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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bonjour - c'est moi encore!

I got back from France yesterday having spend a lovely few days with my friend there and visiting the patchwork exhibition I mentioned here  When I arrived there on Wednesday the sun was shining and the sky was blue and we were able to sit out on the terrace with a drink in the warmth of the sunshine.

 I promised some photos of the exhibition so here are some in no particular order.  I wasn't able to get some of the quilts as many were hung where the light wasn't good enough and some of the ones I have taken were rather too high up to get a really clear photo but here goes...

 The theme was stories, myths and Fables so these first ones are on that subject - I think this one was one of the stories from the Arabian Nights.

 This was based on several stories and you can see the Pied Piper, Red Riding Hood, Aladin and so on - this was my friend's submission.

 This one I thought very good as it took the idea of a book and the pages were different stories - I loved the back ground which was like books on a bookshelf and the writing on the pages was all hand embroidered - such patience eh?!

 All my photos can be enlarged if you click on them so if you want more detail try doing so.

 King Arthur and Excalibur - made by one of my British friends

 The Pied Piper.

Upstairs in the building were displayed other quilts made by the group such as these table mats with pockets for the knife, fork and spoon (not sure what that hand is doing from the other side!)

 I loved this one made using lovely monograms from old linen and hanging so the light filtered through - the needlework on the patches is beautiful and the border fabric picks up the wonderful vintage feel.

 Here is a detail and that bottom tiny rectangle is a couple of initials which I take to be a laundry mark.

 The Guest of Honour was Lucile Dupeyrat who made these lovely quilts using old lace and trimmings.  If you Google her name you can see more of her work.

 Detail of above.

 Another of Lucile Dupeyrat's quilts

 and detail.

 I said that my work wouldn't be displayed as I hadn't made a quilt - but it was!  Here is a piece I made whilst a member of the group - we all made a square to give to a member whose 80th birthday it was and she then made them into a book which was on display at the exhibition and here is the page I made!!

 The exhibition continued in another venue across the road and these are some of the quilts displayed there.

 Same pattern but how different these 3 look.

 Needless to say this one took my fancy and gave me inspiration for something of my own. 

Close up of above.  I loved the colours and the luxurious fabrics used in this one.

The friend with whom I stayed is a prolific quilter and she had made this one which was on my bed there.  Sadly she didn't show me all the lovely quilts which I hadn't seen before until about 11.30 the night before I was due to leave so the lighting wasn't good enough to take any photos and in the morning there wasn't time but her work is lovely and nearly all done by hand too!

 Saturday dawned bright and clear for my return flight but gosh was it cold at the airport which is situated high up and is always colder when it's cold!  Last view of the Limousin on my way home.

 And here's the isle of Wight so nearly home!

Southampton looking lovely in the clear bright sunshine but it was freezing on the platform at Southampton Airport Parkway station waiting for a train to take me home and today it's cold and grey and wet.  However that won't spoil the lovely colourful memories I have of a wonderful few days with my friend when our tongues didn't stop wagging except to eat and even then the conversation round the table continued!  How do the French manage to produce 4 or 5 course meals twice a day I wonder? Anyone for tarte au boudin noir?

I hope to catch up with reading your blogs and getting back to commenting soon!


  1. Wow, fantastic quilts - my favourite is the one with all the monograms, it's so pretty. Oh and the one with all the books, that's lovely.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time in France :)


  2. What amazing quilts, I too love the book one. The page of the tortoise and the hare is brilliant.
    How lovely to find a piece of your own lovely work too!
    Vivienne x

  3. I think it is safe to assume that you enjoyed yourself Jane! Great to see your textile work on show. I love the handmade quilt your friend made on your bed too!

  4. Nice to see all those quilts,,,,I like the 3 same but different. Good view from the aeroplane!

  5. What a wonderful selection. I particularly liked the monogram one, so imaginative.

  6. Those quilts are fantastic! I love your little patchwork quilt. I wish I knew how to quilt like that, it is very beautiful.

  7. Beautiful quilts - you must have had a fantastic time seeing all that amazing work including your own. It is so nice that we can share in your trip through your photos - they are very inspiring.

  8. What a link quilting - or should I say handwork - makes between women all over the world! Such variety and talent - and you were up there too! SUPER !
    I'd love to be able to natter away in French like you can.

  9. They look fabulous! At least you were allowed to take photos, when I was in York they didnt allow any photos of the quilts. Same thing with art works, and Westminster abbey/ St Pauls etc, but when we were in France at the Louvre and churches it was no problem!
    Your block is lovely, sounds like you had a great time :)

  10. What a great celebration of skill.
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

  11. LOvely photos, and isn't it great that you were able to just pop across the Channel to see your friend like that? Our parents would never believe it would be happening, would they? My frined has just moved t live permanently in their holiday home inthe Charente so I will be 'popping across' next year and we hopeto visit the big quilt show in Nantes in....April, I think it is. There is a very healthy quilting culture in France, and I've read about the shows in Quiltmania magazine. Have you read it? Lx

  12. I have to be honest, my favourite was your friends quilt x

  13. Wow beautiful pictures Jane you took so many and how lovely to be able to see all those. I love them all but especially the fable one with the books ....stunning and that lovely one with all the I want to do one now! Your crazy patch square is lovely it must have been nice for you to meet up with it again :) Glad you enjoyed your trip x

  14. Wow lucky you, what a fabulous exhibition, and what a lovely time for you with your friend. It must have been nice to have a little bit of sunshine and warmth before the cold weather sets in.

  15. Amazing work, I could never contemplate anything like that, I am far too impatient!

  16. Stunning quilts. My favourite is the book page one - so creative. And I love your crazy patch; such pretty fabrics and embroidery.

  17. Glad you had a great break away Jane. Those quilts look lovely, particularly that featured artist. I shall indeed google her name and look at more. Welcome home.

  18. That monogrammed quilt ... Wow!!!!!! That's the one that standsout for me, I love the blend of old work and new.

    Glad to read you had a great time in la belle France :D

  19. What a great exhibition - what a varied skill it is with every sort of example here. Love you photos from the plane - welcome home.

  20. Welcome back from your jaunt. Lots of lovely work to see and you had me Googling "tarte au boudin noir"........ I really like the sound of it.

  21. What a wonderful trip - quilts, France, and food. Love the quilt pictures.

  22. What a great trip to France, Jane! The quilts are amazing...I especially loved seeing the monogrammed one, what a lovely way to use such beautiful old embroidered pieces!
    Happy November...and keep warm!
    Helen x

  23. I love it when I get a comment from someone I havent heard from for a while as it reminds me to pop by and see what they have been up to and you have certainly been busy. What a fabulous exhibition. I am not a big quilter though I have made a few very basic ones for our home, and I am always amazed at the talent of others. Some exquisite examples there, and your book page is delightful.

  24. I love the monogram quilt- I am making one from old linens and I've saved all the laundry marks too. France and quilts, the perfect combination!

  25. Beautiful quilts - SO much work but so worth it!

  26. Glad you had a good time. Such a great day for airborne photos.

    Some of the best quilts ever.


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