometimes I just get out of the habit!

    Its always fun coming over here Jane so keep on doing what you do.


  10. I agree with you about blogging. New friends, new places, a new perspective on the lives of others all over the world. It can't be bad to learn what the lives of "ordinary" people are like... and find out that in lots of ways we are much the same no matter where we come from.

  11. I enjoy 'visiting' you, working at home can be a bit isolating sometimes so that a quick 'visit' to your blog always lifts the day. Thank You! x

  12. Love your blog, Jane, always a pleasure to read. I do know about that oooops, that's not what I set out to blog about....feeling! If I have a theme firmly in mind and the photos to go with it I'm ok but often I think I've ,ost the's supposed to be a textile blog for goodness' sake! However, we know what and who we like, don't we? Keep on as you are, we will be here, reading and nodding and chuckling.

  13. Hi, Jane! Congrats to Gill :o) Lucky girl! Thanks for interesting post about blogging, just about me :o) Sometimes I have no time for blogging, but I`m happy to be in and I feel myself the lucky one because I`ve meet so much friends in blogland :o) I think it`s just great!
    Happy autumn

  14. I love your blog and for me it is like popping in to see a friend for a cup of tea and a bit of a catch up. I look forward to having a wander around a few of my favourite blogs during the evenings - they are always full of surprises and inspiration - sometimes I see things I would like to make or bake - sometimes I get to go on a lovely walk or journey and sometimes I have a glimpse into other peoples daily lives and their experiences - but always there is a warm welcome and the most wonderful photography.

  15. So much that I can identify with here! I too surprise myself with what I write, and I love that spontaneity, even if it can increase the pressure a bit!

    And I too now have friends and acquaintances across the world and I wouldn't give that up for all the tea in china.

    Lovely post Jane, and congrats to the winners :D

  16. Hello Marigold Jam - I love the title of your blog. I had a wonderful birthday -surprised by my daughter flying in to visit... She called and asked us to pick her up at the airport and we had three fun days to visit, then I returned her to the airport to go be with her husband. I also got to see my son on Saturday. Proud mom. Happy Birthday, girl. That's just it, I don't feel any older, but I still have enough sense about me to realize I don't get as much done as I used to. I also get sidetracked easier - a friend calls and before I know it - my day is ending. Loved the last post. You made your tea drinking friend sound soo smart. ;)

    Have a great day.

  17. Hi Marigold- I thought it was time I tried making my first blog comment! I enjoyed your musings on blogging. I am off to an auction tomorrow with Steph, hoping to buy bits of old china for my next project (watch this space!). She may have to restrain me from coming home with a car full of ottomans and tin baths....
    C xxx

  18. Congratulations on 3 years. I think most of us have no idea when we start blogging just where it will take us or the contacts it will bring. I agree it becomes addictive but so what. You are having opportunity to write and express yourself and to learn from other blogs as well as give enjoyment to others through yours. May you continue for many more years.


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